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Bad Idea

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Summary: *revised*When The PTB bring SG-1 and the scoobies "together" in Vegas! 3 scoobies+4 of SG-1 means someone gets to share. Post season7 onBuffy and currantly on stargate

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Stargate > Multiple PairingsBunneyFR1889,47927430,3275 Aug 0424 Jun 08No



Xander tapped his foot a few times on the frame of the sofa, he wasn’t quit sure of what to do with himself. He jumped slightly as a knock at the door jerked him from his thoughts; he looked over at his blonde friend and said, "I guess it’s time to switch sides for a bit, Buffy.” He was SO doing Buffy a favor.

“You might as well come with me and let Willow do all the talking,” He suggested confidently. “Plus, I think between our little redhead and I we’ll get the studying done. Besides, you really wanna tell Giles that you married a man older than him?"

He sure as hell wouldn’t…’course, he wouldn’t have married an older MAN…his thoughts were interrupted when Buffy gave him a slap to the back of his head as she passed him.

As she grabbed the doorknob, opened it; she turned around and had a devious smile on her face; she took a deep breath and said, “Well hello, WILLOW’S TWO MEN!” She said it loud enough to be heard over the phone line.

She waited for a second and grinned triumphantly as Giles’s screech was heard by all in the room; followed by Willow’s rapid explanation.

Still grinning, she turned to their guests, "So boys, you might as well come in an have a seat.” She waved them into the room. “Willow’s still getting in trouble; ya know being the most observant of us she got nominated to explain the details."

Daniel frowned with concern, "Is she in a lot of trouble…do I…uh… do we need to talk to…Giles and let him know that she didn’t plan this? That we don’t even know what happened?" He stared worriedly at his new wife.

Teal’c blinked, "Indeed, if her father needs assurance that we mean her no harm then let us go to her." With that said the Jaffa had already made up his mind.

Buffy grabbed Xander even before he had had a chance to say anything; she dragged him out the door before he could put his foot in it, she turned back to look at the two men, "Do whatever you need to do to help us figure all this out and get us back to Cleveland.” She waved her hand in Willow’s direction, “Giles isn’t really mad at her, just frustrated, she’s supposed to be the good one." She snickered as the door closed behind her.

Teal’c walked across the room and put his hands on Life-partner’s shoulders and began to massage the stress that had obviously been building up while she was talking on the phone; she just looked up and smiled at him gratefully and started lightly rubbing his calf with her free hand.

"Well, Giles, I know the symbols are somewhere between the taco demons, Sanskrit and Sumerian,” she rattled off. “But I am not fluent in grunts, gestures and chicken scratches; I could narrow it down if I had actual type-able information but as that isn’t really an option…" she then trailed off pointedly.

“Why isn’t Dawn able to just figure it out with her freakish language ability? I mean really she can actually speak all known languages and this one symbol is a complete mystery?!" Before Willow could continue Daniel had obviously felt the need to interrupt.

"Willow, no one can actually speak Sanskrit…it is a dead language no one has actually heard the language spoken so all we can do is guess. So don’t be so hard on this Dawn person." Daniel tried to soothe.

With an evil grin Willow remarked, "Daniel, I am a very, very smart woman and I realize that we have only been married about one whole day, but I personally can speak over thirty different languages and while you might not realize this: there are things that have been alive since before Jesus got tied to the cross.”

She tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear with her free hand, “While I agree that most people can’t speak a language they’ve never heard; to those that have…,” Willow shook her finger at him, "This should be easy! If you wanna be helpful you could search though these books and see if you can find this symbol on any of the pages." With a disgruntled wave of her hand a very large pile of scrolls and books magically landed on one of the made up beds.

Daniel’s eyes widened in surprise, even though he was trying not to feel hurt at Willow’s dismissal of him he couldn’t get the image of the floating books out of his mind.

How had those books and…

His eyes widened in amazement.

Were those ancient scrolls?! How had they gotten there? Oh wait…she had said she was a witch, maybe believing her was now an option.

Shaking his head, Daniel walked over to the pile. When he looked at the books he started to hyperventilate, "Willow, some of these books are at least eight-hundred years old.”

He flapped his hands around. “They should be in a museum or handled carefully, not tossed on the bed! Oh god, these scrolls…where did you get all these things?” he looked at her with horror. “Are we gonna go to jail for having them?!"

Willow looked up from the phone and seeing Daniel’s face, she sighed and turned back to talking into the receiver, "Giles, if you get anything call me; I need to go calm down my husband.” She rolled her eyes slightly. “He’s acting like you that one time when Buffy was listening to Billy Idol in the library….yup, but I don’t even have a slurppy.”

She looked up at the ceiling blankly as she paused, “Okay, bye.” She hung up, then she walked away from Teal’c as she neared Daniel and grabbed the scrolls out of his hands. She set them on the bed. "Daniel, breathe.”

God, he was worse than her after a babbling show and that was saying something; “These books and scrolls are the newest copies we have of the originals; also the newest we have in our climate-controlled super library bunker. All of them have been magically-enhanced to take lots of abuse so that they can actually be used for research. I’m sorry, I bit off your head, sometimes evil willow leaks out when I’m frustrated."

After Willow’s semi-babble Daniel started spluttering, “You have the originals!” then he looked shocked. “Wait, you speak how many languages?!”

“Uh,” started the redhead.

The archaeologist’s facial expression was a mix of hope and interest, “You wouldn’t wanna job later would you?”

Willow raised her eyebrows incredulously, with the military- no thanks, last time one of us worked with the military Ms. Mad-Scientist tried to have her killed.

Most likely reading the expression on her face Daniel reconsidered this, “Wait, I guess not, what with the lack of working for the government.” That obviously wasn’t something that she would consider in a flippant sort of way.

He sighed, “Man, I find someone that knows as many languages as me and turns out it’s my wife," Before he could continue ranting his wife shut him up with a kiss.

Just as Daniel had started putting his arms around her she pulled back, "Wow, Oz was right, it really does work at stopping a babble."

When she looked back towards Teal’c she noticed that he was sitting in the chair next to the bed; he just watched them with interest. With a smirk he nodded at her to continue.

She smiled and turned back to her husband, "Are you calm yet, Daniel?"

She removed his glasses and placed them down on the nightstand.

Daniel pulled her closer and replied, "No, I don’t think so, I need to be a lot calmer." He pressed his lips to her soft ones a moment before Willow reciprocated.

Teal’c inclined his head slightly to the left as he observed them intently.

After several minutes of the lip-lockage Daniel and Willow jerked apart and chorused, “Dammit!” they glared around breathing hard.

Willow glared at her new husband a little, “I’m gay, would you quit being so yummy?!" she swallowed; being half naked waist up and having those lovely blue eyes could easily turn anyone on- even her!

Smirking, Teal’c leant forward, "You two are both fascinating when aroused; FAMILY, I can almost see your minds still at work while giving and receiving pleasure; the wait to see if you can become one will be uncomfortable and pleasurable for me," He shifted awkwardly in the chair.

Not moving from Daniel’s lap she wagged her finger at Teal’c, "Well, elf, your alien mojo playing with my magics isn’t helping my hormones right now.” She blushed a little. “It tickles all over and makes me want to do really naughty things to you…both.”

She waggled her eyebrows slightly, “Things I only saw by accident at Xander’s house, how was I supposed to know all the books on the coffee table were Demon Kama Sutra Books?" a blush scorched her cheeks.

Daniel tilted forward with a look from Teal’c and kissed Willow again, after a few minutes he pulled away again and smirked, "As interested as we both are in that story, I seriously doubt we’re ready for that step.”

Teal’c blinked solemnly a looked a little disappointed.

The archaeologist caught the look, blink dubiously and then jerked himself away from the look, “So, a few questions, Taco Demons? Elf?” he continued to execute his doubtful look. “Can you get us those books? We might want to study them for future reference." He let the doubtful look slip from his features as he smiled.

Teal’c nodded in agreement, then he queried, "Why do you call me ‘Elf’? I do not resemble a minion of Santa Claus nor a yard decoration." He inclined his head in curiosity.

Willow considered her explanation carefully, "Well, have you ever read ‘Lord of the Rings’? Your whole ‘stand-there-and-look-incredibly-hot, but-still-being-able-to-kick-my-butt’ thing is kinda their whole thing.”

She smirked, “Other than your race you could be a spot-on description.” She cocked her head to the side. “That, and, while your name is beautiful, I think that using it in public would be an issue. Besides I could never use Murray with a straight face and Xander is going to call you ‘Alien Boy’ incessantly."

Willow caught the look in Teal’c’s eyes, "But you can’t hurt him too badly, hurting the handicapped isn’t nice.” She waved her hands a bit, “And all the gods know that they built Xander like the scarecrow.”

She gave a tiny grin, “I’m his Dorothy, so it helps… I went off topic again." She frowned, eyes wide, as she ended her babble; she’d noticed their cloudy eyes. Shaking off the desire to babble, she continued, "Taco Demons are our short hand for the breed of a certain species of demon. Think about them like bugs, they come in so many different varieties that it’s hard to keep them straight.”

She the small grin reappeared on her face, “So we renamed them all, well not all of them- just the ones that are hard to pronounce." No good having names that you can’t say.

Daniel’s eyes conveyed to Willow that he was trying to work out her explanation, but then he had a question, "Why Taco?"

Giggling, Willow replied, "They own the largest and most popular Mexican food franchise in the country…‘Taco Bell’."

At that answer Daniel smiled and began to laugh; the young redhead’s small grin erupted into a much larger one. Teal’c smiled at their joy because he too liked their happiness.

After the laughter died down Willow gestured to Teal’c to join them in the bed, "So we need to talk about ‘US’."

"Do you want an ‘US’, Willow?" asked Daniel while Teal’c watched. “If you don’t want that-

Willow considered this, "I think there is already an us, but I think we need to take this slowly so that we can understand our needs as a trifecta; I doubt this situation will be easy for any of us, but I have a feeling this is how we are meant to be. So we figure it out and deal with it as we go along, agreed?"

Teal’c and Daniel looked at each other for a moment before turning back to their girl and nodding in agreement.

With a smirk Willow asked, "So, how about a nap to start on the comfort thing?” then she said, “And then we research and go from there." She loved research an’ all, but she’d rather stay in the room with these two.

With a look both men scooted closer and held her, and each other, close.

Willow’s eyes fluttered slightly and then she mumbled, “Mm, I think it’s raining outside…”

Daniel blinked, “Huh, so it is…”

Teal’c looked out the window blankly.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Bad Idea" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jun 08.

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