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Unexpected Arrivals 1

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Unexpected Arrival". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Where did Xander arrive from, how will Jack react, what else will happen?

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilynorgcoFR1511,64402420,6233 Aug 043 Aug 04Yes
Fic: Unexpected Arrivals 1

Rating: 15 some violence due to battle scenes.

Summary: Where did Xander arrive from, how will Jack respond to him, and what new action will there be?

Disclaimer: I do not own or profit from BtVS, Stargate, or Highlander. Others do, like Joss Whedon.

Feedback: 1/Thanks for the great feedback eveyone, I think there is a way for authors to respond to it on this site but I have no ideah how to work do that. But I greatly appreciate it from eveyone.

2/Does anyone like this part? Want more?

Leutentant Colonel Jack O’Neill was sent offworld for a while, that being the alternative to having him hunt down and disembowel several people at the Pentagon. Finding out that you have an adult son you never knew about is traumatic, if you are a conscientious man who cares about children, which O’Neill was. Finding out that his superiors knew about it for a year and didn’t bother to tell him had triggered an explosion of anger the like of which few at the base had ever seen.

The briefing room table had had to be replaced, for one thing. Along with some doors, chairs, a noticeboard… Severed heads mounted on pikes in front of the USAF personnel department had been seriously discussed before he was sent to take his temper out on some poor, defenceless Goa’uld, a minor system lord had seemed about right. So he missed the fun of the ‘Alexander Harris is in our base hospital’ followed by ‘he’s standing right next to me so quit with the practical jokes Major Pain’ telephone calls to Sunnydale. Eventually, of course, all good things came to an end.

SGC infirmary, after Xander’s return to consciousness

“Mr Harris, we seem to be having a lot of trouble convincing your associates that you are here.” General Hammond began. The total lack of any surprise on the one eyed man’s face was about what he expected. Intelligence/Black Operations types never admit to anything over open lines, or even secure ones without reasons lesser mortals never seem to be able to find. Damn spooks.

“And who IS that Cordelia girl anyway?” Jack asked. The phone calls from her had been, ah, memorable.

“Ex-Girlfriend dad, dated her for two years in high school.” And didn’t that l stop the room.

“A greater proof of your courage and endurance would be difficult to envisage, AlexanderLavelleHarris. Teal’c said.

“Dad?” Colonel Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neill said in a quiet tone.

No one had raised the subject of whether the man on the bed even knew who his biological father was. It was the sort of thing a base chaplain might have been asked to do, but Father Fitzpatrick was on PX3-835 performing the wedding of a local girl and an irrigation engineer on extended stay as part of a trade deal.

“Offworld activation” Was announced over the PA system. The only surviving Scooby seemed no more surprised by it than the others.

“I’m from 2007.” The only surviving son of SGC’s second in command said, in a way that expected it to explain everything. And in a very sober, non-Xanderian tone of voice. He looked them in the eyes as he continued. “It’s all gone to hell, this was one of the last pockets of resistance because of all the Air Force stuff so we wound up here, and they DNA tested us to check we were human. And dad, I know the whole story about you and mom, no need to feel bad about it.”

“Security to the gateroom, we have…” The voice was suddenly cut off by the sound of staff weapon fire. The Battle of Cheyenne Mountain was on.

Later, and several levels up in the Facility.

“So why didn’t you stay with Xander’s mother?” Major Carter was a certified genius but her tendency to focus on problems and the unsolved did not go away just because the problem was human. It did make her rather insensitive at times like this. A staff blast blew chunks of concrete off the corridor corner they were taking cover behind.

“How’s everyone fixed for ammo?” Was Jack’s reply. The answers were all positive, there was enough for now.

The advance of the jaffa was slowed but not stopped cut off of reinforcements when power was cut and the gate controls wrecked. The explosive charges needed had been installed as part of the just completed overhaul and been triggered by the last surviving control room technician.

“When was the last time you saw dad drunk?” Sam’s question had not been forgotten, at least by the demon fighter. He remembered how much turmoil and guilt it had caused last time.

“Never.” While he liked a beer or two occasionally, that was all it was, one or two.

“Mom hasn’t had a drink since guzzling was invented, and Jack Harris is the same. And then there’s the white powder, and the pills and the parties.” A group of jaffa, with the goa’uld who was apparently leading them walked up the halls, trading shots with the defenders as they came on. None survived their passage.

“She said I live two boring a life, no excitement.” O’Neill finally answered, after dropping three jaffa with single shots before ducking back behind cover barely in time to avoid the return fire.

“Bow before your god!” Came the loud announcement from the figure in the hallway. The response came in what used to be called a ‘mad minute’, as every one of the defenders fired full auto down the passageway. The staff blasts in the other direction added to the din, but since the invaders were standing with their ‘god’ and the defenders were firing from behind cover the result was predictable.

At least, it would have been predictable to anyone not as supremely arrogant and blindly contemptuous of his foes as a goa’uld system lord. A system lord who remained standing surrounded by the bodies of his troops, looking totally confident as bullets bounced off his personal shield.

Had he brought technicians with a DHD and power supply through before the gate shutdown? Were they even now re-opening the wormhole to his base and flooding the mountain with reinforcements? They had to get past him to find out, so the good colonel did what he had once before when faced with an impenetrable shielded snakehead. He threw his combat knife, which last time had gone through the field like it was tissue paper.

“Foolish Tau’ri, we ARE capable of learning!” And the snake sounded even more confident than usual. Which he would have thought impossible. “I have an improved shield that none of your iron weapons my penetrate!!!”

“And a lousy speechwriter.” Xander shouted back. “Who writes your material anyway?”

“I am your GOD, all bow before me!”

“Yeah, yeah, heard it the first thousand times.” The 2IC of Stargate Command was thinking desperately. The way the corridors were set up there was no way around this creep short of blowing holes through a series of office walls. Something had to be done FAST, unless this was all a bluff, and he had to get to the gateroom to be certain.

“Hey butface, what’s your name, anyway?” The father/son responses being so similar interested Major Carter, in that small portion of her mind that was not committed to the same problem her teammate was working on.

“I am Sha…” The name was cut off by Dr Daniel Jackson interrupting with a question.

“Excuse me, but you did say none of our IRON weapons would penetrate.” The archaeologist was walking down the corridor slowly, speaking quietly and showing only academic curiosity. He had ducked into his office down the hall a few moments before.

“Yes, Tau’ri dog.” No fear at all from the parasite infected human, he had not even raised his voice this time. Jackson took another step closer.

“So, proof against the standard bullets, staff blasts etc, and Iron edged weapons then.” The Scholar rubbed his chin thoughtfully with his left hand. A few more steps closer. “Some kind of magnetic effect I suppose?”

“Do you have anything to say before I give you a death of unequalled pain?” The so-called god said as he raised his hand to show the torture device in the palm of his hand.

“Yes.” A step closer, now he was within a few feet.

“What, insolent slave!”

“THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!” And the head of the would-be world conqueror bounced on the floor a second before the body noticed it was dead and crumpled to the concrete. The parasitic being itself crawled out of the corpse and was bisected, before the quiet man in the glasses began carefully cleaning his sword. Then he looked down at the head.

“Oh, and, bronze sword so it’s not affected by magnetic fields.”

“Ok, SG1, SG2 and SG7 will move directly to the gateroom, everyone else does a room by room search for Jaffa and wounded.” Came the commanding tone of the grey haired SG1 leader. “Move like you have purpose people, move, move, move.”

The gateroom after the fighting.

“So Doc, for a bronze age sword it looks to be in good condition.” Scooby experience made for a certain knowledge of old swords, and this one looked barely used.

“Oh its not old, I had it custom made on P9R-822 to replace as a replica of an original I used to have.” The linguist was still carrying it, not having had time to return it to his office collection. “And as we were saying before we were so rudely interrupted, you’re from the future, I assume there’s a reason you were sent rather than SG1?”

“Yes, I noticed you didn’t open the message satchel I was carrying.”

“Well the file on you says to keep hands off so we kept hands off son.” It was General Hammond again, he had been co-ordinating the defence from the upper levels, as a good senior officer does these days. “I take it there are messages for us in there.”

“No winning lotto numbers but yeah, everyone gets mail.” Then the scooby thought of a question that had occurred to him earlier and been forgotten.

“Daniel, what’s with the ‘only be one’ when you killed the Goa’uld?” Major Carter asked.

“Old habit.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Unexpected Arrivals 1". This story is complete.

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