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The Princess' Bodyguard

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Summary: Graham Miller just wanted to save the planet. So how come he ended up in New York City?

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NorwegianneFR1313830103,1312 Aug 042 Aug 04Yes
Title: The Princess’ Bodyguard.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, nor do I claim ownership to the Princess Diaries or The West Wing.

A/N: 20 minutes with Graham challenge at Twisting the Hellmouth.

Graham was sure he’d been killed in the forests of Paraguay. He even knew what he’d done to deserve being sent to this sort of hell. The Initiative.

Sadly, he was not dead. And this was not hell, merely New York City.

At this moment in his life Graham Miller would be hard-pressed to tell someone the difference.

Had his Aunt Abbey not decided to interfere the last time he was wounded – and had him reassigned – he would still be jetting around the world, freeing it from the monsters.

Instead she had offered his services to the Genovian embassy, whom in turn had not hesitated one second before putting him on Princess Amelia Renaldo’s private detail.

He was a princess’ bodyguard. How was that for laughs? Forrest would have been laughing his head off, that was for damn sure.

The worst part?

Mia, he was not supposed to call her princess, was in high school. High school. To top that off she talked, a lot. And evidently expected him to talk to her as well. Graham liked jobs where he didn’t have to talk.

Lars, her previous bodyguard, had gone back to Genovia with her father, leaving Graham solely responsible for the princess’ security, and as the only one who had full access to whatever happened in her life.

Something he could have done without, to be sure. Who wanted to be back in high school again? Especially with the front row seats of the backstabbing that went on there?

He was also witness to more gushing about a guy called Michael than he’d ever wanted to listen to. Forrest had thought Riley and Buffy were bad? They were nothing compared to Michael and Mia.

Graham was 100 % sure that he was dead, buried, and in hell as he sat in the front of the Genovian limousine that brought Mia and himself back and forth to the high school.

“Uh,” Mia’s voice came from the back seat. “Graham, could we make a quick stop before school? I kind of forgot to buy sanitary pads yesterday.”

Lars, or a replacement, could not come to New York City quick enough.

Graham much preferred the jungle and the monsters they hid to the streets of New York and the things they didn’t hide.

Damn Aunt Abbey.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Princess' Bodyguard". This story is complete.

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