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Ties That Bind

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Summary: This is a Buffy X-Men crossover. Set after season 6, this is a great story about what happened over the summer. Scott goes to see his cousins in California and brings other XMen along. Buffy&Logan pairing!

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Ties that Bind

A Buffy/ X-Men Crossover FanFiction


Disclaimer: Please don’t sue me, I’m 19 and I have nothing to sue for. I don’t own these characters; the closest I get to owning them is I have the spiffy Buffy action figures.

Summary: Takes place directly after Season 6 in Buffy. When Willow did not end the world on her rampage. This is just a kind of story about the healing. With Buffy/Logan Romance.

Author’s Note: I’ve rewritten a lot of the first chapter, because it seriously needed it. The whole story is being freshened up so that I can continue where I left off.

----- Prologue -----

The world had not ended, that was all Buffy needed to know, as she stood there with the Scooby gang. Willow mourned over the loss of Tara, sobbing brokenly into Xander’s arms as all her grief flooded out of her frail body. Everyone wanted to be there for the grieving red head, but Buffy finally had to excuse herself because she also had her sister Dawn to take care of.

“Buffy? Is Willow going to be ok?” Asked Dawn

“She is. She’ll just need time.” Buffy answered. She put an arm around her sister as they headed home.


Scott Summers limped to his bed and flopped down. The X-men had just gotten back from a grueling battle that they had just barely won. Rolling onto his side he looked at his nightstand, it had a lamp and two framed pictures.

One picture was of Jean and him, out by a lake in the mountains. The other picture was faded and dusty; he couldn’t remember the last time he had really looked at it. As he picked up the Popsicle picture frame, covered in glitter.

Scott fondly remembered that day, his family had gone to visit their cousins. Every summer they would go to California and he would play with his cousins up at some lake in the mountains where he later took Jean. The picture was of him at 15, and his two cousins Buffy was 13, and Dawny was 5.

Scott just sat there wondering how they where all doing in LA. His Auntie Joyce was the only one who still wrote to him and sent him gifts at every holiday. Scott sat back looked at his phone and decided to call.

Ring…ring… “WHAT?” Yelled a gruff sounding man.

“Uncle Hank? It’s me, your Nephew, Scott?”

“Scott? I can’t really talk right now. I’m on my way to the airport, so make it quick,” said the exasperated man.

“I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ to my favorite cousins.”

“Huh? Oh you mean Buffy and Dawn. They don’t live here anymore they live with Joyce in Sunnydale. I’ll give you the number…”

As Scott wrote out the digits as he thanked his uncle and hung up.

----- Chapter 1 -----

Buffy heard the phone ringing and darted into the house. Breathlessly she answered. “Hello?”

“Catch you at a bad time Cuz?”

“Who is this?” Buffy asked. Dawn walked into the kitchen with a questioning look and Buffy just shrugged.

“This is Scott Summers. This is the Summer's residence, is it not?”

Buffy nearly dropped the phone as she heard Scott’s voice came across. Buffy hadn’t seen Scott since she was 13. She didn’t know what to say to the guy she worshiped as almost an older brother she had never had. “Scotty?”

“Yup! That’d be me. I’m sorry we haven’t spoken in so long; I’ve been kind of busy.”

“Me too. Oh, but it is so good to hear your voice. Especially after the day I had.” Buffy reached into the fridge and pulled out some fruit to snack on while she talked with Scott.

“So tell me how you, Dawny, and Auntie Joyce are doing?” Scott asked enthusiastically

Silence was Scott’s only reply. He had not been told of Joyce’s death. Suddenly the night seemed to overwhelm Buffy as she had time to reflect. Buffy started to cry, maybe it was grief, stress, or relief.

Buffy broken-heartedly told Scott of Joyce’s death…and Scott listened and tried to comfort his distraught cousin. Scott realizing that Buffy needed his support made up his mind to take a vacation to see his favorite cousins. They talked for a bit more then Scott wished her a goodnight and went to talk with the Professor.


On his way to the Professor’s office Logan stepped into his path for a confrontation that Scott was hardly in the mood for.

“I overheard your conversation.” Logan stated “And let me be the first to say, I could care less what you do in your own time, but cheating on a wonderful girl like Jean for some whore in California, I would have expected more from a boy scout like yourself.”

“And I would have expected more from you.” Scott said with a disgustingly smug look on his face. “If you’re going to be listening in on my phone conversations, then at least get the messages right. Because, you would have heard me refer to her as, ‘Cuz’, as in my Cousin. Now if you don’t mind I am going to speak with Charles.” Scott tried to shoulder past the burley man, but Logan just would have none of that.

“What ya gunna speak to Chuck about?” Logan prodded, although really he could have cared less. “Remember we still need to debrief after today’s mission…” Logan stated.

“I’m taking a well deserved vacation to go visit my cousins. Not that it’s ANY of your business.” Again he tried to get around Logan, who still stood his ground.

“Maybe we can take the whole group. I’d say that after today’s botched up job, that you call leadership, we could all use a vacation.” The shorter man vehemently spat out.

Dr. Jean Grey a beautiful intelligent redhead walked by and saw the argument become more spiteful then usual and was it was beginning linger towards violence.

Before any fists could be thrown she interrupted. “If you two boys don’t cool it, I’ll recommend to Dr. McCoy that it is time to see the proctologist…”

At that both men held up their hands in surrender to show there were no hard feelings. Jean then raised an eyebrow and waited for the answer to her unspoken question.


After talking with the Professor about his cousins in Sunnydale, Charles fully agreed that a vacation was in order…Logan also convinced the Professor to let Storm and him join the lovebirds. The very next day Scott booked a flight for the group on a commercial airplane and informed his cousin of her extra visitors. Then the X-Men were off into a world of unforeseen trouble in the little town of Sunnydale.


On the plane there was a stewardess who shamelessly flirted with Logan. Her name on the tag read, Stephanie, and he couldn’t help but smirk at her attempts to seduce him. Stephanie would saunter by and talk with the handsome stranger. But in the end, he just smiled and was polite to the bouncy strawberry-blonde flight attendant.


At their destination Scott received a warm greeting from a beautiful girl that Logan concluded was his cousin. Buffy launched herself into Scott’s arm and hugged him till Dawn poked her shoulder.

“Scotty” Buffy shouted as she ruffled his hair. Buffy couldn’t help but glow at the site of her now grown up cousin.

Dawn was next to jump into Scott’s arms. “I missed you so much! We’ve got serious catching up to do.” Dawn almost seemed spastic as she rambled on, demanding he tell his life story in the airport.

It was finally Buffy who cut off her younger sister’s ramblings long enough to ask who Scott’s guests were. Then Scott introduced his love, Dr. Jean Grey. And then Scott flippantly introduced his friends Ororo and Logan. Buffy instantly sized up her guests.

Ororo was absolutely beautiful, words could not fully describe her, and it was like she radiated an unearthly sort of beauty that made most women envious. Her flawless features seemed to give off the air of a goddess.

Logan was a much shorter man then the group he was traveling with. Buffy estimated he was closer to her height. Logan reminded her of a pit bull, short and stocky, but most definitely had a mean bite.

After studying her guests, Buffy led them to baggage claim, and then to Xander who had rented a van for all of Buffy’s guests. Logan about choked when he saw Xander. He was doubtful that this buffoon was their ride to the Summers’ residence and was hesitant to enter the van.


The ride involved pleasant small talk from most the group. Logan was trapped between the twittering teen and Auroro, who were both talking about random nothingness. Logan used all his self-control not to throw the child, named Dawn, out of the van window.

Scott’s cousin, Buffy, was another story. He could not help but stare at her, as she sat shotgun next to the buffoon. She was like nothing he had ever seen before, she was not at all what he had expected. She was nothing like Scott, Buffy was very pretty and from what he had been told by Scott she was also very strong spirited. Buffy was a survivor, who just happened to be surrounded by morons, but she could survive even that.

Although much more time surrounded by these morons and he’d wanna kill them all. Just as Logan started to seriously contemplate homicide as a necessity, the van pulled into a driveway and everyone piled out.


Buffy was the first person out of the van, when all her guests were out she swung her arms open wide and said, “ Welcome to Casa De Summers!”

Xander walked to the back of the van and tried to pick up Ororo’s bag but tripped over himself in the process. Buffy laughed at his lame attempts to impress the lady and finally walked over and picked up the bag, while Xander tried to laugh it off, talking about some old arm injury or some nonsense like that.

Buffy picked up the remaining bags and tried to carry them into the house. Scott took his and Jean’s bags from her and followed Dawn inside.

Logan walked to the tiny blonde and tried to assist by carrying the remaining bags. But Buffy would have none of that, after all they where her guests, her responsibility. But Logan did not go on vacation, to enslave an already busy person, with that in mind he forcefully grabbed the remaining bags from Buffy and walked inside.

“Hey! What the hell! I was carrying those, you moron!” Buffy stormed after him; after all she wasn’t in the mood for some chivalry bull shit. She just wanted to take a nice long bath, and then slip into bed.

“No thanks needed, it was my pleasure…” Logan replied sarcastically.
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