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Summary: Willow takes a page out of Angelus's book of romance. Will it backfire on her?

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: AsherechoFR1512,6064144,56212 Feb 0312 Feb 03Yes
by echo
rated 15 for language and sexy type stuff, nothing graphic though.
Pairing: W/Asher
disclaming echo: Willow, Angel, and Spike are of Whedon. Asher, Jean-Claude, and Jason are of Hamilton. Sue me not. Please.
notes: WLF quickie challenge response #51 -is quite possibly more than 2000 words. Sorry. I'm wordy. Can't be helped.


She was trying to keep herself hidden. Well, he looked anyway. It was two days until Valentine's Day. She'd already been here almost two weeks. Hooking up a nice system for the undead of St. Louis was paying her very well. The 'brain' living under the Circus of the Damned. The other computers were connected to that mainframe by phone lines.

She was almost finished. Every Jean-Claude owned business in the city would be connected. Now he would not need an office in every establishment to check his business. He could just log on to his system. Very modern. It would still take her another two or three days to work out all the kinks. Fine tune it a bit. She could handle that.

What she couldn't handle was super sex watching her all the time. She was a hella powerful wicca girl, so his eye thing... not workable on her. That kinda put old Jean-Claude out. She could tell. She could look him dead on with nary a roll, nary a capture. The voice did make tingles in her crotch when he said certain words. It seemed to amuse him. He'd nearly made her come one night just from saying the word pussywillow. He made it sound so naughty and delicious. He could also, amazingly, do that with the word Jell-O.

He was always wanting to talk about her sex life... or lack thereof lately. It was as if he was on a personal mission to prove that she was not as gay as she thought she was. He really need not have bothered. She knew she wasn't as gay as she thought she was. She'd known it the second she clapped eyes on his black hair and dark blue eyes. Spike had told her to turn on her wily Willow charm and let him have it when she'd been complaining via phone to the bleached blonde one night. He'd said 'JC was a bloody good shag'. He likely was. She didn't doubt Spike on that count. Yes, Jean-Claude was all sexy. He'd probably rock her socks.

It was Asher she wanted though. That quiet hiding. He reminded her of Tara but not. He could just walk into the room, and she got an itch in her undies. He didn't even have to speak. But when he did... oh dear goddess. Willow was surprised she had not combusted. Just burned up from the inside out.

So she'd taken to being all 'Angelus' about it.


Jean-Claude looked in confusion at the long box. It had been delivered. For Asher. He was lounged on the sofa in his private office below the circus watching Angelus's little redheaded witch fiddle with the very nice computer system she had set up for him. She was lovely. All pale thighs and red hair with eyes like jade. He was thankful this summer was a hot one for once. The girl was barely dressed. She was a feast for the eyes in her black shorts and green camisole top.

Asher breezed in, and the redhead stole a glance at him. Jean-Claude sighed. How could his old friend and lover be so oblivious to the want in her eyes when she looked upon him? St. Louis was hotter for all her stares at Asher. Any room with her in it upped in temperature if Asher strolled in.

"That box came for you earlier, mon ami."

Asher raised a brow and walked over to it. It was a shiny black box with a red bow on it. It was long, like a box one would put flowers in... or a sawed off shotgun. He lifted the lid slowly.

A dozen blood red roses were tastefully laid inside with black tissue paper and baby's breath surrounding them. There was a little card on top with one word printed neatly on it.


Asher's brows knitted together in confusion. Soon? Soon what? Someone was playing a game with him. It was no fun when you didn't know the rules. But he'd seen this game before. He'd just never been a player.

"What is it, mon ami?"

"Flowers and a note."

"Someone sent you flowers?" Willow said, careful not betray anything at all. "That's so sweet."

"I do not think sweet is the word for it."


He held the note up. Willow kept her face carefully blank.

"Well, that's random."

"Or it is not so very random."


"This is a favorite trick of Angelus's. Is he planning a visit, ma cher?"

Oh holy shit. "Visit? Angel? No. No visiting for vamp boy."

"Hmmm." Jean-Claude mused. "Perhaps he will bring William."


"Angel's not coming. Honest. Girl Scout's honor." She held up three fingers in the Girl Scout salute.

Jean-Claude smiled at her. She was such a delightful mixture of innocence and sex. "So you say, witch, but you are Angelus's. His witch. In his care. You would guard him with your life, have guarded him with your life, non? That is no secret."

Willow straightened. "You believe what you like. Angel's not coming here. Call him yourself and ask." She stormed out of the room in a huff.

"Perhaps you should take her up on her offer, mon ami." Jean-Claude said ruefully.


"The flowers are from her."

"She would not-"

"Yet she did."


"You really have not looked at her, have you?"

"She is Angelus's."

"Not in the manner you think. They are... friends. He has never touched her in any manner that was not brotherly. She is not his minion, not his servant. She cares for him, but it is you she lusts for."

Asher showed genuine shock. "No."

"Ask her."


"Ask her if you do not believe me, or better, go into a room with her in it and see how her lust fills it. Watch how she watches you."

Asher cast him a doubtful look before leaving the room... with the flowers.


Willow slammed into the room she was staying in.

"Damn all vampires and their overt sexiness!"

Someone in the dim light chuckled. Willow jumped. She flicked on the light switch and looked. Jason. Of course. If it wasn't Jean-Claude ogling her ass, it was Jason trying to tap it - in the having sex sense of the word. Jason had more than once offered to 'tap her ass'. She appreciated it. She was flattered. Really. But, dammit, her libido was clamoring for Asher.

All the male attention around here under the Circus was flattering and fun... for about the first week. Now it was kind of annoying. Willow liked Willow in her pants... no one else. Unless they were sexy undead guys with hair like spun gold and eyes like the sky on a clear day. Damn.

But no, she got manwhore werewolves. Not that Jason wasn't sexy in his own right. He was. Jason was darn sexy, and he wore leather just as well as Angel did, if not better. But Jason was not, sigh, Asher. Even though his lounging in her bed with the sheets only to his waist was a tempting little sight.

"Jason, what are you doing in my bed?"

"Being lonely. Care to join me?"

"No." She glared. "And get out of my bed."

"I'm naked."


"I'm naked."

"You're NAKED."

He nodded 'yes'.

"In MY bed."

Yes again.

"Get out." She growled.

"Oh Willow, god you're hot when you growl."

"I'll put you to pieces if you don't get out of my bed, Jason. I'm not having sex with you, and that's FINAL."

Someone behind her laughed. "Heed her, petit loup, I have heard her wrath is the stuff of legends."

Willow spun about. Asher was leaning against the door frame with the box of roses tucked under one arm. She sucked in air sharply.

He blinked. Jean-Claude was right. The room should have melted away to nothing by now. There was such fire in those green eyes... all for him. Foolish. He had been very foolish. He'd wasted two weeks of those looks, and now she was nearly gone.

"Jason..." Asher said in a low tone. "Get out."


Neither Willow nor Asher seemed to notice that Jason strolled on out of the room ass naked. Normally Willow would have watched, but her eyes were locked with Asher's. All she saw was his eyes boring into hers. He slowly held up the card with the little missive on it. It was perched sweetly between his middle and pointer fingers, so she could read the 'soon'.

"How about now?"


He grinned at her. Hot damn, that was a sexy-ass grin. Willow's legs faltered a bit. She backed up until her legs hit the bed. Asher moved slowly into the room. He set the box on the dresser that was inside and stalked her slowly.

"I did not believe him when he told me, but the truth lies in your eyes."

"Wh-what?" Willow was having trouble breathing. He had definitely turned on the charm, and she was affected. More than affected.

This was sort of flattering. She was near hyperventilating, and he had not laid a finger on her... yet. "Jean-Claude, ma rouge, he said you desired me, but I did not believe him."

"Oh.... that."

Asher stopped walking about a foot from her. "He was not... mistaken, was he?"

"Oh HELL no."

He barely saw her move. He didn't know humans could move that quickly. She pulled him to her with a handful of his own shirt. Her mouth was ever so soft, and up close she smelled of night blooming jasmine. Lovely. It was a scent to drown in. And he was... until she ripped his shirt open.

Asher eyed her curiously. Ardent little thing, wasn't she?

"Don't give me that look. You been teasing me all week with your sexy vampire pants. Now it's time to pay the piper."

What on earth was she talking about?

Willow could see the confusion in his pale blue eyes. She sighed. "Short version.... I have been all 'lusty wrong thoughts' for you since I laid eyes on you. So forgive me if I want to do 'frenzy' the first time?"

"First time?"

"Surely you didn't think once was gonna get it. I have major lust for you here."

He blinked. "Why?"

"Why?! What do you mean why?! Have you seen yourself?! You're sexy!" She yelled it as if it should have been blatantly obvious.

"But, ma cher..." He gestured to his right side.


"I am... imperfect."

Willow put her hands on her hips. "You think me so superficial? I don't give a darn about that. You think that's what I see when I look at you? That what is outside would have me so.... on fire?"

"I...." He really didn't know what to say. Some woman tells you that you set her on fire, how exactly does one respond to that?

"You aren't the only one who knows how to observe without being observed, mister. I learned from the best. Angel king freak of the lurking. I know how to watch."

"Apparently better than I."

She moved back some more. "I don't think we should do this tonight."

If this situation wasn't so serious, Willow would have laughed at the look on Asher's face. Usually he was so expressionless. Just like Jean-Claude. But with her last statement you'd think someone had just told him he had cancer of the puppy or something. He'd only just realized her. Why on earth was he so disappointed about having to wait? Was he so settled with the idea already?

Willow sat on the bed with a sigh. So much for trying to be the wooer. She sucked at this.

"I would not agree with you."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Huh?"

"I think we should... do this."

Willow swallowed. The look in his eyes was almost feral. She scooted backwards across the bed to put space between them. Asher wasn't having it. He crawled after her. Over her.

"You really th-think we should?" She asked breathlessly.


"Well, all right then." She arched up off her back and pulled at his lips with her own.

They spent several minutes on just the kissing. Not that his body hadn't settled quite nicely between her legs or anything, but all she was doing was holding the side of his face as she tasted him. He tasted just like she'd always imagined wickedness. And it was good. Her mouth fell open in a silent sigh as Asher's lips moved along her jaw and down her throat. He nipped the scar made by Harmony's bite all those years ago. She gasped and arched her body up into his.

"I do hate to interrupt, ma rouge, but you have a phone call." Jean-Claude said from the doorway.

"Take a message." She purred.

"I tried, but William is MOST insistent to speak with you."

Asher's tongue on her pulse was a bit distracting. "Who?"


"William. Who in the frilly heck is William?"

"I believe you call him Spike."

"Oh. Spike." Asher's hand was moving under her camisole... to one of the good parts, one of the parts that really wanted to be touched. "Tell the wanker to bugger off. I'll call him later."

Jean-Claude held a cordless phone up to his ear. It had been hidden behind his back. "Ma Rouge says to 'bugger off, wanker'. That she will return your call later."

He held the phone away as the cursing came through it. Willow swore she heard the words bloody and hell in various combinations with other words that were not so nice many times over.

"Are you quite finished?" Jean-Claude asked into the phone. "No, William. She is busy." He snorted. "I do not think you want to know..... well if you must..... Asher is quite buried in her thighs at the moment."

The phone was held away again as the swearing started once more.

Asher stopped what he was doing and glared at Jean-Claude. "You tell that insufferable little..."

"Pillock." Willow supplied.

"Pillock that if doesn't like it, he's welcome to come here and try to stop me from having her, to stop her from getting what she wants."

"No." Willow said sitting up on her elbows a bit. "Jean-Claude, the phone." She held out her hand. When he didn't move right away, she snapped her fingers at him.

Jean-Claude raised an eyebrow and exchanged a look with Asher who started to get up off of Willow. But she wrapped her legs around his waist, stopping him. He could have easily broken her hold, but he had no desire to. Jean-Claude handed her the phone.


His voice roared through the receiver. "What in the bloody hell-"

"Shut up. Now look here, you're always telling me I need more sex, so this is it. I'll call you back later. Seriously. Details and everything. But if you call back again and harass poor sexy Jean-Claude, I'll turn you into a rat. Got me, pet? Now bye." She hung up the phone and handed it back to Jean-Claude. "Now, no offense, master of the city guy, but get out. Now."

"Get out?"


He grinned at her. "And I should return when, ma rouge?"

"Not anytime soon."


The End

You have reached the end of "Soon". This story is complete.

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