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Name Your Price

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Summary: Giles may have found a way to get info. on the Acsension.

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Movies > Ninth Gate, The(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR1345,068033,7154 Aug 0424 Nov 04No

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Dean left the bar an hour later slightly buzzed and with information. Man, that guy Willy could talk. As it turned out the vampire Angel was dating the blonde Buffy who was a super hero named the slayer. Dean had read about the Slayer before years ago and like most of this stuff he thought it to just be useless crap. Rupert Giles was her watcher, which explained a lot, like why a highly educated Brit would be living in this crap town in California.
¡°Ah, crap,¡± he muttered as he came upon his car. Someone had broken into it and ripped it apart, but he noticed that the hidden compartment had not been disturbed. He grumbled about what a stupid town this was as he got into his car and pulled away. He drove back to the Sunnydale Motor Inn hoping to get some sleep and then go find the librarian in the morning.

Faith stood in the doorway of her motel room talking to one of the mayor¡¯s vampire lackeys when she saw Mr. Corso stumble out of his car toward his room. At the door he played with his keys for a while before jamming one into the key hole and pushing the door open.
¡°Yo, tell the boss, I¡¯m on it.¡± She told the vampire.
¡°What are you going to do?¡± She asked her.
¡°Take care of him.¡±
¡°I already searched his car; he didn¡¯t find anything in LA.¡±
¡°Yeah, well, he may have other contacts and we don¡¯t want to give him a second chance, do we?¡±
¡°Tell boss I¡¯ll talk to him tomorrow.¡±
The vampire nodded and then left.
Faith brushed out her hair quickly, grabbed her key and made her way over to Mr. Corso¡¯s room. She knocked on the door and listened as he stumbled around. He opened the door as far as the chain would allow it and stared at her.
¡°Sorry, hon, I don¡¯t have any money, try next door.¡±
Faith narrowed her eyes, ¡°excuse me.¡±
¡°Get lost, I¡¯m broke, can¡¯t afford your services.¡±
¡°I¡¯m not selling,¡± she replied and watched as his face turned to confusion. ¡°I¡¯m a friend of Giles¡¯.¡±
¡°Sure, you are, you a vampire or a slayer?¡±
Faith was shocked by the question, but held her ground. ¡°Slayer.¡±
He grinned, ¡°I thought there was only one.¡±
¡°Cosmic booboo,¡± she replied with a smile.
He nodded his head, and closed the door. She heard the chain slide back and then the door opened again. ¡°Booboo?¡±
She nodded her head.
¡°So what does the watcher want?¡±
¡°Been doing some homework?¡±
¡°Need to know what I¡¯m dealing with never faced vampires before.¡±
¡°People think they¡¯re the devil, anti-christ figures, cults, dealt with ¡®em all, but vampires an¡¯ hellmouths are new.¡±
¡°Wow, I¡¯ve been slaying since I was 17.¡±
¡°Crappy job,¡± he commented.
She stepped into the room and he stepped back to give her space. She closed the door behind her and looked into his eyes. ¡°Yeah, but there are some benefits.¡±
¡°Such as?¡±
She stepped closer, so her body was flush with his, ¡°great stamina.¡±
He nodded his head, ¡°well, we¡¯ll just have to try that out won¡¯t we.¡±
She grinned as she threw him onto the bed. As always she was on top as she began to kiss him, he rolled over and put himself on top. ¡°You¡¯re playing a dangerous game,¡± she warned in a husky voice.
¡°My life is a dangerous game, sex is the fun bonus.¡±
For the first time that night, Faith feared that she may have picked the wrong person to screw with, but quickly pushed the thought away. As she tried to roll him over to gain the top again, he pushed back and the pair ended up on the floor.
¡°Well, I guess neither of us is going to win this,¡± she spoke.
He rolled over so he was once again on top and then grasped her wrists and held them over her head. ¡°I am,¡± he replied with a smile.

Angel was stalking through the seedier parts of Sunnydale when he caught the scent of someone familiar. He glanced up to see the Sunnydale Motor Inn just ahead. He caught sight of two vampires ripping through a familiar car. Angel recognized it as Mr. Corso¡¯s car. He ran over and staked the first vamp and then grabbed the second. Angel ripped him out of the car and slammed him against the car.
¡°I don¡¯t think that¡¯s yours.¡±
The vampire tried to push Angel away, but he held on tight. Angel sniffed him.
¡°You work for the mayor.¡±
¡°No, I don¡¯t.¡±
¡°That wasn¡¯t a question, what does he want with Mr. Corso?¡±
¡°Same thing the watcher does.¡±
¡°And what¡¯s that?¡±
¡°Has he struck a deal, yet?¡±
¡°Hasn¡¯t even met him.¡±
¡°So who¡¯s in there right now?¡± Angel asked nodding toward the motel room.
The vampire smiled, ¡°he¡¯ll be dead soon.¡±
Angel staked him and then rushed toward the door. Without so much as a thought he burst into the room and saw something he never expected to see.

Dean turned and saw the vampire, Angel burst into his room. He smiled at the vampire¡¯s attempt to shield his eyes, but then stop and stare.
¡°Friend of yours?¡± he casually asked the vampire pointed to Faith who was hand cuffed to the bed.
Faith was tied and gagged and extremely pissed.
¡°No, she¡¦¡±
Dean interrupted him, ¡°she said she was.¡±
Faith glared at them.
¡°How?¡± Angel asked.
¡°She¡¯s strong, but not too bright,¡± he turned to Faith. ¡°Come on, babe, I¡¯ve been doing this for ages, except most girls give it up before they try to kill me, makes them feel more powerful I guess.¡±
Angel didn¡¯t know what to say.
¡°So you here to check up on me?¡± Dean asked him.
¡°Dangerous town,¡± Angel replied.
¡°Tell the watcher I¡¯ll be over in the morning.¡±
¡°I have a place where you could stay for the night.¡± Angel suggested. ¡°It¡¯s safer than this place.¡±
Dean nodded his head, ¡°good, let¡¯s go, before she breaks the cuffs.¡±
With that Dean led Angel to his car and they headed off toward the mansion.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Name Your Price" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Nov 04.

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