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Into the unknown

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Summary: Draco and Ginny start feeling something for eachother- and it's not hate (sex and stuff in this one)

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Theme: RomanceoddharpyFR1844,775062,01215 Aug 0417 Aug 04No

Into the unknown

Disclaimer:absolutely none of the characters below belong to me and they all belong to their respectable owners. This one being a fabulous J.K. Rowling

Malfoy didn’t like it.

The way they kept looking at him in the library. Pansy Parkinson and her group on the table to his right. She had been annoying him for sometime now. She kept commenting on how they were going out ever since the Yule ball, but once Malfoy made it clear that they were NOT going out she said it just to annoy him. He only went with her because he had no-one else to ask and he didn’t want to be alone. It would give the Weasel boy something to snicker at if he did go by himself. Not like HE had made a good choice anyway.

“they’ll stop if u stop” Zabini casually pointed out

“Oh, do be quiet” Malfoy snapped back

“I’m just pointing out the truth”

“I know that, but still. Be quiet!”

There was one person that Malfoy would like to looked at by. She was hard to get because of her siblings though. A girl by the name of Ginny Weasley. Draco drifted off into fantasies of Ginny. Zabini was quite used to this by now and he kept insisting that he should ask her out. He even offered to do it for him.

A loud eruption of giggling came from the table to their right, shaking all trains of thought from Malfoy’s head.

“GIRLS, DO BE QUIET” came the stern voice of Madam Pince.


Weasley didn’t like it.

The way he kept looking at her in the Great hall and offering to sit next to her and help with homework and such like. She only went with Neville to the Yule Ball because she couldn’t have gone otherwise. She just didn’t have the heart to tell him she didn’t like him, although she had desperately been trying to hint at him ever since.

“you should just come out and tell him” whispered Hermione

“no! that would break his heart” Ginny whispered back

“do you want me to do it!?” whispered Fred hopefully

“NO! if u dare…”

There was only one person Ginny wanted to be looked at by. A rebel. His name was Draco Malfoy but he was hard to get because of his cronies. She drifted into fantasies about him.

“Stop daydreaming again,” George interrupted


She was late for Potions. She had to push her way through the crowd and had only barely missed the stairs before they started to move. She could wait for a new set of steps which would arrive in a couple of minutes, or run around the entrance hall and hope she could run fast enough to beat Snape to the class, but it was rare he was ever late. She chose the second option and ran as fast as she could though the crowds.


He was late for Transfiguration. He had to push his way through the crowd and had only barely missed the stairs before they started to move. He could wait for a new set of steps which would arrive in a couple of minutes, or run around the entrance hall and hope he could run fast enough to beat McGonagall to the class, but it was rare she was ever late. He chose the second option and ran as fast as she could though the crowds.


She was just rounding a corner when she bashed into what felt like a stray bludger. She collapsed and started to pick up her books when she realised she had ran into, none other than, Draco Malfoy. She was surprised. The long, baggy robes he wore hid a hard, firm interior, with bigger muscles than she first imagined which she had unintentionally felt when they collided.


He was just rounding a corner when he bashed into what felt like a stray bludger. He collapsed and started to pick up his books when he realised he

had ran into, none other than, Ginny Weasley. He was surprised. The old tatty robes she wore hid a smooth, firm interior, with bigger breasts than he first imagined which he had unintentionally felt when they collided.

As soon as they realised who they had run into, there was an instant tension in the air.



Draco finished picking up his books first as transfiguration didn’t require

many. It was mainly a practical session. He naturally bent down and picked up one of her books for her. He looked over the worn, used cover and handed it towards her. She finished picking up the rest of her books and snatched it from him, giving him an astonished look. She ran past him quickly and headed towards the dungeons.


“why are you late?” Snape said quietly, as Ginny ran into the classroom looking flustered.

“I missed the staircase and I dropped my books,” Ginny started.

“I couldn’t care less. Detention” Snape said quietly, “now sit down and start taking notes on the production of truth potions and pay particular attention of the restrictions set on how much to make.


“why are you so late?” enquired McGonagall.

“I ran into some-one on the way here” he replied

“Well, be that as it may you were late, so I am going to give you detention. Now, sit down and start taking notes on the technique used to turn gargoyles into birds and pay particular attention on the motion of the wand.”


It was 8.00.

Draco was waiting in the Entrance when Ginny came running in.

“Oh, bloody everlasting hell” Ginny muttered.

Draco smirked. He was starting to like her more and more, with that fiery red hair and those cherubic lips. Her perfectly formed nose and her rich brown eyes.

Ginny turned away. She was starting to like him more and more, with that thick blond hair and his strong jaw. His prominent cheekbones and his cool blue eyes.

Hagrid trudged in, holding his crossbow.

“Ginny, you as well! I knew I ‘ad this ferret over ‘ere, but what you done?” Hagrid exclaimed.

“I was late for potions” she replied

“’N what are you ‘ere for?” he said, nodding his head towards Malfoy

“I was late for Transfiguration”

“were you now… well, follow me. We need to track down some loose ghouls that have been savaging the school’s crop fields.”

“The school has crop fields!?” Ginny said

“Yea, ‘round the back. You can tell where they been, ‘coz they leave giant circles and lines in weird formations. Those muggles all think that some weir’ creature has been makin’ them in their fields, when it’s just a common, ol’ ghoul. The ministry can keep it all under control now, but if the muggles get a picture of them, it rises into an epidemic, believe it or not” Hagrid explained.

“so, tonight we have to wade our way through knee-high mud, for the sake of some bloody corn!?” exclaimed Malfoy

“yea’, ‘n watch your mouth around professors!”

They arrived at the field and Draco was right. The mud was knee deep, and even went up to their waists at points

“perfec’ conditions for fresh veg,” said Hagrid. “it’s probably best if u leave your robes over the fence”

Draco instantly took off his robe and tie, leaving him in trousers and shirt. Ginny also took off her robe and tie, but was less fortunate, she was wearing a skirt!

“Righ’, you 2 head off in that direction, ‘n ill go this way. Remember, stick to the circle path” Hagrid said, and instantly started the other way. “Oh, ‘n no messin’ ‘round”

He entered one side of the geometric pattern leaving Ginny and Malfoy alone.

“well, we might as well get on with it” said Malfoy


Halfway through the circle, they met up with Hagrid again

“looks like he’s not ‘ere tonight. But carry on, just in case”

Both Ginny and Malfoy moaned.

“Oy, no moaning. You shouldn’ t been given detention in the first place!”

Ginny harrumphed loudly.

“Oh, befor’ I forget. The mud back ther’ gets pretty high, you will have to link hands!” Hagrid said, indicating back behind him.

Ginny and Malfoy gave each other a look that said “I’m not touching you”.

Hagrid started walking past them before they could protest, leaving them alone again.

About halfway through the new bit they had to trudge through, there was a sudden drop which Draco slipped down. He was up to his chest in mud. Ginny burst out laughing, when Draco grabbed her hand and yanked her in. She stopped laughing abruptly when Draco drew her in quickly for a kiss. He just couldn’t help himself any longer, she was driving him crazy with passion. He pulled her body in, close to his and cupped her face in one hand. It all happened so quickly that Ginny didn’t know what to do, except fight back, until she felt his lips. She immediately stopped fighting and gasped. He took that as enough invitation to put his tongue into her mouth. She just stood there in shock as he pulled away, tugging slightly on her bottom lip. She just looked at him in wonder.

Ginny Weasley had just received the best kiss of her life. It was perfect. It was what she had been waiting for for the past six years of her life.

Without a word they both carried on through the mud. It started sloping back up to about waist height after about 10 feet. When they were back to a reasonable depth they both kept stealing glances at each other. The mud made their clothes stick to their bodies, showing every curve and contour for both to see.

As they made their way out of the mud they saw Hagrid again.

"Come on" he said gruffly and started leading them back to the castle


End Part
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