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Shadow Liaison

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Summary: Dawn Summers, junior liaison for the Pentagon just got a new job...

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Title: Shadow Liaison.
Author: Cataclysmic
Rating: PG
Summary: Junior Liaison to the Pentagon Dawn Summers just got a new job...

Spoilers: up to Season 5, Proving Ground for Stargate, Season 7 Buffy. Some things that happened in either show may not be covered the same way here general principals still apply.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this story, I make no profit from this, and the Stargate and Buffy people own all characters, I am just borrowing them for a while.

Chapter name: Job Descriptions.

The day was finally done, her MP had taken her back to the briefing room after she had finished lunch and Lieutenant Stephens had continued with his briefing on more basic background information.

Now that she had more time to digest what she had been told about the project she was beginning to have some doubts. She knew that at this point things could still go either way and she could get out of the assignment if she really wanted to. She had some thinking to do…

Growing up, for the better part of her teenage years amongst supernaturally strong female warriors had definitely been an advantage for Dawn.

Not only had it snagged her a really cool and reasonably well paying job at the Pentagon, a place she never would have broken into otherwise. Of course growing up with such strong female guides also left her with a lot of not entirely misplaced feminine pride and often termed stubbornness, which often got her into trouble. Namely when she got it into her head that just because she’s female that it did not mean she couldn’t do everything a male could do and more, well normal males anyway and there was a distinct shortage of those in her life before she moved away from the Hellmouth.

Of course growing up with Slayers, Witches and Vampires had also taught her about limitations, namely hers, and humility, once again hers because really Buffy and Faith not so much with the humility. Then again most days she wasn’t much with the humility either.

But anyway, growing up in the environment she had gave her a lot of opportunities she otherwise would not have. Like a job that gave her a lot of power over the government and her various bosses at the Pentagon and skills she otherwise would not have developed.

She also believed that dealing with what she had in Sunnydale even the routine week to week problems, and the often times strange things she had been forced to deal with had helped her to become a stronger and better person than she would otherwise have become.

But she still wasn’t sure if she was strong enough for this.

It wasn’t the aliens that had her worried, well maybe a little considering their planet was at war with a whole bunch of them and she hadn’t even known. But that really wasn’t that worrisome; the SGC it seemed had the matter well in hand.

It wasn’t even the physical training she would have to complete if she accepted the job. Apparently the SGC had recently instigated a mandatory self-defence course for all non-military personnel entering or already in the employ of the base. In the physical sense she was in pretty good shape, no where near Olympic level or anywhere near what some of the soldiers on the base were but she could keep up if she had to, even if she would be a little behind. She knew she would fairly speed through the self-defence training because this wasn’t the first time she had had a crash course in self-defence. Working with the Slayers she had picked up more than a few little tricks for overpowering people stronger then you, namely vampires but either way. Not to mention Spike had taken her aside and given her hand-to-hand and basic sword training. She knew she would never be on an expert level at any of that sort of stuff but she could hold her own if she had to. Basically the training provided was ‘what to do when the bad guys attempt to kidnap you’ training, which apparently from what she could ferret out was a fairly regular occurrence for those who knew what was really going on in the SGC at any given moment, which she would become if she took this job.

Nonetheless, they, the lessons, promised to be more fun, and a lot less damaging, than the lessons she had received from various Slayers and Vampires over the years. The lack of supernatural strength would result in a lot less bruises.

No the thing that really worried her about working for the SGC was not the kidnapping, the training or the war it was the lying she would have to do and possible security risk she would be to the project.

She was not stupid enough to believe that if the Emerald Foundation found out about what went on here that they would leave it alone.

The Emerald Foundation was what the new council had decided to call itself publicly. The name was actually relatively new and named after the first Slayer to die after being activated by Willow, Emerald Valdez who had died in a freak demon uprising in Kent. It was supposed to serve as a reminder of how much the Council now Foundation cared about everyone it was involved with, cared about each and every slayer and that their deaths would now be remembered and appreciated somewhere other then in some old musty book.

But the important thing was that she would need to keep it from them, preferably until the military was ready to announce the existence of the Stargate, or it got blown out in public by some faction or another at which point she knew she would be in trouble.

And if she took the job and they somehow found out that she was no longer primarily working for them but on behalf of another organization as well, specifically a military organization which was often on the brink of saving or putting in danger the world things would be much worse.

She knew that they would most likely look at the project as another Initiative where the military had taken on something they did not understand and could not handle when although they had taken on something they initially did not fully understand they now did and they were handling the problems they created.

The Emerald Foundation would not see things that way, they would come in on their high horses take over and likely due to the fact they really did not know anything about what went on here stuff it all up.

Not that she did not think that the SGC couldn’t do with a little Slayer help, it was just that from what she had seen so far she thought the military were the best people to run the place.

The truth was that she wanted to work here, at the SGC, as their liaison to the Pentagon or vice versa. It was something she had earned all by herself not thrust upon her by her sister, friends and Giles. It wasn’t as though she did not enjoy the job she had been given it was just that it had been given to her really and not earned. This was something she was offered because she did a damn good job.

So she would need to figure out just how she was going to do this. There was no doubt in her mind that it would be difficult. Hell they had given her a lecture about just how difficult it would be when they had introduced her to the program. Not only would she have to worry about lying to her family and friends there were other things to consider, like the Slayers who just happened to ‘drop in’ on her now and then. No doubt on Buffy’s orders.

Her task was of course made easier by the technology available to her, years of computer expertise picked up from Willow over the years would finally come in handy.

In any case she would figure out precisely how she was going to make this work later. For now it was enough that she had decided to take the job. She could work out the finer points later.


MP Hugh Ryan made his way into General Hammond’s office. He knew he shouldn’t of taken that leggy brunette out of the briefing room…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Shadow Liaison" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Apr 05.

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