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He Who Laughs Last

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Summary: When Jonathan shows up at Hogwarts to inform his stepfather of the First, some prefects get an all expenses paid trip to the Hellmouth! Lucky them… (AU after Potential)

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Harry Potter > Jonathan-CenteredLeeveeFR1521,7340152,90813 Feb 037 Dec 03No



///"I was stabbed and used as a sacrifice to raise a Turok-Han. No big."
None of the teachers seemed to agree with this. From her gasp, Ginny figured Hermione didn’t either.
"A Turok-Han?" Snape asked, his face undecipherable.
Jonathan waved his hand. "Oh, it’s dead now. Very much with the deadness." His face grew serious. "No, we have a _much_ bigger problem." He stopped there.
After a few moments, Snape asked, "Well? What is it?" impatiently.
Jonathan took a deep breath. "The First is back, and in power. It’s planning on killing off the Slayers-in-waiting, and then the Slayers themselves."
"Therefore ending the Slayer line." Dumbledore said grimly. "I see. Prefects, stay after the meal. I have something to discuss with you." ///

Title: He Who Laughs Last
Author: Leevee of Team Socket
Rating: PG — PG13
Pairings: Jonathan/????, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Draco/Ginny, and others TBD.
Archive: If you want it, take it. I'm quite flattered. Just drop me a line and tell me where it's going.
Disclaimer: Don't own it, duh.
Spoilers: Seasons 1 through Potential for Buffy. Seasons 1 through Spin the Bottle for Ats. Books 1-4 in HP. AU after all those points, so don't expect Sunnyhell to be destroyed, Angel to be running W&H, and anything from the Department of Mysteries to have happened. Actually, let's do this. AU after Potential for Buffy, with Angel and HPverse to be the same. Except for the fact that Fred, George, and Lee weren't 7th years in OotP. Okay then. On with the show.

Summary: When Jonathan shows up at Hogwarts to inform his stepfather of the First, some prefects get an all expenses paid trip to the Hellmouth! Lucky them…
Feedback: It's wonderful. I thrive on it. I die without it.

The Great Hall slowly emptied of all but the twenty-four Prefects and the Head Boy and Girl.

And, of course, Harry Potter. Because no great conference about fighting evil could be complete without the Boy-Who-Lived.

Dumbledore gave the students a chance to whisper their hearts out, while Professor Snape glared at the lot of them. Well, alright, while Professor Snape glared at the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. The Ravenclaws were being very discreet with their whispering, and he wouldn't glare at the Slytherins, of course.

The Headmaster cleared his throught loudly, instantly stopping the many conversations that had been taking place amongst the crowd. "I have asked you all to be here-" And there was the amazing thing, everyone who was supposed to be there, actually was. "-because a great evil is rising. One larger than Voldemort-" a pause for the usual winces and shudders "-ever was, or will be. The original evil has risen. And I would like some volunteers to go and help fight it." He was aiming for at least eight, knowing that a good half would be Gryffindors. "All of you who aren't interested may leave now," he said kindly.

All of the Ravenclaws left, and Albus reflected for a moment that maybe he should've had the Boot boy be Prefect. He had almost the same scores as Anthony Goldstein, but was much more gung-ho about things than rest of his housemates generally were. A couple of the Slytherins left, and the Head Boy and Girl. Katie Bell and Mark Applebee gave their housemates apolegetic smiles as they too left. All of the Hufflepuffs were still standing there, glaring resolutely. Five Gryffindors, the four he had expected and Colin Creevey, one Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, a completely unexpected volunteer, and six Hufflepuffs.They seemed to notice the fact that all of them were still there, and that this would be a bad idea, so they had a quick arguement, and Zacharias Smith and Susan Bones looked up at the Headmaster expectantly as their housemates (and a reluctant Colin) filed out the door.

Excellent. Although Misters Smith and Malfoy might pose a slight problem to group unity, he trusted them to be able to work it out.

"Now, the eight of you will be going to the Hellmouth." He paused to let this sink in, although only Hermione and Malfoy seemed to know what the Hellmouth was, the name istelf made a pretty good impression on the rest. "Hellmouth" isn't exactly an everyday word for most. And if it is for you, then I worry about you. "Your guide will be Mr. Levinson here," he gestured at the boy who was digging into some food left on the Hufflepuff table. "You will come into contact with the Slayer-" finally, a name most recognized "-and I expect you to help her and her group out fighting the First Evil. Any other questions should be directed towards Mr. Levinson. Be prepared to leave tonight."

With this unofficial dismissal, he sent them on their way, whispering. Well, the Gryffindors were. Mister Malfoy was frowning, entertaining his own thoughts, and the two Hufflepuffs were continuing the game of cards they had been playing during lunch, before Jonathan had barged in.

Cathy -- Here you go!
Chelle -- This is!
Lissa -- It took a while, but here it is!
MarcusRowland -- Sure, okay, let's go with that, shall we? ^_^
DJCR -- Weeellll, it wasn't exactly _soon_, but it'll do!
Emmy -- Thanks!
Jack Schafer -- Don't worry, he is "just" immortal. No extra powers, he's just like a cockroach! You just can't kill 'im!
mugglebornwitch2 -- Thanks! I added some of the pairings up top, but none of the Sunny D crew yet.

A/N: Sorry it took so long, everyone, I just caught up in other stuff! *cries* I'M SO SOORRRRRRRRRY!
In any case, I hope to do a bit more ficcing now, instead of just RPing, like I've been for the last who-knows-how long.

The End?

You have reached the end of "He Who Laughs Last" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Dec 03.

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