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Call A Doctor

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This story is No. 30 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ben wakes up feeling terrible; so he calls another doctor. 20 min response.

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Movies > UnderworldLucindaFR151824031,6077 Aug 047 Aug 04Yes
author: Lucinda
nothing worse than where you've already seen him.
disclaimer: Ben/Glory are the creation of Joss Whedon. Selene and Michael are from the movie Underworld, which I don't own.
distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, Paula, Mental Wanderings
note: season 5 BtVS, post Underworld the movie. 20 minutes with Ben/Glory response.

11: 50

Ben groaned as he rolled out of his bed. His head was throbbing, and he couldn't remember what he’d done last night to cause it. It almost felt like he time that he'd spent the weekend celebrating his sister's moving out, or his acceptance into the college of medicine, but... He was coming up with a distinct lack of happy memories, even fuzzy ones.

Raising his hand to cradle his aching head, he froze, staring at the ragged chafe marks and bruising that encircled his wrist. It looked bad. Scary and bad and why the hell couldn't he remember what had happened to him?

If there was only someone that he could turn to, to ask for an opinion that wouldn't freak... wait. Maybe his old room-mate? Granted, if he could think straight, he thought that Michael had gone somewhere else for his residency, somewhere far away and cloudy, but... Nope, not thinking of any other options just now.

He staggered out of the bed, his legs feeling incredibly weak and shaky. He almost fell down against the dresser, and fumbled for a shirt, freezing as he saw himself in the mirror. Strange things had been painted on his chest in some sort of flaking green stuff. This was very, very bad.

He made it to the kitchen, and picked up his cell phone. Praying that Michael still had the same cell number that he'd had in college, he hit send.

:Hello? Who is this?" The woman's voice was suspicious, and entirely unfamiliar.

"I'm trying to get a hold of Michael. Do you... is this the right number?" He rubbed at his temple with the other hand, trying to figure out a plan B.

:How do you know Michael?: The suspicion seemed even stronger.

"I went to college with him. About six foot, brown hair that normally needs cut... quiet guy. Is he there? I'm Ben, he was my room-mate."

There was a long pause, and then Michael's voice could be faintly heard. :Selene, I know Ben. He's not part of them, he didn't know anything about it. Give me the phone.:

"Michael?" He whispered, hoping that at least he could have someone else tell him to calm down.

:Ben, what's wrong? You sound terrible.: Michael sounded a lot less hostile than the woman, Selene?

"I don't know. I... I can't remember this weekend." He admitted.

:Not another wild party? You're going to be a doctor, you should know better.: There was a hint of teasing.

"Not a party. I woke up... I can't remember anything, not even going to a party. My wrists... they look like I was chained up somewhere, and I've got stuff painted on me. Funny marks that look like they should be carved into old stone walls."

:You don't remember anything?: Michael sounded more worried now.

"Not a single damn thing! My legs feel like Jello, my wrists are torn up, my head's throbbing, vision's blurry, and I don't know why." Ben closed his eyes, leaning on his arm. "I'm freaking out here."

:Where are you?: Michael asked.

"A town called Sunnydale. In California... remember, I wanted to see the West Coast, maybe learn how to surf?" The throbbing was getting stronger, and his stomach was fluttering, almost like a slowly spasming muscle.

:Sounds like a small town. Are things working out?: There was a hint of wistfulness in Michael’s question.

"They were until this." Ben closed his mouth, suddenly feeling as if he was going to throw up. "oh my God..."

:Ben? What's wrong?: Michael demanded.

"I think I'm going to be sick..." Ben collapsed, everything going black and cold.

With a ripple, flesh shifted, reforming into a different shape. Instead of a miserable feeling young man, there was a smiling blond woman picking herself up from the floor.

"Well, that won't be needed." Picking up the phone, she chirped "He can't talk to you anymore... Bye now."

Crushing the small device in her hand, Glorificus looked at herself, noting that her body was only clad in a pair of boxer shorts. "This won't do at all. I need something that looks a bit more... impressive."

Glancing over the small apartment, she frowned. Nothing here was worthy of her, and nothing seemed suitable to wear.

Stalking out the door, she found her path blocked by a larger man, looking over her body with lustful eyes and no respect.

"Hey there..."

Reaching out, she dug her fingers into his skull, feeding on the pattern of his mind. "I feel better now."

Pulling off his jacket, she shrugged before putting it on. "I need some better clothing. And a better place to stay."

* * *

Elsewhere, Michael was staring at his cell phone, listening to the crackle of static. "Something's terribly wrong in Sunnydale."

“Your friend is in trouble?" Selene asked.



end Call a Doctor.

The End

You have reached the end of "Call A Doctor". This story is complete.

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