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Loony Loopy Relations

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Summary: Luna becomes involved in a muggle appreciation project and ends up researching family trees. While reserching her own she comes across a witch who was forced to deny her powers, a witch who was later driven insane and turned by the legendary Angelus...

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsWillowFireheartFR1537,497043,03516 Aug 0431 Oct 04No

Loony Loopy Relations

Loony Loopy Relations

Spoilers- HP: Up to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
BTVS: Up to Grave S6, and there may be some stuff from S2 and S3 Angel.
Disclaimer- Here just read the sign. /Holds up sign/ I am not J.K. Rowling nor am I Joss Wheden. I own none of these characters. I don’t even own the plot; it’s a challenge by Gidgetgirl and can be found at Chocolate Covered Strawberries Archive.
At Hogwarts Luna starts doing research on the history of magic for one of her classes and decides to do a project that involves somehow researching her own and other people’s family trees and showing how muggle ancestors can lead to great wizards. In her own past, Luna finds a witch whose family tried to force her to deny her powers: Drusilla.  When Luna learns that Drusilla is a vampire, who is still alive, she’s intrigued. Somehow or other either Luna goes to find Dru or Dru comes to find Luna.
On HP character related to another BTVS or Angel character, but no common relations.
Bonus if it works in Anya, Tara, Doyle, Giles, Jenny, Xanderr Oz.

Note- I couldn’t find a description of Hannah or Susan so I made one up. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: History of Magic

Luna Lovegood was an oddity at Hogwarts. Everyone knew it; the blonde 6th year had often been the topic of conversation in her house, Ravenclaw. They had often speculated on her sorting, they could never really understand why the hat had thought she was prime Ravenclaw material. Ravenclaws were meant to sharp, clever, intelligent and logical, abilities they could never see Luna possessing.

This, however, was not the reason Luna was considered to be an oddity today. She sat in her fifth period class, History of magic. She was the only one in her class to actually be paying attention; the professor was able to bore even the most studious Ravenclaw. Luna was not, however, paying attention to what Professor Binns was saying; she was watching him very closely. After reading an article that her father’s friend wrote she had become convinced that Professor Binns was the host of an especially nasty type of parasite, nasty that was if you were a ghost.

The Yuerch parasite attached themselves to a host and then proceeded to feed off the ghost’s ectoplasmic energy. This caused the ghost’s form to waver and for some strange reason, it caused the ghost to become very itchy, very strange considering ghosts had no solid flesh to scratch. She was watching Binns very closely, if he was in fact infected, as she feared it wouldn’t be but a few months before he infected the rest of Hogswarts ghosts and she didn’t want that to happen. Especially not to Sir Nicholas, though he was the resident ghost for Gryffindor she had formed a friendship with him after being mocked by Ravenclaw’s ghost for her beliefs.

Luna watched Binns wave his hands as he droned about the failed movement for giant rights as opposed to the success of the battle for vampire rights. She played with her recently trimmed hair, nearly dislodging her wand from behind her left ear. Ginny Weasley had talked her into getting her previously beyond waist length hair trimmed so that it now hung just below her elbows and as she had promised it had become healthy looking and fuller, no longer the straggly mess it once was.

Luna thought about Ginny as Binns moved onto the arguments for and against muggle rights. Luna placed her chin in her propped up hand as she thought. Ginny had been Luna’s friend ever since 4th year and they had both insisted on accompanying Harry Potter and his friends on their mission to the Ministry of Magic Headquarters. Ginny was delighted to find out Luna lived near the Burrow and had insisted on having her over during the holidays, evening up the score she had joked to her mother and Hermione one night.

Had Binns just attempted scratched his arm? Luna peered closely at him, her ears perking as he started to stammer and move awkwardly. Perhaps this was an as yet undiscovered symptom of infection by the Yuerch parasite?

“And so… in order to promote awareness of how muggles… have a positive affect the wizarding world, Professor Dumbledore has proposed that a group of students … research and… present their findings to the school.” Binns’ face was twisted as he delivered the announcement, his distaste of the project showing clearly. “And so I need some volunteers from the class to join a group of other selected students in their research.”

Someone from the back snored, the loud grating sound causing some of the girls to giggle. Most of the class stared out the window, watching the leaves as they changed slowly from green to gold. Unsurprisingly, no one raised their hand; many having not heard the announcement, others discarding the idea, thinking it would cut into their study time.

Luna blinked rapidly; she liked muggles. They were just like witches and wizards, only without magic. Luna raised her hand, startling Professor Binns and the rest of the class, who watched her with wide-eyes. “I’ll volunteer.”

Binns cleared his throat as her fellow Ravenclaws snickered. “Very well miss Lovegood. The rest of the volunteer students are meeting in the library after dinner tonight, you can divide up your assignments then.”

"What are you going to research, Loony? How muggles have made a significant contribution towards the search for Bigfoot?” The harsh whisper came from behind her, drawing cruel giggles from the class.

Luna just smiled. “Perhaps, or maybe I might investigate how muggle hygiene methods have assisted with the expansion of the breeding grounds of the Crumpled- Horned Snorkack. It’s utterly fascinating.”


Luna smiled dreamily as she wandered into the library. She gave a little wave to Madam Pince, who smiled back; she had always like that Luna girl, she was a little odd but she returned her books on time and in an impeccable condition and she always followed the library regulations.

Luna sat at one of the tables and pulled out her latest edition of The Quibbler. She had decided to study up on the symptoms of Yuerch parasite; she still wasn’t convinced that Professor Binns was uninfected.

"Hello, Luna. What are you doing here?” Ginny Weasley sat across from her.

Luna blinked her wide expressive eyes. “I volunteered for the muggle project."

Ginny grinned. “Me too. Hey, we could work together. We’re meant to pair up anyway. I asked Professor Dumbledore when I passed him in the hall, he gave me the list of topics that we’re going to be researching.”

Ginny fished a piece of paper out of her pocket and handed it over to Luna. She looked over it, disappointment settling in her stomach as she failed to see any mention of the Crumple-Horned Snorkack.

"I was thinking we should choose now, if we wait for the others then we might get something boring.” Ginny leaned over to look at the choices.

"No, we wouldn’t want that would we?” Draco Malfoy’s cool tone broke in. “If you’re going to study muggles you’re going to be bored enough anyway.” Disdain dripped off his words as he scowled.

Ginny stiffened and turned to glare at him. “What are you doing here, Malfoy? Get bored of kicking puppies?”

Draco smirked. “Not if you’re volunteering, Weasel girl.” He pulled out a chair and slumped into it, his smirk turning back into a scowl. “I got volunteered.”

Ginny laughed. “What?”

Draco crossed his arms across his chest. “Professor Snape volunteered me for this stupid project.”

Ginny placed a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles as Madam Pince glared at them. “Oh talk about irony. That’s classic!”

Draco glared at her. “I’m glad you think so.”

"Get away from my sister, ferret.” Ron’s bellow echoed throughout the library. Hermione hushed him as she trailed after him, throwing an apologetic look Madam Pince’s way.

Ron leaned over the table towards him; Draco adopted a bored expression and started to examine his nails.

"You stay away from my sister, you ferrety git.” Ron gritted out, his teeth clenched tightly.

Draco smirked at him. “Going to hard when we’re all stuck in the library every night for the next couple of weeks.”

Hermione stared at him, her mouth open. “You’re involved in the muggle appreciation project!”

Draco glared at her. “Yes, I am. Now can we get this over with, I have better things to do.”

Hermione, Harry, Neville, Ron, Hannah Abbot and Susan Bones all grabbed chairs and sat around the table. Luna looked at each of them in turn. Hermione, Harry and Ron had all grown since that night at the ministry, Harry and Ron now dwarfing Hermione. Neville had lost most of his puppy fat and was starting build up some muscle; his face, however was grave, it always was these days. He was determined to bring Bellatrix Black Lestrange to justice for his parents; she hadn’t been sighted since that night and so the terrible anger he felt remained bottled up. Hannah Abbot had dirty blonde hair that hung to her shoulders and her blue eyes took everything in. Susan Bones couldn’t be more her opposite, her ebony hair fell in curls down her back and her hazel eyes could bore through a person, revealing their inner most secrets.

"Luna, Luna? You alright in there?” Ginny waved a hand in front of her face.

Luna’s pale eyes fixed on Ginny’s concerned face. She smiled. “Perfect.”

Ginny gnawed on her lip. “Okay. Look we got our topic.”

Ginny held a piece of paper out to her. Luna read the paragraph at the top of the page: Many of the great witches and wizards have muggle ancestors. Researching family trees, show how those with muggle ancestors have an advantage over those without.

Luna looked up at Ginny.

“Should be interesting.”
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