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Friendly Competition

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Summary: What else is there to do on patrol but engage in a bit of flirtatious one-upping? With these two, it’s anyone’s guess who’ll win. (Faith/Sirius) 03-09-07 Pornlet sequel added.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sirius Black(Past Donor)VesicaFR132676173,14116 Aug 049 Mar 07Yes

Friendly Competition

Title: Friendly Competition

Author: Vesica

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em and have no rights to ‘em. Just playing in other people’s sandboxes. I promise to put everything back like I found it.

Summary: What else is there to do on patrol but engage in a bit of flirtatious one-upping? With these two, it’s anyone’s guess who’ll win. (Faith/Sirius)

Author’s Note: Written for the LJ community Buffyverse1000 and their quest to get 1000 drabbles featuring 1000 unique Buffyverse and crossover pairings.

Sirius Black bit back his irritation and walked a little faster. When she had no trouble keeping up, he made his pace even faster. He was regretting ever getting mixed up with this damned Watcher’s Council. What kind of idiots sent little girls out to patrol, he wondered. And he said as much.

“Little girls? We’ll see about that,” she snapped, putting on the Slayer speed and racing ahead.

He found her some ten minutes later, leaning against a tree, not even winded.

“Try Slayer, not little girl,” she said with a smirk. “Better than a cranky old man anyway.”

He winced a little at that but her tone was clearly teasing. She was trying to irritate him and he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction.

“Slayer, huh? Seen that Buffy girl in action. So - you can fight with your fists.” He shrugged, as if this were not at all impressive.

“Oh, and what are you gonna do? Wave your little stick – if they don’t snap it half? Glower at them? What is with this whole ‘I’m so scary’ vibe you got going anyway?”

He started hard at her and was pleased to see how she fought to hold his gaze. “I spent over a decade in Azkaban, the wizard’s prison, for a murder I didn’t commit. The ‘vibe’ is earned.”

She shivered a bit at that. She had heard about Azkaban obviously. Still, she was young. What could she have lived through? “What about your little façade of toughness?”

She smiled oddly at that. “I spent a few years in prison, too.”

He was surprised at that but even more so when she flippantly added, “For a murder I did commit.”

“Oh.” That was unexpected. “Well, I broke out.”

“So did I.”

It seemed they were at a stalemate. Then Sirius had a thought. “I suppose if we ran into trouble, I would just have to do this.”

He grinned and suddenly there was a huge, black dog trotting along beside her. It turned its head toward her and growled softly, showing a mouth full of wicked teeth. The image of a dog blurred and Sirius was walking beside her again.

She looked impressed and thought for bit before responding. “Hmmm, not bad. But I think I prefer werewolves.”

He slowed at that. She knew about werewolves? And why would she prefer them?

“They’re just a little more interesting is all.” She threw a saucy look over her shoulder and he stumbled a little as he heard her final retort. “After all, they turn back minus the clothes. Pity you still have ‘em.”
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