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Summary: I'm putting this back on the site because I may have uploaded it at the wrong time - sorry! Warning - v.mild slash.

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Harry Potter > Connor-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterZiraFR1321,131013,12112 Aug 0412 Aug 04Yes

Chapter the Second

To cut a really long story short, I ran into my real dad, and eventually the whole truth came out. I decided to stay with him, and pretty soon my dad’s ex-girlfriend’s team of evil fighters, the Scoobies, swamped the hotel we lived in. Apparently she, Buffy, is a Slayer, as in, ‘one girl in every generation, born to fight the vampires, demons and forces of darkness’. Personally I think it’s just an attention-seeking ploy. Anyway, they had been facing down the First Evil in Sunnydale, and had consequently destroyed the entire town. With nowhere else to go, they headed for LA and us. Privately Gunn and I think that they just couldn’t be bothered to pay rent.
I know there’s only supposed to be one girl in every generation, but someone along the line mucked up, and now every girl with the potential to be a Slayer is. I tend to stay away from them. Something about being the miracle child of two vampires makes the Slayers itchy. The only two I have any contact with are Faith, who helped us before the multi-million Slayer thing, and Buffy, who seems to be taking a more casual attitude now that she hasn’t got all that pressure on her.
Buffy’s sister, Dawn, is a completely different story. She doesn’t have the Slayer power, but she isn’t even human. Instead she’s this mystical key that can unlock dimensions, which comes in really useful when we’re sneaking in after curfew. A portal can be opened up from the front yard of the hotel into our bedrooms, so we don’t get caught so easily. We make a pretty good practical joke team actually, moreso now that Spike’s back from the dead. He’s my dad’s grandchilde, which make him my nephew, I suppose, and he’s also Dawn’s adopted older brother (on her insistence). Even my family’s abnormal!
Anyway, we were asked to go to England to help defeat this cranky old wizard called Moldywart or something. And there I met him. He’s abnormal, a bit like me, and his mother died to protect him, like mine did. He also had a huge, extended family, mainly made up of friends and friends of his, now deceased, parents, a bit like me. He’s also the sweetest guy I’ve ever met, and I know Dawn says I sound like a pre-teenaged girl when I talk about him, but I don’t care.
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my abnormal life, it’s to take every chance you’re offered, and Harry is most definitely a chance that I intend on grabbing with both hands, and possibly a net. I know we probably won’t survive to be old and wrinkly, considering the lives full of danger that we both lead, but now is enough for us.
He came back to LA with one of his ‘friends’ and us. Draco Malfoy’s not really Harry’s friend, but he’s related to Spike – through some bizarre and complicated chain – and he fought with us against that Moldy-guy. Dad therefore thinks that makes him all right, especially as whatever Spike, as Dad’s remaining vampire childe, wants, Spike seems to get nowadays.
I have to go now, as Harry’s calling me. We’re off to hunt down an Iaculari demon, but it was…nice talking to you. Strange to be hashing up my entire life – the edited version, to be sure – but since when have I been anything but strange? Normal is overrated. Abnormal is much more fun.

The End

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