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Broken Families

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Summary: Cordelia takes Connor to the one place she believes is safe, her Aunt Minerva’s office in Hogwarts. Response to Cradle Challenge

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-Centered > Pairing: Bill Weasley(Past Donor)kayleyFR151721,92716941,7442 Aug 043 Feb 09No

Interlude III

Voldemort almost smirked at the news being delivered to him. If he still had normal facial features he definitely would have. He had needed to know how the Muggle girls had been able to stop all his attacks.

One was a Slayer or so Lucius reported to him. No wonder most of the demons who had survived had disappeared. The other was still a mystery. But that didn't explain why they knew where to appear.

He had sent Pettigrew out to find the reasoning behind it, and he had trailed the girls as they headed back to Hogwarts. From what he reported, Dumbledore had a new Seer hiding in the castle. One who had visions much more readily than the other. Interesting.

Dumbledore had found someone useful in his misfit bunch. Not just one, but three.

Then the rumours started. That the Seer was the protector of the Miracle Child, the one known as the Destroyer. The oddity borne of two vampires, one who had a soul and one twice sired. This meant trouble if the child ever grew into his powers. He would have to do something about him, and soon.

He called for a meeting between all the demons still loyal to him and the Death Eaters still free. It was time for an all out offensive. They would storm the castle this very night. The Destroyer was doomed.


The planning was finished. There would be little to stop them once inside if they managed to stealthy enter since everyone would be at the Yule Ball. They would enter in silence, with no sound at all as they worked through the multitude of secret passages that Pettrigrew had knowledge of. Careful of anyone who may be patrolling.

He could only hope that the Seer didn't see all he had planned.


They never spoke a word as they entered the Shrieking Shack which would lead them into Hogwarts without having to trespass through the Forbidden Forest where they expected someone to be monitoring. Sneaking on silent feet, they exited the Whomping Willow and entered the next passage. Demons and Death Eaters alike moved swiftly and as silently as possible.

They were only there for one purpose. To get the Destroyer. They didn't need to enter the Ballroom and would only do so if a diversion was needed.

There was a noise outside one of the passage way exits, and so they waited as patiently as possible before setting off again. Demons would stay in the different passage ways in case they were needed while the Death Eaters closed in on the sleeping quarters.

Now the only problem was finding the relevant one and getting inside. Their solution was to try them all.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Broken Families" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Feb 09.

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