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Puppies and kittens?

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Summary: What happens when a pair of twins becomes a werewolf and a wereleopard and fined them selves in St. Louis Missouri. Oh and their eight.

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Puppies and kittens?

All BVS and Anita characters are not mine. I am merely borrowing them for my story; the only characters that are mine are the twins David and Elena, which is purely for the entertainment of others. Thank you.

Part 1.

“DAVID NO!!!” Cried eight-year-old Elena as the giant wolf monster leapt at her twin from the shadows of the trees. Elena ran towards her twin but was yanked back by another monster, this one looked like a large cat that she saw on the discovery channel, but this one walked on two legs and its fore paws were shaped more like hands than paws. They still had sharp claws though they had scratched Elena in the monsters rush to pull her away.

The wolf monster knocked over David with ease and had every intention of eating the human cub and its littermate, what it did not count on was the very persistent cat that tried to take its food all the time. It had pulled away the second cub from his reach and was coming after the one he was now trying to eat. He managed to get a single bite before the cat was on him, what he didn’t see was the silver knife in her hand.

Elena watched as the yellow spotted cat monster jumped the wolf one with a shiny silver knife the cat had hit the wolf hard enough to send the both flying away from her brother. Running up to David Elena saw that the monster had bitten his arm and that it was bleeding a lot too, she did what she had seen on that show mom likes to watch about the hospital. Elena took off her sweater and wrapped it around her brother’s arm as best she could. While she did this she sobbed and shivered scared for her brother because he wasn’t moving.

Buffy had heard the scream and was running at all out slayer speed to get to were the person that had made the scream before the it was too late, She soon found two children in a park on was laying on the ground unmoving with a sweater around the left arm sitting next to the little boy was a little girl crying for David, Buffy was guessing that David was the little boy. Buffy’s mind raced at the scene before her “Shot I hate it when monsters try for kids”

The wolf died but not before injuring the cat fatally she made her way back to the children the wolf had tried to eat and saw a blond girl walking towards the pair talking calmly to them. The cat tried to say something but could only manage a strangled growling cough, the little looked up as did the blond woman the child said to the blond “That one saved me and my brother from the wolf thing, but it did scratch me when it pulled me away. The cat got the wolf away from my brother. But I think the wolf hurt my brother more than just that one bite.” The cat stared in horror and thought “Scratched! Bitten! Oh fuck.”

The next morning

Buffy looked at the sleeping injured woman on her couch “The cat had changed into the woman, and if that wasn’t creepy enough she looked at the little girl and said she was sorry like she had hurt the girl with more than a few scratches.” Buffy sat and thought along those lines for a good long while and jumped when the woman spoke giving a very loud “GHHA!” The woman spoke when Buffy settled down “I didn’t get there in time, and now not only is the boy infected by the wolf I infected the girl with my leopard lycanthropy. I can’t care for them I know that I am just a stranger to you but call a man named Micah he is an old friend and he will send for them.” Buffy took all of this in and asked “Why can’t you take care of this and damn skippy you’re a stranger la….” Buffy stared at the now dead woman on her couch.

David and Elena had been sent to L.A. to stay with Angel for their first change so they would not end up like Oz had after his first. Well they changed all right, but were not fierce beasts that many were at first change they turned into a rather large wolf and leopard cub and were ten times as energetic. A very worn out Angel called, Buffy to tell her that for this she owed him big time. The two wercubs got into every thing that night, David managed to destroy Angel’s blood supply and both cubs drank about half, Elena decided she didn’t like Cordila’s wardrobe so shredded it all and used it for a litter box. After the initial chaos they planted them selves in front of an angel and cried at the top of their lungs, only after eating ten pounds each of beef they fell asleep. The next morning Cordi found her cloths and tried to strangle Elena. Angel noted briefly in the rush to stop Cordila that the beef was just gnawed rib bones.
Later that after noon David and Elena found them selves on a plane to St. Louis Missouri with the name Micah. When the plane landed the passengers silently cheered as the twin balls of energy left the plane. Elena and David grumbling to each other “Why is everyone so cranky? I mean what’s wrong with being polite and introducing your self? Even if it was everyone on the plane. They found the luggage carousal and were about to climb on for a ride when a guys voice said, “Don’t even think about it.” They turned to see a short man with yellow green eyes and both felt the power in him to adults it said alpha to the children standing before him it said adult with authority and will use it. Both of them looked away from his eyes then approached him and took his scent. They behaved all the way to Anita’s, when they entered the house and placed their things in a guest room. Micah looked them over and smiling said, “Go exploring kids, but stay in hearing Anita will be here soon and will want to meet you.” The last was said to air as the twins disappeared to explore their new home.


I hope you like the first part of my story and please tell me about any mistakes, this is my first piece posted so please review. Much mischife planed at the Ciucus *grin*
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