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After the Rain

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Summary: Buffy and Co. move to St. Louis after the huge fallout. Surprises and secrets abound in their new lives.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredGepetFR151687032,4885 Aug 045 Aug 04No
After the Rain

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters that are involved with either BTVS or AB:VH. They belong to their respective gods and goddess, also known as Laurell K. Hamilton and Joss Whedon.

Chapter 1

I knew werewolves were real. I grew up with witches, vampires, demons, any kind of imaginary being you could think of. Including werewolves. I wasn't a stranger to the supposed unknown. Living on the Hellmouth, there wasn't much to do but rub elbows with the big nasties.

But no amount of living on the Hellmouth could have prepared me for living in St. Louis, Missouri. Thier vampires were sophisticated, had a Master of the City that controlled almost every single supernatural in the city. Their lycans didn't just run wild, there were packs and pards and flocks and whatevers. This place is what Sunnydale might have been if it hadn't been on the Hellmouth. It's beautiful.

Sunnydale is dead now. Collapsed in on itself, just a huge crater. Maybe it'll rain and it'll turn into a baby Crater Lake. All I know is we don't have a place to call home anymore. Willow found us a place in St. Louis big and cheap enough for all of us. We live out in the town, over by the riverfront, I've heard it's called the District. Willow says Buffy likes it because she can keep an eye on all the vampires, because we live a few blocks away from the residential vampire area. Xander isn't happy about it, but he's too busy renovating the house to worry about it most of the time.

Anya and Willow went back to working in magic shops, Anya managing and Willow being the counter girl. Giles manages the library at my school, slowly rebuilding his collection of old texts and happily displeased to be dealing with so many teenagers again.

The Potentials that didn't die in the last battle went back to their families, but it didn't matter. Willow and Buffy had woken up the slayer potential in every girl. St. Louis was full of them, not surprisingly. Buffy now works as a gymnastics teacher, part time Watcher, Buffy-style. She's taken it onto herself to be Mama Slayer, with her little ducklings. She comes home bruised and tired every evening, but she's happy with it.

Oz has showed up every now and again, because he's got freinds with the local pack here. That's how we got involved with them, they decided Willow had a heap big amount of magic and made her thier vargamour. She's their first, and they are still kinda shaky on how to go about having one, but she's doing fine with it. Willow's dating Sylvie, and they've been together for three months now, not counting the separate first month that they were friends first. It's like having a furry Tara... that turns into a wolf when she pleases and can pick up cars...

And Willow, being herself, made sure that we all had pack protection, me especially. I'm turning eighteen next month, but that didn't stop her. I guess it's okay, since when I go to clubs or places at night, I've got a gorgeous wolf escort. It's not that bad, really.

Richard has us over for dinner and a movie two times a month. Somehow we got free passes to the Circus, though Buffy doesn't like it when I go there. We've met Anita because of the pack, but Buffy doesn't like it when I meet the vampires, even though Anita grudgingly admits that some of them are pretty nice. Oh well.

Buffy's out of town this week, her gymnastics team is having their state trials in Washington. I'm in the class, just not on the team. It's great for a workout and it's helped me in my training, but I just can't handle the pressure of being on a team like that. I'm just really glad she's out of town. Anita's taking me on a sort of feild trip, to a few of her animating jobs. It's a class project for my Preternatural Studies. You have to go and find someone who works with the supernatural and do a report. Most kids are going to the psychics and witches of the area, but I got the easy A, I'm sure of it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "After the Rain" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 04.

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