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Summary: Amy goes for a walk (femslash)

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Star Trek > EnterpriseElectroniszappaFR151221011,24415 Aug 0415 Aug 04Yes
Title: Sausalito (1/1)

Author: Electronis Zappa


Rating: 13

Pairing: Amy/T'Pol (Enterprise)

Spoilers: Enterprise 117 - Fusion

Feedback: But of course.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to people who are not me

Archive: My site Anyone else, just let me know where it's going

Summary: Amy goes for a walk

Note: For Twisting the Hellmouth's 20 minutes with Amy challenge


It was a dark California night, no different than any other. Amy Madison
strolled through the streets of Sausalito. It amazed her, no matter how far she
went after she left Sunnydale, she was always drawn to the bay area. She was
there for the Bell Riots. The sanctuary districts always were an easy hunting
ground. Though with all the active slayers, she had to be careful to not draw
their attention. When World War Three came, she would follow the battles,
actually spending a lot of time in the Eastern Coalition. But after the fighting
stopped, she again returned to the bay. San Francisco and the surrounding area
somehow miraculously escaped the war nearly unscathed. When the Vulcans landed,
she had been in Berkeley, admiring the co-eds. Now, eighty years later, she
found herself mere blocks away from the Vulcan compound. She was walking near a
jazz club, and she couldn’t believe what she saw. There was a pretty Vulcan
exiting the club, trying her best not to be seen. Amy saw her though, and made
her move. The Vulcan blood was different, was green, but it was still blood. She
knew when the Vulcan rose, she would enjoy the reign of terror that would ensue.

The End

You have reached the end of "Sausalito". This story is complete.

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