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200 MPH In The Wrong Direction

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Summary: Angel Inc. gets sent to Hogwarts. Dru is a happy human and deeply in love with our favorite silent lycanthrope. What happens when Dru must pass as a student and someone that isn't Oz falls head over heals for her? Dru/Oz

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200 MPH In The Wrong Direction

Chapter 1: Back to the Future? Nah. Forward to the Past.

The look from outside of Wolfram & Hart didn’t so much reflect what went on inside. Owned by one of the worlds two en-souled vampires.

I had been human for almost 3 years now. Sane for the better half of the time. It all started when I met a witch in South Africa. For some reason, I couldn’t kill her. I could not just vamp-out a pierce a good hole through her neck. Guilt. I guess. But at the time, I didn’t know I could actually feel guilt.

I was only a bite, from going down a totally different road. And being in a totally different place then I was now. I was vamped out. I was holding her. And just about to sink my fangs in when, I felt it. Why? How could I do this to her? She has done nothing to me.

At first, I was awed. My mind was filled with thoughts of why am I having second thoughts? I let her go. I was confused. And angry. The stars screamed at me. I was starving for almost a month. When she found me.

She took me into her home, and she thanked me for letting her go. She muttered something in Latin and covered me in this odd dust, but I thought nothing of it. But the next night, when I woke. I was human. A living, breathing human.

I fled South Africa, after that. Traveled around the world. I was a 187-year-old, stuck in a 17-year-old’s body. So, I keep moving from city to city. Trying to find myself. And I found him, instead. On the edge of a place called Istanbul. My love.

Spikey would have called me insane, if that wasn’t what he already has imprinted in his mind about me. A former Scooby, a white hat, an ex-sunnydaleon. The Wolf. In fact, I would have called myself insane, again… If I hadn’t seen it happen. It was about six months after, I had gained my sanity. Or most of it at least.

I had separated myself from everything, and practically locked myself up in a cave in the forrest. And told myself, what was real and what wasn’t. Reality from Fiction. And I got out alive.

And I met Oz. And oddly enough, he had asked me out. After he had seen me kill half of Sunnydale, back in his high school days.

“ Dru, babe. You still with me?” Oz’s words broke into my thoughts.

“ Sorry, just thinking about… stuff.” I shrugged. I stared the building up and down. Here we go. Back to daddy. I laughed cynically to myself. Daddy. That’s what Angelus had been to me. Angel was a mere shadow. A pathetic shadow. Was I a shadow as well? Or was I a new person? Fuck this. I’m going in.

Oz had his bag, and his guitar case over his shoulder, and I picked up my backpack. After one or two cities, you just dump the heavy stuff, and take the essentials.

I sighed nervously and, Oz must have noticed because I felt his hand slip into mine. I stepped through the door, and Oz fallowed behind me, his hand never leaving mind.

We stepped up to the front desk, and talked to the receptionist. “ I’m here to speak with Angel.”

She looked up from her papers, to meet my eyes, and a shocked expression grew on her face. “ Oh my lord! It’s Drusilla! Secur--”

“ Miss! Please, calm down. I promise to hurt no one on my stay here. I just need to speak with Angel.” I looked down at her. “ Please.”

She had probably not ever heard a vampire say please, so she called Angel up. But then again, I wasn’t a vampire. At least not anymore.

She told us to go into the elevator and go to floor 9. I threw a nervous glance at Oz, before he practically had to drag me into the elevator. He pressed the button, and went to stand next to me again.

“ Nervous?” He asked, looking briefly over at me. I sighed as the elevator began to move upward.

“ A little.” I said, as the door slide open. I was face to face with Gunn, Wesley, Spike, Fred, all holding weapons and Angel with a smug look on his face. “ Okay,” I nodded slightly. “ I bit more than a little.”

I felt Oz shrug. “ Figures.”

I smirked at Angel. “ What? No happy to see your childe?”

He did a little half shurg thing. “ Not when she’s here to kill everyone…” He trailed off as his eyes landed on my boyfriend. “ With Oz. Oz? Since when does Oz kill?”

Gunn turned to Angel. “ This was not in the plan. Oz was not part of the plan.”

“ Sorry for messing up the plan.” Oz said, as we stepped out of the elevator.

“ Well…” Angel started.

“ The plan was the tie Dru up, get all the possible information we can, and then stake her.” Spike said.

“ Hey!” I said defensively.

“ Well, Spike. We didn’t expect Oz to be here with her.” Angel said.

“ Who’s Oz?” Fred asked.

“ That’d be me.” Oz said raising his hand slightly. I felt the elevator close behind us.

“ Can everyone just be quiet?” Angel said, and everyone fell silent.

“ Nifty little tool ya got there.” I looked up at him.

Angel motioned for Spike to step forward. “ Tie her up, we need to do a truth spell.” Spike nodded, and worked his way towards me.

“ ‘Lo Dru. How’ve ya been?” Spike said cockily.

“ Oz,” Angel continued. “ If you’ll come willingly, we won’t need to tie you up.”

Oz nodded and fallowed Angel.

“ Ya know, if you has asked, I would have came willingly also.” I said as Spike lead me into Angel’s office. Spike set me in a chair, and started tying me to the chair.

“ Hold still…” Spike said. “ … And don’t try that whole thrall thing…”

“ Well, if you had let me explain out there.. You’d understand that I can’t do the thrall thing.”

“ How so?” Angel asked, as the other member of their ‘team’ took their places around the room.

“ I’m human.” I said simply. “ No need for a truth spell. They freak me out.”

Spike, who happened to be sitting across from me scoffed. “ And I was beginning to think you had your mind back.”

I gave him defiant look and held out my wrist. Spike looked at my suspiciously for a moment, before taking my arm into his hand, and searching for any sign that I was human. He looked up at me. I smirked, and he dropped my wrist.

“ Well?” Angel asked, as he started pacing.

“ Pulse’s there.” Spike answered.

“ That doesn’t mean anything. She could have done a spell.” Angel reasoned, as he continued to walk to the desk, to the window, and back again.

“ I’d be willing to let you take my blood.” I said looking up at Angel. He stopped in front of me. I willed my voice not to waver. “ Blood doesn’t lie.”

“ It bloody well can!” Spike protested. I rolled my eyes.

“ Actually, Spike…” Fred started timidly. “ It can’t. The taste, texture, and even smell of human blood is different than vampire. And there isn’t a spell or scientist that can change that.”

I nodded my head towards Fred. “ Listen to the girl. She’s smart.”

Spike shut his mouth, and leans against the wall. Angel sighed. “ Fine.” As she morphed into his vampire-guise and leaned over my neck.

“ Whoa.. No.” I said. I stared at him. A vampires, standing in the middle of a corporate office, with gray walls, cubical, a water cooler, copy machine,… and demons walking around. Guess it wasn’t that weird. “ You are not biting me…” I paused. “ Again.”

“ What do you expect us to do?” Angel sighed, morphing back.

“ I’d much rather cut myself, thank you very much.” I said. I trying to reach down to get my knife tucked into my combat boots, that were hidden under my skirt. I only got down to about the upper-calf. “ If you’d untie me.”

“ How do we now you wont just attack us?” Angel asked.

I smiled. “ You won’t. You’ll just have to trust me.”

Spike looked me up and down, and turned to Angel. They nodded at each other. And without saying anything Spike moved forward to untie my hands.

“ There.” He muttered, as he stepped back.

“ Thank you.” I said, rubbing my wrists. I reached down lifted up my floor length skirt, and pulled the switch blade out of my boot.

I sighed. I lifted the blade to my wrist, and I didn’t even wince as I drew it across my pale skin, and the crimson liquid flowed down my arm. Blood staining pale skin, always seemed more dramatic. I lifted my wrist to Angel’s face.

He looked me in the eyes. Something lurked behind the smug expression. Questions and uncertainty. I had him. He knew now, that I was human. He knew. And he hadn’t taken human blood, in a long time as far as I knew. He was scared.

And I guess, a little of my monster stayed with me. It was fun to watch him squirm. “ Hurry…” I whispered, though every one in the room could hear. It was silent. Still silence, and the only sound was the soft rush of breathing. “ Before I bleed over your nice white, corporate carpet.”

I saw Oz smirk over Angel’s shoulder. The wolf knew I was playing with Angel. Playing with his guilt. Playing with belief that he had control over his lust for human blood.

Angel stared into my eyes, before he changed. Into his true form. His monster. Although he’d never admit that. That the fangs, the lust, the hunger… That was part of him. A large part. He wasn’t admitting the truth.

Okay, so yeah. I’m still an Empath. He lowered his mouth to my wrist. And I forced myself to stare at the wall. I know he didn’t take much. That he let me go, just after tasting it. But it felt like forever. Time just dragging on. It annoyed me how that happens. How when things you don’t like happen, it always seems to take longer then it really did.

He lifted his head, and shifted back into his human form.

“ Well?” Gunn said. “ Is she human or is she still all psycho empathy and vampiric?”

Angel leaned against his head. “ She’s still all psycho empathy, but she’s human. Or at least, her blood tastes that way.”

I stood up, and tore a piece of my skirt off. I wrapped it around my wrist. “ So.” I said. “ Now that that is settled. Can I have a place to crash for tonight?”

“ But--” Angel started.

“ I promise to share my story first thing in the morning.” I said.

Angel nodded. “ Fred, can you show them to a room?”

I picked up my bag, and smirked. “ Thank you, daddy.”

Angel’s eyes shot up at me. Pain. And something else. Something I couldn’t place. Something I really didn’t want to place.

Fred walking walked out of the room, and started walking down the hall. She seemed nervous.

“ Fred?”

Fred kind of jumped and turned around. “ Oh. Sorry. Yeah?”

“ Are you nervous?” I asked, as Oz eyed the rooms we were passing.

“ No.” Fred lied, continuing down the hall.

“ You don’t have to be.” I said.

“ Well, it’s just the last time I saw you, you killed 20 people, and Angel set you on fire.” Fred said stopping outside out of the room, opening the door, and handing us a key.

We stepped in and I continued to talk to Fred at the door. I smiled. “ Fred, when you last saw me, I was insane and a Vampire. Oh and you forgot to mention, I killed a woman for giving the wrong size shoe.” My smiled widened.

“ Thanks. I’m sorry.” Fred said blushing.

“ ‘S alright. I’d be scared of myself too.” I said. “ Goodnight.”

“ Night.” She said as she walked down the hall. I closed the door, and turned to come face to face with Oz.

“ What?” I asked, as he eyed my hungrily.

“ I want something.” He said in a low voice. A growl almost. He was a lycanthrope. It was pretty damn close to a growl.

“ Well,” I said. “ I could call Angel up. He could probably send us up a steak. Ya know, rare.” I said smiling innocently.

“ That’s not what I meant.” He said pushing me up against the wall. He was only 5’4 but he was still 2 inches taller then me. “ What I’m saying is… This is the first time we’ve had a real bed for the first time in a good 6 months.”

His eyes looked me over hungrily. I arched one eyebrow. Let the games begin.
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