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Do Not Weep Forever

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Summary: Anya stands over her husband’s grave sobbing.

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Television > Law and Order: SVUfayetonicFR151507053,0558 Aug 048 Aug 04Yes
Title: Do Not Weep Forever

Author: fayetonic

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Law and Order: SVU. No money is being made, just trying to improve my writing skills.

Spoilers: Buffy season 6, Law and Order SVU in general

Summary: Anya stands over her husband’s grave sobbing.

AN: Sequel to Screaming Orgasms. You don’t have to read Screaming Orgasms to read this story, but I’d recommend it.


"Do you remember that night that we first met, John?" Anya asked, her fingers tracing the name that was engraved onto the marble headstone.

Her question was met with the blowing of the wind.

Shivering, she clutched the coat tighter to her body. It was a cold day in New York, the winter sun melting the blankets of white snow that littered the ground. One particular patch caught her eye. The sun glinted off the snow, making it sparkle like John’s glasses on a sunny day.


Anya fell to her knees and wept.


Winter left and spring came causing flowers to bloom and birds to sing. Dressed in a sleeveless top and blue jeans, Anya once again settled over her husband’s grave.

"I was at that bar drowning in my sorrows. Do you remember, John?" she whispered, her voice rough with tears.

She stood up wiping grass stains off her knees while searching the sky.

Just give me a sign, John. Please!

Sunlight filtered down caressing Anya’s face like a familiar touch.

John’s touch.

Once again, Anya fell to her knees and wept.


It was a quite morning, which was pretty odd for a state like New York. Birds were chirping and flying over the cloudless blue sky. Squirrels moved throughout the trees searching for food and supplies for their shelter. Anya stood over her husband’s grave. She looked the same except for the small bump on her stomach.

Kneeling down she whispered, "Can you see me now, John? Inside of me is a small tiny fetus that will soon become a squealing mortal baby. Our baby, John."

‘A Munchkin,’ the wind whispered.

Anya smiled with tears running down her cheeks.


"Mommy, where are we going?" Four-year-old Mitchell Munch asked his mother.

Anya led Mitchell through the grass that was wet with rain. It was a stormy day in New York and Anya was bent on showing her son his father.

"We’re going to see Daddy, Mortal Child." she answered simply.

"But…but, didn’t you tell me that Daddy was in the clouds? Did you lie, mommy? Is this some type of conspiracy?" Mitchell asked, his brow furrowing in a familiar way.

John’s brow.

The two stopped in front of the familiar grave.

"Let me tell you a story, son." Anya said, her fingers once again tracing over her husband’s name.

"Is it about orgasms and ice cream?" he asked curiously, his eyes wide with childish innocence.

"No, sweetie," she chuckled, "When your Daddy died, I was heartbroken. I didn’t understand the mortal emotions that I was feeling. I would cry all the time and I realized something…"

"What Mommy?"

"That your Daddy wouldn’t want us to weep forever. Inside, in your heart, John Munch did not die."

The storm that was hovering for days finally cleared leaving the sun’s rays to shine. Both mother and son looked up to the heavens watching as the white clouds drifted lazily in the sky.

Up in heaven, John was smiling.



The End

You have reached the end of "Do Not Weep Forever". This story is complete.

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