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Damned Souls

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Summary: A story of a lost soul that was once though of as damned and destroyed but now there may be hope..... An Agel/Charmed/Buffy crossover

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Disclaimer: I claim absolutely positively no rights to this material. That’s right. None at all. So there

This is my first ever Fic. well not really my first I did write a very smutty Harry potter one Dumbldore/Hagrid. It was an explosion of cum and happiness. But we won’t go there. We can pretend that it never existed. Honest. Other than that one which doesn't exist I’m what you could call a fic virgin. Well at least I can be a virgin in one aspect right? If only you knew...............

Well here I go. This is an Angel/Charmed/Buffy one. Its serious so don't laugh. I want your honest opinion like reviews. Please. Spelling and grammar aren't a really big thing for me so please if it offends you don't go on reading this. No, wait, you have to read it because otherwise nobody will!!


Prologue: This is for those people who are currently not up to date with Angel. Mainly for Sarah, who tells me that it's completely necessary because not every one knows everything like I do.

As Wolfram and Heart crumbled around them, Angel, Gunn, Spike and Illyria fought hard against the army of attacking demons. Gunn was obviously faltering and wouldn't be able to last in battle for much longer. Spike was surrounded by more than thirty demons, coming at him from all kinds of directions. Angel was fighting a mighty dragon, who seemed to enjoy the human as though it as his new toy or something, Angel was fighting for all he could, as was Spike and Gunn. Illyrah on the other hand seemed to be really enjoying herself. After the death of Wesley she had so much anger inside her, and the only way she could deal with it was fighting. Emotions were a new thing to her which she didn't quite understand. But she was slowly getting used to them and learning to deal with them constructively,..., with violence. as you do. All of a sudden the Dragon lunged at Angel, mouth wide open, as if to eat him. As a defensive mechanism Angel raised his sword in a defensive position. The exact angel of the sword at the exact time of the dragons approach caused it to be lodged in the dragon’s only vulnerable spot. A million to one last minute lucky shot chance. And as we all know that these are the ones that always work. (Thanks Terry. You’re the greatest!) And as the Dragon blew up with a messy gloppy bang the Demons all mysteriously disappeared. "So slaying the Dragon really is the way then. Who'd have thought" Muttered Angel. More to himself than any one else. Being the born leader that he was, he quickly regrouped and got the gang together.

"Spike are you alright" he asked

"Good as bloody gold. Stupid soddin' Dragon. I could have killed them all you know"

"Yeah. OK. My hero. I need you to get the baby for me and take it back to Wolfram and ..oh.." Angel had, for a moment forgotten about the current state of their former workplace and home. He paused for a moment before he remembered a place that he'd once stayed at, nearly two years before. "Get the baby, bring it here, then we can go to a little place I know on the outskirts of town."
While Spike went on his journey for the baby Illyria and angel helped Gunn to his feet.

"Is it over? Did I win? Hey Fred baby I love you. you know that right?" Gunn muttered these words weakly, then passed out.
As Spike came back with the baby Angel and Illyria carried Gunn between them to the only surviving car from the Wolfram and Heart collection. It was a small sporty little number, whose make and model are of no particular importance. The gang (or what was left of it now that Lorne had quit and Wesley was dead) got into the car and drove towards Angels destination. ( they couldn't go to any of thier places. eg. Wesleys house, as they are well known by the Wolf the Ram and the Heart. And since they did supremely piss them off, stopping the Apocalypse and all. They thought it would be a good idea to lay low for a while.)



The baby was crying. Illyria could hear it above the sounds of the roaring army of demons still screaming in her head from the battle that they had just, barely, won two days before. She moved quickly, without any fuss or hesitation. It gave her, pleasure, yes that was the word, pleasure to look after the small weirdly shaped thing. She didn't fully understand the purpose of babies. In her world they created new life in the image of themselves. Cloning of a sort, but not the same. But humans reprocriated in the strangest of ways. Babies. They were after all helpless, useless, annoyingly noisy with there terrified wailing and they got in the way far too much to want to bother with them at all. Yet still she felt the urge to tend to it. As if it had some power over her. Over the world. Which was a ridiculous notion. Nobody had power over her. Even without her powers of time alteration and extreme strength she was still extremely powerful, and her mind was more powerful yet. Even if she was having trouble understanding how it was that humans were the ones who ultimately ran the "world" as they called it. So no baby could have power over her. She picked up the squirming helpless infant and held it at an arms length staring at it with her head cocked to one side, still trying to figure it out. The baby looked at who was holding it and screamed. The bright blue eyes that were nearly twice as big as a humans were staring at it. Boring into it so deeply that its primal instincts told it to fear. Aleriah picked up on this and changed her molecular form so as to look like the human girl Fred. So she could at least stop that infernal ringing in her head that the Childs screaming was causing her. Instantly the baby stopped crying.

"you are a strange creature" Illyria spoke to the child "for some reason I quite like you. Why is that. What power do you have over me?" Staring at the baby Illyria waited impatiently for it to respond but the child said nothing. "Do you dare not answer my question you pathetic excuse for a life form?" For a second the baby looked quizzically at her, as if it may actually be about to speak to her. It tilted its head to the side, opened its mouth, and let out a burp that any grown man would be proud of. Illyria put the child down, bored now of the toy.

"I knew that you weren't really all un human" said Spike who had been watching the whole time. Just incase Illyria actually tried to get the baby to speak, again. Just the day before she had held it upside down and was about to shake it into talking before Spike had rushed in and stopped her.

"You will not comment on whom or what I am. I am no part at all human. to call me that may result in your tongue being ripped out of your head and shove in one of your bodily crevices. pet" walking around to him she changed back into her own form. "I could squish you like a bug if I wished. Cause you such pain that you would wish that I would kill you and get it done with"

"Yeah, and maybe I might enjoy it. Come on the boss wants us in the office"

"Office? it is not more than a dog kennel. He could have gotten a better accommodation for us" Illyria replied testily.

"Yeah well since we're on the lay low at the moment there isn't much he could do. Sorry to displease your highness. Lets go. The gangs waiting"

"The gang? all of two others. Well not even really two. The one who is pleasantly looking is less that a person right now. He is so badly wounded that he probably wont even live two more days. And Wesley is dead. Lorne is gone there is no gang."

They walked in silence, giving Illyria more time to think to herself. She missed Wesley so much that it hurt. It was actually hard for her to contemplate the emotions that she was feeling. Without him it was as if a piece of her was missing. When she was all powerful all seeing and had her minions she never had to worry about emotions. But since she had taken this pathetic form called Fred she was experiencing all kinds of disturbing things. The feeling right now was like the time that she poked a hot poking iron into her stomach just to see ho it felt, but only worse. The longing for this human was stupid, but still she couldn't help it. It was as if he had diseased her with his presence and she needed it to survive. She wished, as she had the day that he had died, for more violence. To beat the life out of some creature to help dull the pain. She looked over at Spike. He was fun to beat. Yes causing him pain would do. But before she got the chance o act on her feelings of rage they were at Angels 'office'. It really was little more than a closet. As a desk he had an old shipping crate and one of those old wooden swivel chairs to sit on. It was indeed a far cry from the life style he had had at Wolfram and Heart, but they were still, unhappy, with him after stopping the apocalypse and all. They would cool down after a while. Or so Angel hoped. He was used to the endless resources that he had at his fingertips. He’d gotten slightly spoiled after his time with them. Oh well after 200 odd years of existence he was allowed to be spoiled every now and again.

"right we're here boss" Spike said as he entered the dingy room.

Angel hated the way he said Boss. There was something annoyingly childish about it. Actually he resented Spike quite a bit at the moment, since he knew that it was a high probability that Spike would now be the one who becomes human. It wasn't fair angel had been working for decades to fulfill that prophesy and here waltzes in Spike, all souled now, and in all likeliness about to be human. It really sucked.

"He looks to be in a state of mind control of some sort" Illyria spoke, in her way, "Shall I beat him out of it"

Angel looked up, out of his 'I hate Spike trance' "Sorry just thinking"

"Yeah well thinking will get you bloody well no where, we need to act fast or Gunn will die"

"Fred knows a way"

Angel and Spike looked up at Aleriah expectantly.

And waited.

"Why are you looking at me in that manner?" Aleriah questioned threateningly.

"Well love aren't you bloody well going to tell us what it is that Fred knew?"

"Oh. Yes. When she met that witch she fancied sexually, she told her of the Charmed ones. A group of three sisters who were very powerful, especially when the worked with the power of three. Natural blood witches are given a white lighter to watch over them. They have the power to heal" (A/N There was an episode a while back, before the gang turned to Wolfram and Heart, where Willow came to help the guys out. When She and Fred met, they shared a moment. I have used my superier immagination and imbelished on this 'look'.)

"Hold on there, you say that Fred fancied Willow?" Angel asked "Well that would have been interesting........ back to Gunn though. How do we get into contact with these witches?"

"With magic"

"Well that bloody well helps doesn't it, lack of magic being the reason that we need these witches."

"Fred knows a spell that will summon them."

"Well go ahead. lets try it!"


"Who’s a cutesy little bubba, who’s the cutes most adorable little bubba, yes you are yes you are"

"Oh isn't it disgusting the way she treats that poor child. Future Chris was a bit cautious of her at first, now we know why, Come on Phoebe give it a rest"

"Page, how do you know that this isn't what caused Chris to come back and save the future? The love and affection of his favorite Aunty?"

"I've been thinking about that actually. I don't think that Chris will come back now. Or will have come back, or something. When he was stabbed, he shouldn't have faded away. He should have died here and his body should have remained. Instead he faded because he had done what he had come for. That Chris is no longer, he could be any body now. Plus I think that he probably couldn't have existed here after baby Chris was born any way.. Okay I think that made sense. Well at least it made sense to me!"

"I sort of get where you're coming from. Maybe. But I’d rather not think of it at all. The future has been saved for now so that’s all that matter..... wow. that was weird!"


"I think I just got a premonition"

"you mean you're getting your active powers back?"

"I'm not too sure, when I first started getting premonitions they only cane when I touched something belonging to the person. I see nothing belonging to a pretty girl about to be turned into some kind of blue demon!"

"Are you sure that’s what you saw?"

"I don't know. The girl may already be a demon. All that I know is that she's asking for help."

"Do you know where she is?"

"Yeah I think so"

"Well come on lets go, I’ll orb you."

"Wait. We’d better get Leo. Someone has to look after baby Chris"

"Oops yeah. I'm so used to Future Chris being here with us..... LEO"

A stunning blue light came down from the roof into the room where the girls were standing. It was transparent but seemed almost as though it was made from crystal. The sign of a white lighter orbing. Leo then formed where the light was. He looked worried.

"What is it girls is some thing wrong with Chris?"

"Here you go daddy, play with me. Aren't I the cutest little thing? Yes you are!"

"Okay" Leo cut in "what’s going on?"

"Phoebe got a premonition and."

"Wait a minute" Leo cut her off "What do you mean Phoebe got premonition. How do you know it’s not a trap? She shouldn't have any real active powers yet. At least I don't think she should."( Pheobe lost her active powers in front of the misuse of magic court, after Killing a demon and being caught on tape by a reporter. They were set up by a very powerful demon, who's name eludes me at the moment, but i will put it here as soon as i look it up. He is the demon who plays on your fears. They got away with not losing there powers but Pheobe lost her active ones, for forcing premonitions so that she could find a husband and they lost Darylls friendship. [He was on death row in a future that the charmed ones didn't have thier powers in and after it was all over and everyone had forgotten, he still had the memory and couldn't bear to live with the fact that he could hurt his family like that and no longer helps them in police matters])

"Well all I know is that an innocent needs help and I have to go"

"Its okay Leo, we'll be care full. You know us!" And with that they orbed to wherever the premonition had sent them. They really were acting to hasty, thought Leo. Well at least he had time to play with his new born son. His Aunties hogged him so much that he barely ever had time to play with him. and he wanted to be a good father. He wanted to be the father that future Chris had wanted him to be so badly...


Phoebe and Paige orbed into a stingy little house of some kind. They were standing at the front door about to knock when it opened.

"Finally they arrived. I thought the bloody spell hadn't worked or something."

Phoebe could make out the figure of what looked to be a human man. Weirdly blonde hair. Almost too blonde. He had, she noticed. A Brittish accent. Kind of hot she thought as he came into a lighter area. he got to a point where he could be seen and he could see them but came no further.

"Come in. Sorry I can't come out to you but I’m a bit sensitive to light."

Knowing that as long as she held on to Paige she could orb out at any second she stepped into the house.

"Follow me ladies. I'll take you to him"

"Take us to who? you mentioned a spell?"

"had to do it. Bloody Gunns nearly dead. The only way we could save him was you. You're our last resort"

"Gun? is that the innocent."

"Must be. Sure as hell know that I’m bloody well not. Neither is Angel. Or Illyria at that. I'm Spike by the way."

"I'm Paige and this is Phoebe. SO exactly why aren't you an innocent?"

"Because I’m a soddin vampire that’s why. So's Angel" He smelt the girls fear. Not much, they were definitely strong willed, and thought that he'd better explain. "I've got a soul you see. So does Angel. Illyria doesn't, but that’s because she was once a powerful being brought back to life and is now inhibiting the body of Fred. But she's a good guy. I think, it’s hard to read her."

"Angel. I've heard of him. The champion Vampire. Willow told me about him. She mentioned you too come to think about it. But said that you were an ally bye force because of some chip in your head. Never mentioned a soul. But that was a while ago."

"Things have changed. I'm an ally by choice now and I’ve got a soul. Come on better get to Gunn"

He led them to a dully lit room at the back of the house. A very handsome man was standing in the corner over the body of an equally attractive man. She took them to be Angel and Gunn. Then Illyria walked into the room. Phoebe recognized her as the girl Wilfred that she had once met in passing while with Willow. But she had changed. Now her eyes, hair and a lot of her skin were bright blue. And she didn’t have Fred's presence.

"Oh wow. He's pretty badly hurt.' She tried to heal him, but the wounds were so intense that she needed help. "LEO" called Paige

Leo arrived in typical orbing form. Startling Spike. Which quite amused Aleriah.

"What is it? Are you alright. OH damn. Vampires. I knew it was a trap" Leo blurted all at once so's that it sounded a bit like 'wasitalrightohdavampireinewtrap'. Leo was normally the calm and collected one but since he had had his son kidnapped, then had his future son die in his arms, and then committed an act of great evil...well it took a lot out of a man. Leo was taking it well. Really.

"It's alright. They're souled champions, oh and Illyria. But I’m not too sure what she is yet." Illyria gave Phoebe a look. Yes a look.

"It’s Gunn. He’s pretty badly injured" Said Angel.

"I can feel him slipping away" said Page hurriedly.

Leo went over to where Gunn was lying. A beautiful orange light washed over his heart area. It was not unlike the liquid blue crystal of orbing; only it was orange.

"He was really close to the end there. I almost wasn't able to bring him back" Said Leo as Gunn started to stir.

"Wow that was weird" He said sitting up.” I was with Fred. She kept me alive. Her soul isn't lost and destroyed after all. We have to find a way to bring her back."
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