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Damned Souls

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Summary: A story of a lost soul that was once though of as damned and destroyed but now there may be hope..... An Agel/Charmed/Buffy crossover

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Charmed > GeneraltruFR1524,245041,6894 Aug 0417 Aug 04No



"Freds soul?" Angel stood there dumbfounded. It wasn't possible. Was it. They had all said that it was lost. What if they were wrong?

"What?" Asked Gunn.

"You said that you were with Fred, that she wasn't lost after all.

"I don't remember" muttered Gunn rubbing his head."I must have been dreaming or something"

"I don't know" Page joined in "A lot of what is said by people who have just been healed is truth! Right Leo"

Leo hesitated before answering. "I'm not sure. If you had a strong love for this girl Fred, it is possible that your emotions were dictating what you saw. I've seen it happen before."

"But it is worth checking out, right?" Asked Spike.

"I guess we can look into it, but it won't be easy. If her soul is really out there, from what i can gather its going to take some really strong magic to find it, let alone bring it back." said Pheobe, thinking. "Probably even stronger than the power of three. We would need a really powerful magical being to help us out......."

"I know what your thinking" interjected Leo "And if she really is out there it might just work."

"Hold on. Let me get this. You are talking about Willow?, right?" asked Angel.


"But she's completely off the radar at the moment. Even Giles can't find her."

"Yes, but giles hasn't got the power of three."

"Pheobe's right." said Paige. "we can find her easilly. Well maby not easilly, but we can do it. Its much harder if she's not in this dimension. But i'm sure that together we can do it."
Well i don't know about you, but i have to get home. Babies can't take care of themselves you know."

"Oh sorry Leo. We'll come with you. That way we can start the search for Willow sooner."

The charmed ones and Leo orbed off back home. Angel stared at the crystal blueness that they formed, and was once again struck by its beauty, and Pheobes. But his feelings for her were quickly put away, as he turned to Gunn. He was sitting on the bed they had put together for him, looking down at his once wounded skin. Intregued by the fact that there was no scar, or any evidence of a wound at all, except for the blood that soaked his shirt.

"That was some pretty amazing magic" Spike said. Also admiring Gunns chest. But not in any kind of Gay way, of course."Do you really think they'll be able to find Fred?"

"Her soul is lost. I do not feel her Presence. For a being with such goodness and emotion, even a deeply buried but not destroyed soul, would have some effect on her body." Illyria walked towards Gunn. "You must have wished the girl to be with you.
There is no chance that she is able to be saved."

Gunn looked up at Illyria. Something about the way she was acting wasn't right. And then it struck him. She was scared. If Freds soul really was out there somewhere then it could be brought back. And if that happened where would it leave her? Dormant in a sarcofigas again for another thousand odd years? That would be horrible. After all it wasn't her fault that Fred was gone, it was his. If he hadn't wanted this superior brain so much........ And he was actually starting to like Illyria, she and Spike had a special relationship that was amusing to watch. But to have his Fred back.

"Its not your fault you know" said Spike, interupting his thoughts. "And the part of it that was, well youve paid for that."

They all stood there for a moment, remembering how Gunn had sacrificed himself , for the now dead Lyndsay, by taking his place in the hell demension where, to the naked eye, everything looked normal. But the quite suburban neighborhood that he was in was far from normal. Each day he would have his heart sergically removed from his chest, and shown to him while he was still breathing. Angel felt slightly guilty for that. He could have had Gunn removed weeks earlier than he was. But he had, at the time, felt that he was as guilty as those who had actually plotted to kill Fred. Now he knew that Gunn really did love her, so much. And it pained them all to see what he was going through. He was actually, in a way, glad that Wesley wasn't around. The news of this would have broken him. He had taken freds death so hard. And when he had found out that he couldn't bring her back, he'd felt as though he was a failure. And now it would be another kick in the stomach. Especially if they couldn't find her. But he was gon now. So that was that. Damn he missed him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Damned Souls" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Aug 04.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking