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Shadows of the Soul

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Summary: Two worlds collide, causing Xander to gain a hitchhiker and a family, but to lose any hope of contentment or peace.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilyVerbosityFR1549,8931110037,3366 Aug 0431 Aug 04No

Chapter 4

Shadows of the Soul
By Verbosity
Chapter 4

Disclaimer: Buffy is property of Mutant Enemy or whoever has bought
the rights by this point and Stargate is property of MGM and SciFi.
They are not mine, however this is a non-profit effort and I intend
no harm. If you own one of the above and wish me to stop, tell me and
I will.
Category: Crossover SG1/Buffy
Rating: PG 13 maybe low R

Summary: Two worlds collide causing Xander to gain a hitchhiker and a
family, but to lose any hope of contentment or peace.


The wind blew though the standing stones, brushing over the holes
drilled into them, the resulting wails giving voice to an eerie
chorus. The monoliths sat on a cliff, the very edge of a mountain
range as it marched near to the sea. Far below the ocean moved,
restlessly. It threw itself against the base of the cliff with a
mindless patience that spoke of its inevitable victory. One day it
would wear away enough of the base that the rocks above would tumble
into its embrace, in a future time far beyond any human life.

But the woman standing at the edge of the cliff was not human.

She stared toward the horizon where a gas giant, it’s massive
ring system washed crimson in the last of the day’s light, crept
beneath the horizon. She paid the sight little attention.

The questioning voice of her First Prime came from several paces
behind her. “Majesty?”

Not taking her eyes from eyes from the gas-giant as it reached the
halfway point in its descent she said, “He awakened, T’heru.
Somewhere. The long sleep the children and the Shol’va bound him
has failed.”

She could feel his mind flicker with surprise, uncertainty and a
touch of excitement. She could sense he had not expected this to come
in his lifetime. He asked, “Is it, then, time?”

“Perhaps.” She turned away from the horizon and met his gaze.
Her host was tall, nearly able to meet his eyes on an even level.
“Yet something still restrains him.”

Once again his emotional tint changed, taking on a slight shade of

Appropriate. What, indeed, could restrain her beloved against his
will? Few things. And one had been used. Its hold had now been broken
and could not be used again. So, what?

“I do not know,” she said. T’heru blanched and took a
step back as her voice caressed the next word. “Yet.”

* * *

Giles set the bookmark in place and gently closed the book. Putting
it on the table he removed his glasses and sighed, rubbing the bridge
of his nose.


Dropping his hand and raising his eyes brought a fuzzy blond blob
into his line of vision. Blinking, he replaced his glasses and the
blob resolved itself into the person of his onetime charge and
surrogate daughter, Buffy.

His eyes dropped down to where her hands were extended toward him,
holding a steaming cup of tea.

“Marvelous.” Maybe bringing her to England hadn’t been
the disaster that he’d thought. “Thank you, Buffy.”

He blew on it and took a sip even as she seated herself on the other
side of the table and peered over the mound of books at him.

“So,” she said. “You figure out what that prophecy

He sighed. “In part. The dialect is ancient and I’ve been
having a spot of trouble finding the proper references for it.”

“But part, huh?”

“Yes.” He picked up a sheet of vellum with the hand that
wasn’t occupied with the teacup. “The prophecy seems to refer to some
sort of awakening. It mentions something about the “Old Night” and
a time before the “Reign of the Gods.” He shrugged apologetically.
“I’m afraid what I have is a bit fragmentary as of yet.”

“Okay. So, awakening, old night, and reign of gods.” She
nodded. “Check. That it?”

“Unfortunately, no. Those are the uplifting parts.”

“Oh. Well then, yay?”

“It also says something about abandoning hope but I’m rather
at a loss, as it seems to be referring to a specific person having to
abandon hope. Someone having had to do with the “awakening.”

“Buffy started to nod again but paused mid motion. “Had?”

“That is the disconcerting part.” He set the vellum down.
“This prophecy, like others you’ve encountered, was very specific about the date.”

“Hate those.” She grimaced. “I know I’m going to be
sorry for asking, but, when?”

“Two nights ago.”

She froze, staring at him, then, “That’s not good.”

“No.” He shrugged. “But I’m assuming that since the
world hasn’t ended, the seas turned to blood, or the sky rained fire, that we might have some leeway.”

They both paused, Buffy glancing one way, and then another.

He waited for several moments and when nothing happened said,

Buffy looked back to him and said, “No demons jumping out.
Nothing blew up.” She grinned. “I think I like leeway.”

“Actually,” he said, introspectively. “I was rather
expecting… something to happen when I said that. Tempting fate and all.”

“What? Life not been exciting enough for you?”

“Well, you must admit that life off of a hellmouth can be
somewhat less engaging.”

“Ooo, enter Giles the adrenaline junky.”

He cleared his throat “Let’s not push fate too far. If you
would contact Willow, Faith, Wood and Xander, we should start pooling our resources. It’s always best to be prepared against the unknown.
And, in spite of the… lull, the prophecy does seem to point toward
something serious.”

Buffy practically bounced out of her chair, grinning. “All of the
gang together again?”

He was forced to smile at her enthusiasm. It would indeed be good to
see all his children again. “So it would seem.”


As she reached the door he said, “Buffy?”

She stopped, half turning. “Hum?”

He spoke softly. “Thank you for the tea.”

* * *

Jack slipped in through lab door. The General had said he’d find
Carter and Jacob down here running scans of their guest. He just
hoped that Anise wasn’t here too.

As he stepped further into the room he came into view of one of the
workstations and the Tok’ra in question glanced up at him.


She didn’t say anything to him, just looked back to the computer
screen. Her expression was of a person positively wigged out.

Hum. Maybe this Old Night guy wasn’t all bad.

Shoving his hands further into his pockets he meandered deeper into
the room. Well, no Carter, but there Jacob was.

He was seated at the main workstation. The computer screen in front
of him was filled with scientific gobbly-gook. His attention was
riveted on the screen.

When Jack was directly behind him he said, “Whatch’ya

Jacob nearly jumped out of his skin.

Jack concentrated on looking innocent as Jacob turned and glared at
him. “Do you mind? Selmac is agitated enough as it is.”

Jack raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Selmac, huh?”

“Hey,” Jacob tapped his head. “If you saw the memories
she has about
this guy, you’d be nervous too.”


Jack turned at the sound of his 2IC’s voice. “Carter.”

The Major was holding a small stack of files, which she set down on
one of the lab tables as she asked, “Back already, Sir?”


He cocked his head, studying her. Her body language was off. Tense.

After a second of silence she asked, “Did you find anything?”


She seemed uncomfortable. What was going on?

Jacob’s voice came from behind Jack. “Is that the result of
background check?”

Carter’s eyes flicked toward her dad and then skittered back to
Jack’s face as she answered, “Yes.”

Oh. That was what was wrong.

Well, that was between the two of them. Though if it really started
to screw with Carter he’d offer to give Jacob a good ass kicking.
Hum. Though, Jacob had the snake now. That could make it a little

Regular Air Force plus snake vs. Special Forces.

He considered that.

Nah. No contest.

“Sir?” Carter was looking at him with a question in her gaze.

He realized he was grinning. “Oh, nothing. Just thinking amusing

Her face did that “I don’t want to know” look.

“Anyhoo.” Best to change subjects. “Background

He watched her shift gears. “Yes, sir. I just received it.”

He looked at the six-inch thick stack of paper. “All of that?”

“Yes, sir.”

Okaaay. He wandered over to the stack, picked up a folder and began
to page through it. “Hey!”

“What is it?” Jacob had risen from his seat and moved to the

Jack turned the folder so they both could see. “It reads like

Massive sections of text were blacked out.

Carter picked up another folder, as did Jacob.

Pages turned, and after a moment. “This one’s the same,”
Cater said. Jack shot a questioning look to Jacob, who said, “Ditto.”

“Carter,” he said after a moment’s silence.
“What’s a civilian doing with a file looks like it came straight out of Spec Ops?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know.”

They both looked at Jacob.

“Don’t look at me. I don’t know any more than you do.”

Jack opened his mouth to make a comment about keeping track of what
your kids are up to when Anise interrupted.


Jack turned with the other two. Gah. That metallic voice always made
the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

“What is it Anise?” Jacob asked.

“I’ve completed the genetic analysis.”


“He is your son.”

Jack felt Carter shift next to him.

Anise caught it too because her gaze turned to the Major. “The
analysis indicates that, in fact, you and Alexander share both

The word came from both Carters at the same time. “What?”

Jack raised both eyebrows. Well, well. The plot thickened.

* * *


The Tok’ra turned at the voice and studied the younger Tok’ra
who approached. He almost seethed with some unexpressed emotion.
“Yes, Temec?”

“Is this truly all that you intend to do?” Temec flung one
had back to point in the direction of the council chamber. “We cannot
simply wait while the Tau’ri-”

Gershaw made a violent silencing gesture with her hand and, glancing
around, pulled him into an empty side chamber. “Prudence, Temec!
What is said in council remains with there. It is not to be bandied about in the corridors!”

Temec took a deep breath and then said, “The Tau’ri are less
than infants when faced with the Old One, Gershaw. Their insistence on trying to keep him within their primitive facilities endangers us

Gershaw felt her eyes flash as her partner’s irritation joined
with her own. “I understand the danger far better than you, Temec. I
was there. You have only those memories passed on to you. The decision is made.”

She turned on her heel and swept out of the room.

* * *

Temec stared silently after Gershaw for long seconds. Then he
whispered, “No old woman, not better than me.”

His eyes closed momentarily, as if listening to a voice within, then
his expression hardened and he said, “”Then we are agreed.”

Moving with deliberate purpose he exited the room, making for the
ring transport to the surface, and from there to the stargate.

* * *

“You know what I don’t get?”

Sam turned part of her attention away from the computer screen and
turned it to Colonel O’Neill. “What?”

“If the System Lords were so afraid of what this guy might do,
why didn’t they just kill him?” The Colonel gestured carelessly
with the soldering iron. “I mean they went through all the trouble of
imprisoning him. But if they were so terrified why didn’t they
use the permanent solution to the problem when they had the chance?”

Sam shrugged; she had considered that question. Before she could
voice her theory her dad spoke up from behind her, saying, “They

She turned toward him, even as the Colonel said, “Well, then
why’d they stick him in a sarcophagus to bring him back?”

Her dad shook his head. “They didn’t.”

Her mental “What?” was echoed by the Colonel’s,

Sighing, her dad leaned back against the lab table. “They did
kill him, but they didn’t resurrect him. Somehow he managed it

She traded a glance with the Colonel. “How?”

“No one knows.”

She ventured, “Some sort of engineered spontaneous

Her dad gave a snort. “A biological system doesn’t regenerate
being reduced to its component molecules, Sam.”

“Component molecules?”

“Yeah, it was kinda hard to miss,” her dad shifted his gaze
to the Colonel, as he continued. “When one of the Old One’s allies
betrayed him, he was vulnerable for a brief time. Ra, Sokar, Anubis, Yu, they all instantly threw their fleets at him. They reduced him and the planet he was standing on to an expanding cloud of plasma. Three days later he re-appeared. Alive. Fortunately for the System Lords, he… came back on a planet that was controlled by Ra.”

Sam asked, “Could he have escaped-”

Her dad was already shaking his head. “The System Lords had a
actual sensor lock on him, specifically, when they attacked, he was on the planet when it blew. The Tok’ra don’t know exactly what
happened after he re-appeared. Just that Ra managed to capture him. Since they couldn’t permanently kill him, and from what information we dohave, they tried several times, the only option they had left was to imprison him. So…”

As he trailed of the Colonel said, “So here we are.”


* * *

Willow picked up the phone on the second ring. The familiar flicker
of psychic energy told her immediately who it was and she said,
“Hey, Buffy. I got the ticket, I’ll be arriving in London at-”


That one word was all it took to cut her off and to tell her
something was wrong. Cold seeped into her gut and a sudden trickle
of uncontrolled magical energy flitted over her skin.

Buffy seemed to be having trouble getting any further so she prompted
her, “Buffy?”

“Xander’s missing.”

Cold turned to ice and the trickle of power became a flood.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Shadows of the Soul" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 04.

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