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Into the unknown

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Summary: Draco and Ginny start feeling something for eachother- and it's not hate (sex and stuff in this one)

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Theme: RomanceoddharpyFR1844,775062,01215 Aug 0417 Aug 04No

The Zabini/Granger date


Draco breathed deeply. He walked up to Zabini. He took a deep breath, and stepped forward.

“Zabini. I have a proposition for you”
“What Malfoy?” He turned around.
“How would you like to go on a blind date?”
“A what?” Zabini questioned
“You know a blind date. You both meet up in a room wearing blindfolds and neither of you can take them off during the date, so you decide whether to meet up again without the blindfolds, based on personality” Draco explained quickly, hoping Blaise didn’t understand the idea behind it. He was well known for picking girls on their looks and not their persona.
“I don’t know what the fuck you just said… but it sounds fun” Blaise replied, “I’ll do it” he continued
“Good, meet me at the entrance of the common room at midnight, we’ll go from there”
“Wait a sec. Why are we doing this at night?”
“Would you want to be walked through the school wearing a blindfold in the middle of the day?”
Blaise harrumphed, but agreed anyway.


12.15- 7th floor

Ginny had told him to wait there. He didn’t know why.

“Can I take this blindfold off?” Zabini complained
“Shhh. Stop complaining or I’ll hex it onto your face” Draco hissed
“Ok… but they’d better hurry up or I’m going”

Draco quietly muttered the hex anyway, just in case. Zabini was to busy grumbling to feel the mask tighten slightly.

Draco was just about to doze off when Zabini cries woke him up.

“Get this bloody thing of me!” he screeched, yanking at the mask
“Bloody hell Blaise! Shut up! You’ll wake up the entire castle”
“You bastard! You’ve stuck it on! Get it off!” He screamed, pulling harder still
“O Christ! SILENCIO!” Draco hissed through clenched teeth. “Now stop running around or I’ll hex you into oblivion”

Zabini stopped and felt his way to the wall. He slid down and waited. Ginny and Hermione were late. They were due to be in this ‘secret room’ at 12.30. It was already 12.45. Draco turned to Zabini and said

“I don’t think they’re coming, come on, let’s go”
“Good. I’m tired”

Draco stood up and suddenly felt the familiar pat on his shoulder. He turned and Ginny and Hermione both appeared. Hermione wasn’t wearing a blindfold.

“Why isn’t she wearing a blindfold” Draco hissed, so Blaise wouldn’t hear.
“She knows who it is and she wants a good shot at this blind date thing, so we decided not to have her blindfolded”

Draco admitted they had a point, so he let it rest. Ginny started pacing backwards and forwards, muttering something under her breath. An arch with large wooden door in it appeared in the stone brick wall. Ginny pushed it open, followed by Hermione. Inside there was a large ruby heart-shaped bed with fluffy pillows and a velvet cover. There were petals all over it and the floor, and the large furry rug. On one wall there was another small door.

“Come on” Draco said quietly, pulling Blaise into the room.

He pulled him towards Hermione, who was taking several fruit and vegetables from her pockets. Ginny gestured to Draco to follow her through the door in the side of the room.

“What’s with all the fruit ‘n stuff?” asked Draco to Ginny once the door was closed again behind them. They were in a small room with a fire and a low wooden table with various games on it. Just perfect to keep a few people amused for a couple of hours.
“She’s been practising.” Ginny answered simply.

Draco suppressed a shudder and reached for a 5 foot chessboard.
“Up for a game?”


Hermione approached Blaise and pulled him towards the bed. She took out her wand and whipped it quickly through the air. Leather ties whipped out of the 4 bedposts and strapped him tight to the bed. She lay him down and whispered softly in his ear

“Relax… and enjoy”

Blaise could hardly complain, and he probably wouldn’t move, even if he could. She slowly pulled open his robe and unbuttoned his shirt. She slid down his toned body and yanked down his trousers and boxer shorts in one quick movement. She slowly ran her finger down the length of his semi-erect penis. He gasped in pleasure. She bit her lip. This was going to be hard, but she had been practising all day until her lips were raw. She slowly moved towards his cock and licked the head, with just the tip of her tongue. He gasped some more and arched his back. She slowly massaged his balls with her mouth, before moving up to the actual thing. She slowly enclosed her mouth around it and slid it into her mouth. Zabini gasped and arched his back again. His breathing increased in rate and size.
She slid it up and down in her mouth, licking it at the same time as sucking, just like she had practised on the various fruit. She found it was very helpful to be a woman and was quite skilled at multi-tasking. She slid up and down when Blaise made a throaty sound before relaxing completely, she felt warm cum in her mouth. She had always wondered what it tasted like, although she had heard it was salty. “You only live once” came her mother’s annoying lecture into her head. Well she thought, no better time to put that into practise, before she eagerly swallowed the contents in her mouth.


Ginny and Draco had been in the room almost an hour now, and they were getting bored quickly.

“Right, they’ve had long enough, I’m knocking on the door” Ginny suddenly announced, startling Draco.
She knocked on the door apprehensively.

“Come in, we’re finished” came the sweet reply of Hermione innocently.

Ginny creaked open the door to find Hermione reading on the rug, and Zabini asleep in the bed with a satisfied look on his face.

“Will you two be meeting up again?” Ginny asked
Hermione took a look at Blaise.
“Oh, yes. We will”

Draco dreaded to think what had taken place in the room a few minutes ago


End part

The End?

You have reached the end of "Into the unknown" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Aug 04.

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