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You Hear It First

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Summary: MTV News breaks a story (femslash)

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Movies > Josie and the PussycatsElectroniszappaFR131596021,8662 Aug 042 Aug 04Yes
Title: You Hear It First (1/1)
Author: Electronis
Rating: A (acceptable)
Pairing: Harmony/Melody
Spoilers: Know who Harmony and Melody are? That’s good enough
Feedback: But of course.
Disclaimer: I own them all. Believe that, and I have some real nice ocean front property in Arizona I’m looking to sell. Just to be perfectly clear, I do not own any of these charecters
Archive: My site Anyone else, just let me know where it's going
Summary: MTV news breaks a story
Note: For the Harmony Slash ( fest.
~Cleveland, Ohio (it rocks from what I hear)~
”Buffy, come here” Willow called from the living room of their apartment.

”What is it sweetie?” the slayer asked as she entered

”You have got to see this” Willow said as she pushed a button on the remote control. Buffy heard familiar sound effects come from the tv, followed by an equally familiar voice

”I’m Kurt Loder and this is MTV news. The music world was surprised to learn today that Melody Valentine, drummer for the popular girl group ‘The Pussycats’ is a lesbian. The news came this afternoon when she announced her engagement to Harmony Kendall, the assistant to the head of the Los Angeles branch of the multinational law firm Wolfram and Hart that represents the band.”

”She overheard me telling a coworker that I wasn’t straight, and after he left, she came up to me and said she wasn’t straight either and asked if I wanted to go out sometime.” Harmony explained

”I’m not at all surprised that Melody’s gay. I just always expected that Josie would be the one that came out first” Val added in a sound bite

”Josie McCoy was unavailable for comment”

”You have GOT to save that to show Dawn and Faith when they get home from their date.” Buffy told her girlfriend.
~Wolfram & Hart, Los Angeles branch, two days later~

”Harmony, I got you an engagement present.”

”Oh Angel, that is so sweet of you, what is it?”

”The blood of a Mohra demon.”

”What, is it supposed to be better than pig’s blood? How come I’ve never heard of it.”

”It is way better than pig’s blood, and it’s very, very rare. But you don’t drink it.”

”Then, what is it for?”

”Well, it has regenerative properties.”

”What’s that mean?”

”Get some in a wound, and you’ll be cured.”

”The wound will heal?”

”Well, yeah, but you’ll also become human again. Melody deserves a human wife, someone she can take out into the sun.”

”THAT’S GREAT” Harmony happily squealed as she hugged her boss. “So, you going to use any?”

”I have, it’s a long story. Basically, the world is better with me as a vampire, as crazy as that sounds.”

”Well, factor in the increased strength and the heightened senses, it’s not so hard to believe. Still, Melody is going to love this”

“Love what?” Melody asked somehow having approached the vampires unnoticed

”As an engagement present, Angel found a way to turn me human! I’ll have a reflection again!”

”Thank you!” Melody hugged Angel as happily as Harmony had before. “When can you do it? Josie and Val want to take us out to celebrate”

”When are they going to come out?” Harmony asked her fiancée.

”I don’t know, Josie just got back from visiting her grandparents in Ireland. I’m sure it will be soon”

”We can actually do this now if you want, it won’t take very long. I just have to cut you a little bit so the blood can mix. We can do it in my office if you want.”

”What are we waiting for?” Harmony asks, dragging Angel towards his office

The End

You have reached the end of "You Hear It First". This story is complete.

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