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Shadow Liaison

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Summary: Dawn Summers, junior liaison for the Pentagon just got a new job...

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Shadow Liaison

Title: Shadow Liaison.

Author: Cataclysmic

Rating: PG

Summary: Junior Liaison to the Pentagon Dawn Summers just got a new job...

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this story, I make no profit from this, and all characters are owned by the Stargate and Buffy people, I am just borrowing them for awhile.

As Dawn Summers entered the elevator of the top secret military base in Colorado, she couldn’t help but wonder at how far she had come since Sunnydale.

It was only around three years since the collapse of Sunnydale and the final destruction of the Hellmouth. Despite the fact that demons still roamed the earth and there was a major new Hellmouth emerging in Cleveland life was going well for those who had escaped Sunnydale.

Buffy, Giles and Xander had set themselves up in Cleveland, ready to take in the multitude of Slayers that kept popping up. Faith was generally found in the general vicinity of Cleveland continuing her on again, off again relationship with Robin. The rest of the Slayers who had been activated at the Hellmouth had either gone home or had tagged along to Cleveland.

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing was that the Slayers were now being paid, by the United States Government if you could believe it. In fact that was how Dawn Summers, former Key and resident of Sunnydale had ended up as a junior liaison for the Pentagon.

Buffy had, in true Buffy style waltzed into the Pentagon demanded this that and everything refused to leave until she got it and told them to pull up the files they no doubt had on her. Which eventually they did and before they agreed to provide funds for the Slayers.

Dawn stared down at her neatly pressed blue suit. The Pentagon of course in exchange wanted to be kept up to date on the goings on of the Slayers and eventually it had been decided that Dawn, who wasn’t doing much else at the time, would act as a liaison between the Pentagon and the Slayers. It was a somewhat odd arrangement but all in all it was kind of nice.

As she was led down a corridor to a briefing room she couldn’t help but notice that the place was awfully grey, basically there were two shades she had seen of the base so far, grey and her escorts green uniform.

She still wasn’t entirely sure what she was doing here. When she signed up to work with the Pentagon everything had been very specific, she was supposed to act as the go-between for the Slayers to the Pentagon. Just the Slayers, nothing else.

However she couldn’t bring herself to refuse when Major Paul Davis had come to her office to offer her a junior liaison position to a Top Secret project in Colorado, he had specifically come to her because he had been told she was used to dealing with ‘the strange, unusual and weird’.

She would still be dealing with the Slayers; she would just be working with this SGC place as well.

Major Davis had not been able to tell her much about what went on out here on, or rather under the mountain explaining that she would be briefed when she arrived, and to prepare for a shock.

When Dawn walked out of the briefing room she was actually quite calm, so aliens existed, big deal, she believed in demons, witches and vampires what was a few aliens into the mix?

Her life had just gotten that much more interesting.

She couldn’t wait to get started.
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