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Houses Drabble Collection

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Summary: A collection of various drabbles in various universes. Added: Four Corners, a set of drabbles in the Encore Une Fois universe.

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Caged Canary


TITLE: Caged Canary

AUTHOR: houses




DISTRIBUTION: Twisting the Hellmouth, Supernatural Blondes

NOTES: Answer to the 200 word Odd Couple drabble challenge at TtH. Something tells me that these two would be a hysterical pair to watch. Call it AU for pre Chamber of Secrets and post Crush on BtVS. To see Esme's fantastic title art for this piece, go here: Caged Canary

DEDICATION: For Lucinda, who always does the most interesting things with the most obscure characters.

~~~Caged Canary~~~

“Wouldn’t you like to be my lovely new birdie?”

A raven haired lady stalked toward him at the far end of the bar dressed in ruby velvet. He turned and looked at her with puzzlement.

“Pardon, madam?”

“We shall sing such wonderful things, you and I.” The woman blinked coquettishly and ran her fingers over his canary yellow robes. “After all, you are so very pretty.”

“Yes I rather am, aren’t I?” He preened and fluffed his hair, turning to admire himself in the mirror over the shelf. His mirror self nodded in approval, flashing pearly whites, and the soon to be professor of the Dark Arts at Hogwarts fairly swooned at his own reflection. Checking to see that his new lady friend was similarly impressed, he was startled to see she had no reflection. He shrieked in surprise.

She smiled, weaving her head back and forth, sniffing at his collar with delight. She pushed him further back into the shadows and the weight of her slender arm pinned him down.

“You will taste sweet my pompous prince, full of delicious lies and tasty half truths.” Her eyes glittered golden in the dim light. “Give your new mummy a kiss.”

~~~The End~~~

Pairing: Lockhart/Drusilla
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