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My Salvation

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Summary: This is a much-changed version of the original My Salvation. Just little things in each chapter that make it different. Still WIP

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: AsherDarkBlackEyesFR181521,5130815,58519 Aug 0419 Aug 04No


Disclaimer: I own NOTHING except the idea for this fic. Laurell K. Hamilton owns all characters from Anita Blake, and Joss Whedon owns all things associated with BtVS.

Timeline: after Killing Dance for AB, but before Burnt Offerings; sort of AU for BtVS. This is after Same Time, Same Place for BtVS, but before anything happens in which the First is mentioned. Spike never became crazy, but he does have his soul.

If anyone wants this story on their site, please e-mail me, and you can use it. As of now it is only on TTH but I'm hoping for it to spread....

There’s blood on my fingers – they’re watching me, I know it. Always watching he’s always there always watching me. Willow ran through the cobblestone streets, her bare feet bloody and torn. Blood on my face, his skin under my fingernails HIS skin he’s still here, nowhere to run can’t hide – nowhere to go – why?

Willow slammed into something, screaming as two large hands grasped her shoulders. In the back of her mind her brain registered that the man was speaking to her – telling her to calm down.

I can’t! he’s coming I can’t stay here have to run – can’t stand still. Not one moment – why? He won’t let me go – why? Stop thinking! I have to run – let me go! Let me go!

“Miss – what –”

“LET ME GO!” she tore herself from his grip and flew past him, not seeing the bloody footprints she was making – the trail she was creating. Her face burned with hot tears and the cold blood biting her skin, HIS blood on her face.

Vampires – they’re all around me, I can feel them. HE could be any one of them! Anyone anywhere, he could be anywhere I’m never safe not until he finds me. Why? I can’t escape he won’t let me go – why? where am I? why are there vampires here? Why, why, why?

Her frantic eyes rolled back up into her head, and she collapsed onto the ground, her hands reaching for the red neon sign and the large building about twenty feet from her, advertising Guilty Pleasures.
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