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Unexpected Arrivals 2

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Unexpected Arrival". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: SG1 meet the 5th season Scooby's, Quentin Travers is dealt with, and Teal'c's second job is discovered

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilynorgcoFR1546,43312836,88710 Aug 043 Oct 04Yes

Unexpected Arrivals 2

Fic: Unexpected Arrivals 2

Author: norgco

Rating: 15

Summary: SG1 meet the mid 5th season Scooby’s and the Watchers Council team. And Teal’c shows what he does in his spare time away from SGC.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Stargate characters or the BtVS characters. Or Elvis for that matter.

Feedback: Does anyone want more?

Willy’s alibi room, a few days after the Battle of Cheyenne Mountain

“I need to know where to find Glory and I need to know NOW!” The blonde slayer stated. The room was full, vampires, demons, dark mages, record company executives, the usual scum. The room was filled with a low muttering for a moment, the same one that had been there since the group walked into the room. Then a large red and black striped demon with 3 inch fangs and scales shambled out from the back of the room, the floor boards shaking with every step. Thump, thump, thump. Finally it pointed and spoke in a voice like a gravel truck with a broken axle.


Teal’c looked at the creature with his usual lack of emotion, before taking off his watch cap and stepping forward.

“HOUND DOG!” The creature said again.

Willis’ Alibi room, after the hurried arrangement of a mic and backing music.

“You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog,

cryin’ all the time,

you ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog,

cryin’ all the time,

well you ain’t never caught a rabbit,

and you ain’t no friend of mine.”

Teal’c was not wearing a shirt, for reasons that now became obvious. Junior, his symbiot, pushed out of the x shaped opening in his stomach and began waving around, bopping its head to the music.

“When they said you were high class,

that was just a lie,

when they said you were high class,

that was just a lie,

well you ain’t never caught a rabbit,

and you ain’t no friend of mine.”

This was marking the perfect, or at least appropriate, end to the perfect, or at least strangest day. Quentin Travers and his tweed clad associates had been in the middle of their egomaniac power trip, trying to make the Scooby’s beg for their help against Glory, when the group that later identified itself as SG1+1 arrived. The consternation of the Scooby’s at seeing a second, one eyed Xander Harris was nothing compared to the Senior Watchers response to the quiet, be-speckled man who’s gaze bored into Travers as he turned to face him.

There had been a quick conversation between the two in a language, possibly related to German, that not even the other watchers understood, and the head of the watchers told his subordinates to give Buffy full co-operation, before disappearing out the door. The relationship between a series of emails Daniel Jackson was yet to send to ‘old friends’ concerning a confirmed sighting of ‘Quentius of the Traversi’ and the discovery of the former tweedy guy’s headless corpse in a Tangiers back alley four months later was never discovered.

In the here and now the former first prime of Apothis was now ripping through ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, which junior was clearly enjoying as much as the audience. The snake had lost some of its enthusiasm during a couple of ballads but was back in form with the punchier number. Clearly the larval goa’uld was an old rocker from way back.

“Ok, so you’ve got your concert now tell us where to find Glory.” Buffy demanded, desperately trying to bring the conversation back to what were to her familiar grounds.

“You can’t kill Glorificus slayer, she’ll take you apart like shredded lettuce.”

“We have no plans to kill the Glorius one, we wish to avail her of an alternate way home.” Daniel, ever the peacemaker, said over the roar of the crowd. The Quantum Mirror was in the heavily guarded C-130 they had arrived in. They had a spell future Xander said future Willow had worked out that would allow travel to alternate dimensions not just alternate realities of this dimension. “A way home that will not destroy our home.”

“Well yeah but I’m not the one you have to convince.” Willy finally stated. He had no idea who these extra people with the slayer were except for Teal’c. Wow, Teal’c of Chulak performing at his bar. The guy was a legend on the Demon Club circuit, despite giving only occasional performances and no one even knowing what species of demon he was. Or why he was working for the military, for that matter. “Anyway I have the phone number she’s been giving out in case anyone finds this key of hers.”

“Well thank you, thank you very much.” Teal’c said in an amazingly good impression of Elvis. Having finished the set to rapturous applause he walked over to table his team-mates were at, graciously accepting handshakes and thanks from his fans. Junior had retreated back into its host, contentment radiating from its form.

“So, we make a quick phone call, the bimbo and her hobbits go on their way, and we party.” Young Xander said in false cheer.

“Xander I…” Colonel O’Neill started and, despite days to think about it, didn’t quite know how to say it. It had been easier with the older version of his son, who had arrived knowing the whole truth of the matter.

The Magic Box, the next day.

Jack and Giles had arranged a quiet meeting to iron out the post Glory arrangements.

“Colonel, when the DNA results come in we will know if you are telling the truth or not.” Giles stated. The nightmare of the last couple of months was possibly nearing its end, and it had not been helped by repeated phone calls from the military. Now it seemed that they really did have a second Xander, sent to prevent the apocalyptic future he had left from coming to be. “And in the meantime, if your Special Operations Command is really so desperate to gain our support and advice, you can do us two favours.”

“Yes Mr Giles?” Jack was on best behaviour now, he understood the other man and his need to protect his ‘kids’ and the world. They had that much in common anyway, even if the guy was more Danny in most ways and a Brit besides. Also SOCOM really was desperate to make up for the Initiative fiasco. These civilians were the only thing keeping the end of the world at bay and thanks to Margaret Walsh they wouldn’t even ask for help when they needed it. May she burn in hell for all eternity.

“One, find and fix whatever it is that kills Joyce.” Only the edited highlights of the next few years had been presented to the Sunnydale group so far. The upcoming death of their maternal figure had hit.

“Nothing but the best, guaranteed.” The bed, tests, and surgical team were already booked before they left Area51 actually.

“Two, for gods sake find a way to piss off the Knights of Byzantium.” Because they were going to keep after the key even with Glory gone, they had made it clear their mission was to destroy it so NO-ONE could use it.

“Ok.” A lot of thought had gone into that in a short time too.

“And Colonel.”


“If you turn out to be Xanders father and then ignore or mistreat him you will spend the final week of your life BEGGING me to kill you.”

“Good.” Because after Charley’s death he knew that spending only a week begging to be killed would be a blessing. “Good.”
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