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parallel worlds, same cause

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Summary: the HP gang get a blast from a different type of witch

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredoddharpyFR1531,881034,53415 Aug 0415 Aug 04No

parallel worlds, same cause

Disclaimer: Absolutely none of the characters below belong to me and thay all belong to their respectable owners.

This was it…

He was intensely aware of every sound he was making…

Very slowly he edged forward…

He peered through the bushes, where the death eaters were camping the night…

There was only one on guard. Good…

He leapt from the bushes and was about to let out a stream of hexes when a crackle of light and a large force of energy knocked him off his feet. He jumped up! His first thought being he was attacked. He looked around. The Death eaters had already fled but there was a large ball of white crackling energy in the middle of the camp, over the extinguished fire.

He backed away slowly. It may be a trap of the Dark Lord, but you could never tell. The ball of energy shrank leaving a feminine figure in a curled up position lying in the currently smouldering campfire. He started to edge forward, towards this lifeless body when she stood up. She was wearing little more than black rags and her hair was dark black. Her eyes glowed black and she was, in all totalness, black. Except her skin, it was a very pale white, almost like virgin snow. Her knees buckled and Harry ran forward to catch her.


She woke up.

She was in a low bed in a small wooden room. Her clothes were folded neatly at the end of the bed and on the bedside table there was a glass with a pitcher full of water.

She looked under the covers. She was wearing a pale, lilac, open-backed dress. The kind you see in hospitals. She sat up and instantly lay back down again. She had the most god-awful headache.

She sat up again and had a long drink from the pitcher of water, forgetting the glass. The water tasted odd. There was a mild aftertaste to it. Her headache faded. She quickly put on her clothes, noticing that all of the cuts over her body had been healed and all that was left were small bumps under her skin which followed the length of her former wounds.

She picked up her clothes… well… what was left of them and hurriedly put them on.

She took another sip of the odd tasting water and headed towards the door, shielding herself with an invisible charm.

She opened the door slowly to hear a crash and a loud laugh. There was one ginger haired man on the floor and a black haired man with glasses laughing.

“Bloody hell, you frightened the shit out of me!” shouted the ginger haired man

“Oh, leave her alone” said the black haired man to the other one. “Hello, my names Harry” he said to the Lady at the door, “Hermione said you’d come round soon”

“Where am I?” she asked quietly

“The Burrow” replied Harry. “Ron, introduce your self and get off the floor”

The ginger haired man, who had to be Ron stood up and stumped his toe on the chair when he went to pick it up.

“OW!… hi, I’m Ron and this is the burrow, me and Hermione live here. She’s the one who dressed your wounds.”

“What, did this to me…!?”

“You were worse for wear when Harry found you!”

“Come on, sit down,” Harry said soothingly, “Hermione will be here to check you over soon, she’s a mediwitch you know”

“A what?”

“A mediwitch, she heals people with magic”

“Oh, wow… she can heal people… how well?”

“Near enough bring people from the dead” said Ron

“Oh My God!” she said, “Giles only told me how to heal minor cuts ‘n stuff”

“Who’s Giles?” Harry asked

“A friend” she replied evasively

“Hmmm. We both have a lot of explaining to do” said Harry

“Yes, we do”


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