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Bad Idea

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Summary: *revised*When The PTB bring SG-1 and the scoobies "together" in Vegas! 3 scoobies+4 of SG-1 means someone gets to share. Post season7 onBuffy and currantly on stargate

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Stargate > Multiple PairingsBunneyFR1889,47927430,3265 Aug 0424 Jun 08No

Bad Idea

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me from either show. So taking me to court would be pointless. Respect and props to the creators and writers of both shows, i just hope i do your characters justice.

AN: This is the first fic i've published so it will probably have bugs but if i don't post it i'll chicken out and that won't get the stories out of my head. I also will acknowledge that Jinni start the vegas weddings idea in my head but this should have a totally different story. Oh and the Ghost roads are from the Buffy Books :) I think I am done.

AN2: So as of 5-17-08 Pezgirl is slave laboring as beta for this fic and has fixed my horrible grammer and bad spelling :) All other problems I still say are mine so feel free to spank me about it as I do rather enjoy it :) The next chapters will be added to and fixed as soon as she has finished with them....yay and yes i had new parts and never posted them cuz they sucked so let us all bless Pezgirl for putting up with me :)


Bad Idea



Chapter 1

(Powers that Be cloud or whatever)

There was only darkness, nothing moved. A disembodied voice echoed unnaturally loud around the darkness.

“The warriors need to be together to beat this evil,” the uncanny voice seemed to permeate the realm with its unnatural voice.

Another voice, equally as eerie as the last, said, “Neither set of warriors would trust each other enough to work together,” There was a general atmosphere of agreement now surrounding them; everything remained dark.

“We need better insight into both sides, bring in the guardians for both sides and maybe they can help us figure out a path to unite them together; send the protector to retrieve them.”

Moments later an armor-clad Skip grudgingly retrieved his orders and set out to find the souls that protect the chosen warriors; he rolled his eyes and muttered, “God forbid the PTB should ever do their own work…lazy-” he sighed and started walking.

Out of necessity and curiosity he looked at the list; he gulped, “Man, I should have taken a sick day.”

He thought for a minute and then came to the conclusion that he should pay a visit to Colorado Springs first, “’cause nothing’s worse than California, with its seers and half demons and witches, yeesh. I probably WILL need a sick day after I’ve dealt with them.”

Three hours later the demon was stomping up to the woman he had been asked to procure, “I hate ghost road travel!” he complained loudly. “I always get newbies stuck on the bottom of my shoes. I’d rather have jet lag and sit next to old ladies and annoying human children,” Skip glared around and continued grumbling under his breath. He had made it to’d think that working with the dead would have better travel benefits, but sometimes it would be easier on the freeway. Spotting his mark in the ether surrounding what looked like a military base he approached, slowly.

“Janet Frasier, your presence is requested by the higher ups. Will you please come with me?” he asked.

Looking up, her wide brown eyes widened further and Janet screamed, “Who...what the hell are you?” she leaped up from where she was looking down from and clenched her fists defensively.

“My name’s Skip, I’m a protector...messenger...whatever else the bosses can come up with for me to do,” he shrugged and held up his hands in a ‘surrendering’ gesture; he smiled charmingly. “I’m here to get you to stop dilly dallying around, let’s go. I have two others to get besides you,” he remarked. He frowned in frustration and he thought to himself, Don’t they ever teach the newbies how things work up here? It would save a hell of a lot of time. Maybe I should mention ghost mentoring or something. Probably more fun that this!

“I can’t leave!” she protested in near panic. “They need me a lot right now, something big is coming and I need to help.”

“You will be, but not in that way. The higher ups know what is coming and we need your help plus the other two to come up with some sort of plan to stop it.”

Seeing that she didn’t look convinced, he explained further, “Look, I know you have no idea what’s going on but remember, they ask you to come for a reason. Besides how are you helping your friends by watching? This could actually benefit them in some way.”

Looking down at her former friends and then back up at the scary-looking thing in front of her she knew that she had no choice if she wanted to help her friends. “Alright, where are we going to get the others?” Janet asked resolved; the same steely determination in her eyes was similar to when Cassie had been dying from the experiments that Nirtti had inflicted on her.

“Los Angeles. Well, for now anyway. Hey, so here’s the rules...don’t stray from the path, stay behind me and don’t stop,” he said firmly. “The ghost roads are tricky, if you don’t concentrate on your destination you get trapped…permanently if you forget that,” Skip explained as he opened the passage to the roads for the next leg of his journey. “At least it will only take five minutes from here.”

He sighed and led the way; the doctor followed.

Five minutes later they had flew across the planes leading them to the ghostly LA crew; the scenery below them all had changed. They could see the tops of tall towers and thousands of people far below them just waking around.

Skip and Janet jogged up to a couple of young woman, both were blondes but the stockier woman in the blue cotton shirt had a dirty-blonde shade of hair colour. They were both looking intently at the world below them.

“Ladies! How’s the Hellmouths’ favorite team doing? Rounding up kiddies nicely, I hope? I need a minute of your time...still have to save the world and all that,” Skip said sarcastically to the two female spirits watching the warrior’s hotel.

Squinting, Anya looked at the demon talking to them, “I know you, you’re the PTB’s lackey.” She smirked. “Man, how we used to laugh at you, always running around fetching things like a puppy...hey are you fetching us this time?”

Anya turned to her friend, “Wow, hey Tara, Fido is here to take us to the big guys, must be big.”

The demon scowled slightly and glared at the woman.

“Anya, I’m sure doesn’t appreciate being called a holy version of Lassie, now play nice with the messenger,” the blonde witch reprimanded gently. “What do you need us for? We’re dead, I don’t really see how a couple of angels like us are needed,” said Tara trying to hide her smile from the obviously annoyed messenger.

“Look witch, I’m just here to pick you and demon cast-out over there up for a meeting,” he continued scowling. “It’s not like I was filled in on the damn thing. So would you both please just shut up and follow me and the doctor that’s hiding behind me to the meeting so I can go home to things that I can actually stand.” Skip groused turning to open the doorway to the Powers; the doorway shimmered slightly.

“Alright, here’s the doorway, just walk through it and it will take you straight there. Had to take the long way to find you but it takes only seconds to get back...I swear they only do this to make my life hell.” he rolled his eyes upwards in exasperation.

“Fine, Fido. I’m going,” stated Anya, she flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder as she stomped through the door.

“I’d already said that I’d go so I might as well follow that other lady. Guess I’ll actually meet you inside,” said the Doctor hesitating near the gleaming doorway; she stepped inside slowly and vanished.

“You’re last, witch, get on with it, I don’t have all day,” griped Skip impatiently. He tapped his foot on the nonexistent floor.

Tara just looked at him and shook her head slightly, “I’m going...this time. I don’t know what’s off about you, but this time your purpose is true,” with that she stepped into the threshold and didn’t look back.
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