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Unexpected Arrivals 2

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Unexpected Arrival". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: SG1 meet the 5th season Scooby's, Quentin Travers is dealt with, and Teal'c's second job is discovered

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilynorgcoFR1546,43312937,02510 Aug 043 Oct 04Yes

Where from and where to?

Fic: Unexpected arrivals, Final
Author: norgco
Rating: PG15, violence and femslash
Summary: What happened to the world Xander traveled from, and what changes did his arrival make?
Disclaimer: I do not own either BtVS, Stargate, or Godzilla. Actually owning Godzilla would be cool, but the pet food bills would be murder.
Feedback: Please.

Original timeline, 18 January 2006, Chosin Reservoir, North Korea

The ascension of a full demon was what it finally took to collapse the regime of President Kim Jong IL. With no slayers present – the secret police had executed the one Called there as a ‘CIA backed counterrevolutionary’ - there was no one to warn of its coming or fight it before it had eaten the province out and staged a second ceremony that opened the regions hellmouths.

New Timeline, 18 January 2006, Colorado Springs

Jessie O’Neill was born at 2:27am, a healthy baby boy with fine black hair, to Alexander and Cordelia O’Neill. Mother and baby were as good as could be expected after a nearly 3 hour labour. The demonic ascension was stopped quickly, giving the secret police’s new anti-demon unit its first big victory. General Jack O’Neill was able to celebrate both events, since one gave him another grandchild, and the other justified the thousand screaming agonies involved in convincing the utterly paranoid President Kim that the supernatural was real and a real threat. A lot of cigars wound up being handed out despite Cheyenne Mountain being a non-smoking facility.

Original Timeline, 25 March 2006, Tokyo

“I always hated Godzilla Toshi; did I ever tell you that?” Corporal Honda asked rhetorically. The big demon tearing through the city did indeed bear a remarkable resemblance to the big green guy. Unlike the movie monster he was not alone, however. They were on the top floor of the building with the heavy weapons team, the lower floors defended by infantry with inadequate weapons.

“So, do we try to kill it or let it keep going because it kills more small demons by stepping on them accidentally than we do deliberately?” The other man responded.

“Decisions, decisions.”

In the background Tokyo burned. Nuclear weapons had been used extensively in China and India, and other places were demanding their allies ‘protect’ them with the things. People who tried to point out the dangers of fallout, and that the smoke from the resulting burning cities seemed to have blocked enough sunlight to drop temperatures worldwide, were shouted down in the hysteria of the moment.

“Fuck it.” Honda finally responded. “We defend ourselves from him if necessary; otherwise we just don’t have the ammo to waste.”

New Timeline, 25 March 2006 Capetown, South Africa

“Ooh, ooh, isn’t that cute Jeanie?” Willow asked as she held her daughter up to the window to see the colourful display. She and Tara were here for a magic user’s conference that was being hosted by the African Union. Magickal traditions were very different in different parts of the world, and Thor’s Big Project, to identify all possible threats and sources of support, and then make the connections between them, demanded an explanation of how such mutually exclusive theories could both actually work.

“And I’m sure she thinks Uncle Thor is cute but we really need to get lunch now.” The cover of Mulder and Scully’s best seller ‘Dangerous Truths’ featured a picture of the Asgard Supreme Commander, seated in his ships command chair, reading a copy of ‘The Lone Gunmen’ which itself had a story on crop circles on the cover. “Anya has been babysitting all through the conference and I want to see the twins.”

Joyce had been healed, when all conventional medicine failed, by a healing spell involving an appeal to Estoree, goddess of Fertility and Renewal. A goddess whose rituals routinely involved acts that encouraged fertility. The twins, Jim and Scott, were the result of her participation in it with Xander. Fortunately Anya had grown up with such rituals was intensely proud that her husband was the father ‘goddess children’.

“Fine, I know you want to see them, so do I.” Mrs. Rosenberg-Maclay responded. She did love the boys but was not as big a believer in the religious side of it as Tara, LET ALONE Anya. Goddess Children were considered blessed by the deity in question, having been created during a ceremony for Her and therefore proof of divine approval. Anya, having voluntarily worked for the other side for over 1100 years, felt the need for that approval. “I love you, you do know that don’t you?”

“No, you are going to have to prove it to me tonight.” The larger woman said with mock sincerity. “I’ll wear the hooker outfit if you’ll be the innocent virgin, ok?”


Original Timeline, 11 November 2006, somewhere off the Bahamas

“Captain I now confirm one hostile ahead and one astern.” The sonarman stated in an even voice. He was, like a lot of combat veterans, focused down on what he could control so as not to have to think about all the things he couldn’t that might kill him. “We are closing steadily on Tango03 and will be within kill range before Tango 04 is within 5,000 yards.”

“Weaps, take the shot on Tango 03 when you get it, two torpedoes and do not hesitate to make follow up shots as needed.” The Captain of the USS Tang a Seawolf class Attack submarine said to his weapons officer. It was not the first ocean going demon kill that had involved them as both hunter and hunted. Hopefully it would not be the last. “Helm prepare to come about hard to prosecute on Tango04 on confirmation of kill of Tango03”

“Roger that Captain, bring ship about hard to bear on Tango04 on confirmation of kill of Tango03.”

In the end they got both Tango03 and Tango04. A week later Tango05 ripped the hull in half and was carried to the bottom by its weight and crushed by the depths, along with the entire crew of the Tang, who remained missing believed dead until the end.

New Timeline, 11 November 2006, Doyle’s seafood restaurant, Sydney Australia

“Nice meal, shame about the view though.” Xander Harris said with a broad smile. He, Alex, their dad and Daniel were sitting on a balcony looking out over Watsons Bay, on a glorious spring day. Summer started next month and it was already feeling like it. The view was, in truth, marvelous.

“After a lifetime of living on cold MRE’s I can handle as much of this as I can get.” General O’Neill said. He had eaten lousy food in places with what might have been magnificent views if he had not had to focus on weather there were people trying to kill him out somewhere having a magnificent view of him through their gun sights.

Alex was looking through the light gold coloured wine at the sky moodily. It happened less now than it had in the beginning, but the moody introspection still caught him occasionally. He had woken up with nightmares every night after regaining consciousness at the SGC, and Cordelia said he still got them occasionally. Finally he smiled a forced smile and spoke.

“Guys, a toast.”

They all filled their glasses.

“To absent friends.” The traditional toast for the fallen.

“Absent friends.” The clinking of glasses was followed by the emptying of glasses, and eventually conversation resumed.

Original Timeline, 15 July 2007, Cheyenne Mountain Complex

The ‘nuclear winter’ hypothesis having been proven, last year was well and truly the year without a summer. This one was summer in an ice age, literally. It was 52 degrees below outside; the wind was over 100 miles and hour, giving a wind-chill adjusted temperature of minus 152 degrees. Nothing was moving out there in the radioactive wasteland the Earth now was except demons, and only the largest of those. One of them, a pure demon the size of the late, unlamented Mayor of Sunnydale, approached the tunnel entrance into The Mountain. It was barely small enough to fit into the tunnel, but none of the inhabitants were eager to share accommodation with it even so. It growled and roared as the wind buffeted it, and shoved its head into the opening.

“BOOM” And seven kilograms of depleted uranium armour piercing round punched down the length of the demon, flew across the open space in front eventually made a crater in a nearby hill. The crew of the M1A3 Abrams parked inside ten yards inside the tunnel frantically reloaded the 120mm cannon in case they needed another shot to kill the thing. That was not panic, it was experience, though unnecessary in this case. The creature’s brain was pulped, it was quite dead.

Inside the mountain the last of the refugees that could make it to the mountain had been sent through to the various worlds that had agreed to take them. The base was on minimal manning, and once the magic spell to send Xander back was over they would theoretically set the timer on the cluster of thermonuclear warheads now attached to the Stargate and leave. The resultant explosion would provide the six billion odd dead humans with a spectacular funeral pyre.

“Son, I’m so sorry, I mean, I didn’t know.” The file proving that this scarred veteran was his child had been one of the last things that had arrived from the pre-holocaust system. There had been so little time to get to know him in the final, frantic weeks of rescue missions and refugee convoy escort. This one eyed man who was now the only one who could go back. And that because the same witch ‘friend’ who was sending him back was had once hit him with energies intended to destroy the planet, which his body had absorbed. They, like the blood of Dawn Summers, the little sister substitute standing next to him.

“Hey, look on the bright side.” Xander was terrified but refused to show it. The back pack he was wearing had all the files on the achievements of the SGC from the date he was supposed to arrive on to now, along with all the alien tech they had deciphered. Even if the trip or arrival killed him it ought to be enough. “If this works out I’ll see you in a little while and we can have a lifetime to sort it all out.”

The ritual was begun, the spell completed, Xander vanished and with him the entire timeline.

New Timeline, 15 July 2007, Temple of Estoree, a half days drive from The Mountain

“We are gathered hear to celebrate what will be a new festival of Estoree, Survival Day.” Colonel Samantha Carter, High Priestess of Estoree and mother of George and Susan announced. As was fitting, proper, and inevitable for a temple to a fertility goddess the crowd was full of babies and small children. There was also food and drinks from all over the world in abundance, since a fertility goddess was by extension the goddess of honestly acquired wealth generally in the agricultural societies where the worship had started. Anya fit in well with this crowd.

“We are alive where we were dead, warm where there was only ice and snow, have families that were either dead or never born.” The story of Xander’s arrival from the future was a well publicized one, although he didn’t look all that much like the actor that had played him in the movie. “Let us celebrate our good fortune and the Goddesses blessings, now and always.”

A few hours later SG1, both versions of Xander Harris, and the Scooby’s plus assorted friends were gathered for an announcement. No one seemed to know what the announcement was, but it was clearly supposed to be a good one. Eventually Dr Frasier stood up and began to speak.

“As you are all aware, Dawn was not created the same way we were, totally human though she now is.” It was very definitely not a well publicized fact, but the group knew it. “Thor was intrigued and asked me to investigate further, since Ms Summers was described as created from Buffy but is clearly not a clone of her.”

There was muttering which stopped when the speaker resumed talking.

“We have compared DNA and found that Dawn has, genetically, two parents like everyone else. Our analysis confirms that her genetic mother is Buffy Summers and her the male contribution is from one Alexander Lavelle Harris.”

“DAD?!” Dawn Summers screeched as she looked from Xander to Alex and back again. Then to the women who in all her memories was her sister. “MOM?!”

Then she ran over and hugged Jack O’Neill.

“Granddad.” Ok, so it wasn’t an ordinary family. It was a hell of an improvement on believing Hank Summers was her father and her grandparents were the people who had never bothered to travel across country to visit her.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Unexpected Arrivals 2". This story is complete.

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