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Summary: Crossover between Buffy and Simon R. Greene's Blue Moon rising, Hawk and Fisher stories, and Beyond The Blue Moon. Xander gains a destiny. Chap 5 up. I keep thinking that I've run out of plot.. then someone gives me an idea.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XandercwolfFR1584,83501613,3666 Aug 048 Nov 07Yes


I do not own the characters in this story, either from Simon R. Green’s Blue Moon, Hawk and Fisher stories, Beyond The Blue Moon. Or the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

Hawk and Fisher rode off without anyone noticing them. They’d saved the world yet again, and Hawk even got his eye back. Part of him missed that axe, but his sword skills were back thanks to the healing that the other plane of existence had given him. As well as the knowledge that they’d eventually have children.

Of course, being so used to shoving law and order down the throats of criminals, they couldn’t very well retire. Where would the fun be in that? Granted they occasionally had to go after a vampire, or a pack of werewolves. But hey, an evil creature’s neck was removed as easily as anyone else’s. It just took a little longer and a lot of hacking and sawing of limbs with swords and whatever else could be used, but they still got the job done. There were times though, in which they wished for just a little superhuman strength or healing to add to their abilities. It was tough being a normal human. Heck, if they’d had that, more people might have lived while they fought to save the whole human race from being slaughtered like cattle. Ah well.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Xander was knocked through the door behind him. Buffy killed the vampire when it tried to follow up. This really wasn’t his day.

“Ouch.” He said as Buffy propped him on her shoulder and they both limped out of the warehouse. “You’d think I could go one day without getting something sprained or broken.”

“You could’ve gotten bitten and turned, how bad would your day be then?”

“True. I can’t even eat a half cooked steak. It grosses me out.”

Things were back to as normal as could be for a slayer and friends. At least the world had more than one now, and a watcher’s council that would actually do a good job for a change.

When they arrived at the new house, also know as Slayer central, they found an uproar. Giles had been researching in the library, when a glow appeared over his head. The next thing he knew, an axe had cleaved the book on the table neatly in half. It’d apparently fallen out of the glow. The right side page, had a picture matching it. Underneath were the words “This axe was wielded by Prince Rupert of the Forest Kingdom. With Princess Julia at his side, they saved the world from the Demon Prince, twice. This axe was left in the Demon Prince’s home dimension, and later returned to us. We put it into a museum so these heroes would be remembered with praise. It disappeared later, we can only assume that Prince Rupert needed it again.”

Below were three sets of paintings. The first was of a handsome prince, and beautiful princess, in cheerful clothing. The 2nd showed these same two, but the prince had an eyepatch, and scars down the left side of his face. The third, showed them again as they were in the first. Each set had a date under it to show how old the pictures were.

Buffy, Xander, and the rest walked up to Giles and looked down at the pictures. Xander asked “How the heck did I wind up in this old book, and who’s the lady?”
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