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Broken Families

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Summary: Cordelia takes Connor to the one place she believes is safe, her Aunt Minerva’s office in Hogwarts. Response to Cradle Challenge

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-Centered > Pairing: Bill Weasley(Past Donor)kayleyFR151721,92716941,7722 Aug 043 Feb 09No

The Race for Safety

Author: kayley

Title: Broken Families

Rating: 15

Keywords: Buffy/Harry Potter

Summary: Cordelia takes Connor to the one place she believes is safe, her Aunt Minerva’s office in Hogwarts.

Legalese: All characters except those noted below with their respective rights, properties and copyrights are the property of their respective creators, authors, owners, producers and agencies. These characters are used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended or meant, and no money will be made from this story. This story may be copied in its entirety, and may be distributed as long as all copyright information remains.

Author's Notes: My first attempt at writing a fic based around Connor and Cordelia from Angel and McGonagall from Harry Potter. If they seem a little out of character, I apologise.

Dedications: To Kitty Lark (Katie) for setting this challenge and her birthday.




It had been just two nights since Wesley had taken his own life. Two weeks since Wesley had staked Angel in belief that he would kill his own son. And it had been just under two minutes since Cordelia had had another brain numbing vision. A vision, which would change the course of not only her life, but that of her recently dusted boss’ son and everyone else that worked in Angel Investigations. The vision had left nothing to her imagination and she knew that she had to get Connor out of the Hyperion Hotel and soon.

“Fred, Gunn, Lorne!” she called out as she sprinted into Connor’s room.

The little angel was sleeping peacefully, unaware that he was in mortal danger. For not only was he a miracle, but as the son of two powerful vampires, he was an oddity and looked upon in the demon world as a saviour or a destroyer. Careful not to wake him, Cordelia began to toss his belongings into a bag. He was the only thing that she was concerned about. She had always promised Angel that if something was to happen to him, she would protect his son as if he was her own. There was no way that Cordelia Chase would ever back down on a vow she had made to him.

By the time the other three had made it to Connor’s room, Cordelia had virtually packed everything needed for a long trip. She was ready to run but first she needed to grab a few things of her own, especially a necklace and her purse.

“Princess?” Lorne asked as they walked into the room. “What’s happening sugar plum?”

“Brain numbing vision. I need to get Connor out of here but I need a distraction. Please?” she said as she strapped Connor into the baby pack and settled him in front of her chest.

“I’ll get the weaponry,” Gunn replied. “Any ideas on what we’re dealing with?”

“Lawyers, vampires and a few demons,” Cordelia rattled off quickly. “Gunn… be careful.”


He gave her a quick, careful hug before racing down the stairs. Lorne was next to hug her carefully, as not to wake Connor.

“Take care Cordelia,” he said. “Sweet dreams, sweet prince. She’ll get you through this.”

He headed after Gunn even though he hated to fight. But for Connor and Cordelia, he wouldn’t let them down. It left the two girls standing there in the silence for a moment before the hugging started.

“Fred…” Cordelia began. “Thanks for everything, for your help, your friendship when I needed it.”

“Thank you for saving me, now it’s my turn to pay you back. Just take care of him for me, and don’t forget to tell him about us.”

With that Fred fled the room and down the stairs towards the only remaining members of AI, leaving Cordelia to head to her room to grab the final things she needed. Now she could only hope the necklace would work like her Aunt had promised. She concentrated on her Aunt’s face and called out her name just as the sound of fighting began.

“Minerva McGonagall.”
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