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Name Your Price

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Summary: Giles may have found a way to get info. on the Acsension.

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Name Your Price

Name Your Price


Name Your Price

The Ninth Gate & BTVS
Summary: Dean Corso refused to believe in the devil in the movie, but only because his colorful past was strange enough. Pre-movie, season 3, after Enemies.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Whedon of course and Artisan Entertainment, not me, I just got an idea, and a very over active imagination.

Giles sat in the library poured over his books. It was late, but he wanted to know something, anything, when the kids arrived the next morning. He refused to let that ponce of a watcher think he was now in charge. Giles sighed he knew he need new sources, but he wasn't completely sure where to get them. The Books of Ascension would be excellent, but the Mayor had them and there was no longer a way to get them. He flipped through the pages, but stopped suddenly, when a small paper caught his eye. He picked it out, it was a business card.

Dean Corso
Dealer of Rare Books
New YorK

Giles narrowed his eyes as he read the phone number in the corner; it was a New York City area code. He flipped the card over and read the familiar handwriting.
‘He can get you anything, Ripper, not the most trustworthy man. Name your price, he’ll find it.’-Ethan
“Bloody figures,” Giles sighed. He took his glasses off and began to clean them. He got up, walked over to his office, and placed the card next to his phone. He picked up his coat, deciding to call the man tomorrow. He shut the light off and went home to get some sleep.

As he entered the library the next morning later than he usually would he was annoyed to hear Wesley’s voice.
“Well, a watcher should arrive bright and early to review with his slayer.” The prat was announcing, Giles thought to himself.
“The guy is allowed a little bit of home time you know.” Xander bit back, “he can’t live in the library, that’s just wrong.”
As Giles opened the door he caught Xander dramatically shivering to direct his point. Giles smirked, but sobered immediately, “thank you, Xander, I agree.”
Wesley looked up, just as he opened his mouth, Giles interrupted. “I did not find anything new last night, but I believe I may be able to find some new books.”
“How?” Willow asked.
“A book dealer, I ask him for what I want and he finds it.”
“Is he reputable?” Wesley asked.
Giles saw Xander’s confusion, “reptile?”
Wesley sighed, “reputable, trustworthy.”
“No rare book dealer is, but if he agrees to come here before he finds me a book, then I believe he won’t cross us.”
Buffy smiled at Wesley’s confusion. “He means we show him the big scary, and what it will to do him if he doesn’t help.”
“I don’t think the council would approve.”
“Why?” Willow asked suddenly, “if this guy gets us a book we need and we stop the ascension, then what’s the problem?”
Oz nodded his head in agreement.
Before Wesley could say anything the first bell rang.
The kids all smiled at him as they gathered their stuff.
“Gotta go, reality calls.” Xander spoke.
Giles smiled, “after school?”
Buffy smiled, “see you then.”
Wesley looked over at Giles with narrowed, confused eyes.
“You do want her to come back for training, right?” Giles asked as he turned toward his office.

Dean Corso lay in bed staring at the ceiling, when the phone rang. He rolled over, picked up the phone, and looked at the number, California area code. “Corso,” he spoke as he answered.
“Hello, I’m Rupert Giles; I am in need of your services.”
“What do you need?”
“Demon ascension books”
Dean sat up, probably too fast. He moaned as the hangover hit him like a sledgehammer to the forehead. “Sorry, I thought you said demon ascension.”
“I did, and I can pay, would you be able to come out here, so we can discuss it further.”
“Sunndydale, California.”
“Well, you’re lucky, Mr. Giles, I just finished a job in LA, so where do want to meet?”
“Sunndydale High School, it’s where I work.”
“I’ll be there tonight.”
“Thank you, see then.”
“Bye.” Dean hung up and slowly stood to go find some aspirin.

“He’ll be here tonight.” Giles announced to the eavesdropping Wesley.
“I still say it’s a bad idea.”
“Well, then you go find us some books on your own.”
“Who referred him to you?”
“An old friend,” Giles picked up the phone as it rang again. “Sure, I’ll be right there.” He hung it up and looked at Wesley. “Miss Fisher called out, so I have to supervise her classes. Don’t touch anything; I’ll be back at lunch.”

Buffy was training with Wesley as Giles sat and gave pointers. Which of course annoyed the younger watcher, but Buffy smiled at each remark and used the watcher’s weakness. Wesley lunged forward with his sword trying to surprise Buffy, Giles turned to see the doors open. It was just Willow and Xander.
“Hey guys.” Buffy called out as she knocked Wesley down. “Bronze?”
Willow nodded her head, “Oz is playing.”
“Go,” Giles spoke.
Buffy placed her sword on the table and reached for her coat.
“Stop!” Wesley exclaimed from the floor. He struggled to get up. “You cannot go out, we must train.”
“But what about all the vampires I was going slay around the Bronze?”
“Besides G-man has that book guy coming and we’ll be in the way.” Xander pointed out.
“Fine,” Wesley groaned.
“Don’t call me that,” Giles spoke over Wesley, “and thank you for your odd sense of consideration.”
With that the trio departed, Wesley having nothing else to do started to leave, when the doors opened and a peculiar man entered.

Corso got out of the taxi and glanced up at the school. High school was intimidating enough, when he was there, but the building looked like it was going to swallow him up. He had read a little about Sunnydale previously, it was known as the mouth of hell. Corso had laughed at that idea. Now he was standing in the doorway of the library with two men staring at him. The older man stood, “I’m Rupert Giles.”
“Corso, Dean Corso.” He looked to the younger man.
“He’s leaving.” Rupert announced.
“Don’t approve, so get out!”
The younger man glared at Rupert, before finally fleeing the room.
“Have a seat.”
Corso sat at the table, “so Mr. Giles_”
“Just Giles, no mister,” he interrupted with a weary smile.
“Giles, what is it you need from me?”
“What do you know of the supernatural, Mr. Corso?”
“I know what my other clients have told me. What exactly are we talking about here?”
Giles picked up one of the books he was studying and handed it to Mr. Corso. He picked it up and looked to over, then opened it to the first page. “Demon Resurrections, 1609, excellent condition, this is a rare volume.”
“It’s not the condition of the book, it’s the content.”
Corso rifled through the pages, and stopped at an engraving. It showed a demon pulling itself out of a man’s chest. “Are you saying that things like this are real?” He asked skeptically.
Suddenly the door swung open and Wesley fell forward with Angel standing behind him in vamp face. Corso jumped out of his chair. “What the hell?”
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