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Summary: I'm putting this back on the site because I may have uploaded it at the wrong time - sorry! Warning - v.mild slash.

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Harry Potter > Connor-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterZiraFR1321,131013,12412 Aug 0412 Aug 04Yes


Not mine. Connor et al belong to Joss Whedon, Harry et al belong to JK Rowling. All I own is my slightly changed version of Connor's life, mainly from what I've gleaned in other fanfictions. Please bear in mind that we only get Angel on Sky and Channel 5 here in Kent, England, and I don't have either. We're lucky enough to have BtVS in my house! Read, enjoy, and please feedback, even if it's to point out the (MANY) mistakes I've probably made.

I’m abnormal. Hells, most everyone I live with, and even know, could be considered abnormal by a poll. But as the human son of two vampires, born because of a prophecy, I think I have most people beat hands-down. It’s cool, sometimes, what with the superspeed, the advanced hearing and smell that all mean I can keep up with my dad. He’s the original souled vampire, and now the CEO of a law firm called Wolfram and Hart. Mom was his sire, and was killed by the Slayer in Sunnydale a couple of years back, but then she was resurrected by the law firm – before Dad joined them – who were then evil, as a human dying of syphilis or something.

She didn’t want to die – who does? – And she kept trying to get herself vamped by random people. Dad tried to save her, but just as she decided to stay a human, the evil lawyers kidnapped her and forced her to be turned by Dru, one of Dad’s childer. Thing is, that makes Mom my grandmother, my mom and my niece, and that’s just plain creepy.

Anyway, she killed herself when she was pregnant with me to save me, and then I was kidnapped a little while later by this guy called Holtz. He got chased into a demon dimension, still with me, called Quortoth. I don’t remember any of this, obviously, but it’s basically what people have told me. I was raised as his son, taught how to fight demons, plan battle strategies – which actually mostly involved sacrificing most of my allies now I come to think about it.

We came back to this dimension when I was about sixteen, and then he staged his own death, making it look like Angelus had done it. Of course, I had to go and exact revenge on my own father. Tried to kill him a couple of times, and would have succeeded at least once – I locked him in a huge box and chucked him in the ocean. When he came back, he forgave me, just like that. Which, of course, made me feel really guilty, and then I went out and killed a load of demons.

Anyway, after a whole load of stuff, I went kinda crazy. Started taking hostages and demanding that they be nicer to their families. Dad cut a deal with this evil law firm. Basically, they insert me into a ‘normal’ life, one without any memories of demons or vampires, and they cede the city of LA, including their branch of Wolfram and Hart, and he runs it as CEO. So I was put with this completely human family. Unfortunately that plan kinda blew up – metaphorically – as I still had all my super strength and advanced senses.
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