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What More Could a Girl Wish For?

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Summary: Consider this story of one of Anya’s more… brilliant… jobs. Crossover with Charlaine Harris' "Southern Vampire".

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesCameronFR1311,118041,97210 Aug 0410 Aug 04Yes
What More Could a Girl Wish For?

Author: Cameron

A/N: Consider this story of one of Anya’s more… brilliant… jobs. Bonus points for everyone who recognizes what becomes of our heroine and her no-good, lyin’, cheatin’, two-timin’, double-dealin’ man.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Southern Vampire series (Charlaine Harris does), the Anita Blake universe (that would be Laurell K. Hamilton), or BtVS (thank you, Joss Whedon).

Also, I seem to be channeling bits and pieces of random country songs, so just to be safe – in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t own those either. Hope you enjoyed : )

The world was perfect, she was sure. All was as right as rain, ‘cause Jason had told her that he loved her. Nothin’ could make this day any better, she was quite sure. Well, it would be better by far for sure if she could find Jason in the lunch crowd at Merlotte’s. She wondered if he was going to ask her father for her hand soon. She’d been looking at bridal magazines and dreamin’ ‘bout babies ever since she’d had that dance with Jason the night she turned 18. ‘Hmm…. a fall wedding, no, better make it spring – the flowers will be in season and that will make them cheaper…. a spring wedding will be just perfect,’ she thought as she twisted her way towards the counter.

"Hey, Sookie darlin’, you seen your brother here yet? He’s supposed to be meetin’ me for lunch."

Sookie just looked at her and shook her head slightly. She had a pained look on her face as she answered "He’s here, but you’re not going to want to go looking for him, Tara."

Well, what type of answer was that?

"He’s… well, he’s doin’ what he does best."

With an answer like that, she knew what Sookie was hinting at. She turned and slowly purveyed the diner/bar. A woman’s fake laugh, a bit of a breathy giggle, caught her attention. A blonde with a larger bra size than IQ was droolin’ all over Jason, and she knew from experience that he certainly didn’t mind.

Bitter tears trailed down her cheeks as she turned her face from the scene in front of her. It was nothing new, for sure; all the town had seen Jason whoring around before. However, it was the last straw for her. She had been content before, even knowing he showered his attention on every attractive woman that crossed his path. But that was before… she had finally told him "I love you" last night, and he said that he loved her too. He had promised that he was through cattin’ around Bon Temps. She was ready to settle down, and she thought he was ready too. He had promised!

The shock of seeing him with that… that… that blonde bimbo was too much for her. She started swaying on her feet, right as Sookie came up to her and wrapped her up in a hug. "Shh, darlin’, it’s ok. It’s ok." Sookie kept whispering into her ear. But all Tara could hear was the blood pounding in her temples right before she passed out. Sam had been standing close enough that he caught her as she fell. He hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her into his office. Sookie followed as soon as she realized no one had noticed the scene, so she wouldn’t have to stay behind to make excuses.

"Sookie, that brother of yours… is he never gonna grow up?" Sam asked.

"Nah, not until someone forces him too," Sookie replied, "and it’s a shame. Bill and I were hopin’ that he was finally going to settle down with Tara. She’s a calmin’ influence on him. Guess that’s not going to happen now."

With a light tap on the door, Arlene and the new waitress poked their heads in. "Sam, crowd’s getting restless. Need Sookie back on the floor, can’t get the food delivered without her."

Sam figured that it would probably be best to go out himself, and have the new girl sit with Tara. She’d been having a tough time getting’ used to the pace of action at lunch, and could use a few minutes off her feet.

"Ann, ya mind sittin’ with her for a few? She should wake up soon."

The slight blonde just smiled and popped her gum in response.

A few minutes after Sam, Arlene, and Sookie had left, Tara woke up. She was a bit confused, but it quickly came back to her. "That cheatin’, lyin’, scumbag!" she started muttering before she realized that Ann was in the room. "Oh, I’m so sorry, I do forget my manners. I shouldn’t be badmouthin’ that sorry excuse for a human bein’ in your presence. Do forgive."

"Oh, it’s ok. Perfectly fine. I’ve known a few… nice... men like that myself."

Both girls grinned at each other.

"Come on hun, tell me all ‘bout him. Make you feel better to talk it out."

. . . . . . . . . .

‘Gods, would this girl never shut up?’ Anya thought to herself as she kept nodding at the appropriate places and making appropriately outraged comments like "I never!", "I do declare!", and "Men!"

Just as Anya was about to give up on ever getting a wish out of the girl, she was suddenly surprised to hear the words "I wish… I wish that I’d never fall for a man like that again!" come out of the girl’s mouth.

Although that was easily done, that wouldn’t be much fun. Better to let her keep going on, see what else she’d say before she got through with this tirade."

"He thinks he’s so perfect, Mr. Popularity. I wish he’d be able to use his sexiness, but never get anything out of it! Fall for a girl who’d string him along and make him watch as she slept around town like he does now!"

‘Now we’re getting somewhere.’ Anya smirked.

"And… and… and… ooohhh, I can’t stand him! He’s got such a wonderful sister, and he don’t ‘preciate her. Constantly talkin’ down ‘bout her man behind her back, and then not sayin’ nothin’ to her face! I wish he’d be more like Bill, only not Bill, ‘cause Bill’s too good for him."

Anya could tell that Tara’s attention was starting to wander. Better to go ahead and grant the wishes now.

She gathered her powers and started manipulating everyone's pasts and destinies. First off, what to do with Jason? The wish said "like Bill", so Anya figured anything supernatural would pass. Perhaps a werewolf, a sleazy werewolf, a werewolf stripper... brilliant! If only she could guarantee that Tara would never meet a werewolf stripper. Oh well, an alternate dimension would solved that clause. Oh! And if she just made Tara bat for the other team, that would prevent any weird doppelganger clauses. Anya congratulated herself on her perfect solutions. She transported away, and all that remained of the temporary waitress known as "Ann" was a tacky outfit and a whispered ‘Wish granted’ that seemed to echo for a few minutes.

The End

You have reached the end of "What More Could a Girl Wish For?". This story is complete.

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