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Game Set And Match

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Prometheus-Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Part 8 Of the Prometheus-Verse. It's time for Voyager to get home.

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Game Set And Match

TITLE: Game, Set and Match

AUTHOR: Siege (


DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E. Star trek and all that belong to someone else, not me. Big Sigh.

DEDICATION: To Vincent, my son. May Gene Roddenberry’s vision come true so that you may see humanity the way it could be.

SUMMARY: Part 8 Of the Prometheus-Verse. It's time for Voyager to get home.

FEEDBACK: All Feedback is gratefully received and I listen

KEYWORDS: BtVS, Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9

CATEGORY: Adventure/Crossover/AU


DATE: Begun (12/04/2004), Ended ()


BETA READ: Merlin The Enchanter + Lilli.

WARNINGS: Spoiler's from End Game, The VOY Series Finale.


Part two of Track II.

This fairly short story revolves around the events of Voyager: End Game Part's one and two. Don't, however, think for one minute that I won't be changing a few things :-).


Game, Set and Match

Part I

Chapter 01

USS Voyager,

December 2376

Seven walked down the corridors of the intrepid class vessel wondering what today would bring. She had been assigned as Xander's integration officer; it was her job to find Xander a place to fit in and bring him up to date with the current technology and procedures.

Janeway had been very interested in their stories about how Xander had performed under pressure and her eyes had lit up when his military career had been mentioned. Xander had tried to play it down, but that was something that Seven was quickly coming to realize was just a part of the way Xander did things. In the month and a half since Xander had come on board he had made friends with just about every single member of the crew. A feat that Seven actually found herself almost envious of and she had found that even she wasn't totally immune to his charm, and had become friends just as he had said they would.

Since becoming his chief go between Seven had found that Xander was a most … singular individual.

She walked up to the door that created a temporary barrier between her and Xander and reached for the door chime triggering it.

"Come in Seven" Xander called out without pause.

Seven stepped into the room to find Xander was doing a free standing handstand slowly doing push-ups his body perfectly balanced as he rose and fell to the rhythm of his breathing.

The one thing about the situation that Xander liked was the fact that Q had taken him to the chamber in 2377, fully fit and healthy. The Creator had taken him from that point and deposited him into the Pod. So he was approaching his peak fitness and had all the skills and memories to help him in his work. It was a small favor, he thought, because he’d been essentially caught up in Q and Lucifer’s punishment.

Seven watched the well-toned man bow his arms and drop his legs backwards slowly. Then pull himself up from that position to his feet. He turned to her with a wide smile, “Hi Seven, how are you this fine morning?” Xander asked with a large smile for the ex-Borg.

"I am well thank you, and yourself," Seven asked in return.

Xander shrugged, "Good thanks. So what's the what?" he asked her his eyes suddenly twinkling with mirth.

Seven had also found that he seemed to do that on most occasions, despite the actual humor available from the situation. She cocked her head to one side in a move that brought a pang to Xander's heart when he thought about a certain dark haired beauty that had that same habit. Then suddenly his face split into a huge grin when he remembered that she wasn't dead. "I thought I would leave the specifics up to you today" Seven replied as she was wondering about his huge and very happy smile.

"Cool" Xander said walking over to grab his trademark long jacket and tossing on a shirt he had replicated. "I'm in the mood for a workout" he said walking beside her as they left his room. He pulled on his jacket and smiled at a few crewmembers as they passed calling out to them by name.

"That is a most impressive memory for names" Seven commented leading him down the corridor.

"Not really, there's only a few hundred on this ship." Xander said without thinking.

"You've been on ships with more?" Seven asked.

Such an open question couldn't go unanswered in Xander's book, "Yes" he said answering the question without giving details.

"You remembered all their names also?" Seven asked, wondering if Xander perhaps had a photographic memory.

"Yes in the end I did, took me a while to get all the way round though" Xander answered honestly.

"How many?" Seven enquired with a raised brow.

Xander decided it was time to answer a different question, "You get a lot of people on a carrier several hundred, not sure how many exactly" he said smiling at her the entire time. He enjoyed his time with Seven a lot, they were finding their relationship and becoming close, at least Xander thought they were. He was personally going over old ground and already knew Seven better than he did himself, so he knew just how to respond to her and just exactly when not to. As such Seven found that she was extremely comfortable with the dark haired young man.

"That is impressive," Seven said after a moments thought, "How did you accomplish that?"

Xander shrugged again, "It's no big deal. A person is like a snowflake, unique and because of that it's easy to remember them, you just kind of assign their name to their face, you know?"

Seven nodded, "I understand, have you ever considered that you have an photographic memory?"

Xander snorted, "I don't think so, if you'd seen my grades your would never have said that, believe me"

"Having a good memory isn't indicative of academic achievement in and of itself Xander"

"Well in that case, I don't remember what were we talking about?" Xander said cracking out a lopsided grin and presenting it to Seven.

Seven's lips twitched slightly, "Very amusing, I'm sure"

"Yeah, yeah, that's what the Alpha Hirogen said"

"Hero Gem" Seven said then blinked.

Xander's laugh was heard up and down the length and breadth of Voyager.


"This is Holodeck 2, we currently have it running as a gym full time," Seven said sweeping into the room.

Xander meandered in and smiled, "Well hello Jo" he said his eyes fixed on the bent over form of Jo Andrews as she did some stretches.

Seven turned around and rolled her eyes slightly, "You wished a 'Work Out' this is the place for it. We have several machines and a …"

"Tatami" Xander said with a smile gracing his face, "Now all I need is a sparing partner"

"The Holodeck can provide those for you, you remember we talked about our holographic technology"

Xander nodded, "Oh yeah I do, what was it you said to do… Computer Arch" A LCAR's panel appeared by his left arm. He turned and his fingers played across its black surface, "Huh, I like this system, it's much easier to use that the computer in 2001.

Jo turned around and watched Xander programming the console with a slight smile playing on her face. She decided it was time to even the score a little; she owed him for scaring her on that planet in the D'Lorean system.

"No need Xander, I'll spar with you" Jo said drawing both Seven and Xander's attention onto her.

Xander looked at her with a slight smile, "Sure, just let me warm up with one of these Auto-Bot things"

"Automaton" Seven corrected.

Xander smirked at her "Two words Seven…"

Seven looked at him inquiringly so he continued, "… Hero Gem"

Seven's lips played around a smile again but she schooled her features into just a slight inclination of her head.

A few moments later a simple holographic opponent appeared in the middle of the Tatami dressed in a simple white Gi.

Xander slipped off his shoes and walked over to the computer-controlled man and bowed deeply, keeping his eyes on the opponent. Then he settled back into a loose stance.

The combatant squared off and came at him with a simple forward kick that Xander slapped to one side whilst moving back with a fencing step.

Jo's eyes watched with an expert air wondering what form Xander was using, it appeared to be a combination style she'd never seen before, and that was saying something with her up bringing.

The Karateka launched an offensive combination at Xander only to find it was flying backwards across the floor, when Xander's foot lashed out in a powerful side thrust kick. "Hey Seven, I'm must have got the programming wrong and put it on beginner can you whack it up for me?" Xander called out dancing around and keeping himself loose.

Seven nodded and moved across to the arch her nimble fingers playing it like a piano, "Yes, you got the parameters wrong Xander, but other than that it was a very good effort" she said approvingly as she set the level up by two. "I have changed the parameters to intermediate.

Xander nodded his thanks as the Karateka disappeared and reset to the center of the room. Xander repeated his bow once again keeping the Gi clad figure in sight at all times. He once again fell back into the upright and loose stance that Seven had taught him in another lifetime.

The Karateka moved with more care and deliberation this time stepping forward and back with crisp movements, it's form perfect. Xander watched it with an amused expression waiting for the attack he knew would eventually come. In the meantime he remained perfectly still waiting his moment. It came when the Karateka launched a side thrust kick. Xander stepped to the side and into the Karateka's body before launching an elbow strike at the Karateka's knee and then as it dropped a reverse wheel kick at close range to it's chest. The white Gi clad figure was sent hurtling to the side of the gym and hit the wall HARD.

Xander in the meantime wasn't even out of breath, "Boring" he commented, "Okay Jo, Yo-go," he said with a laugh.

Jo smiled and walked softly over to the Tatami as Seven deactivated the 'unconscious' droid program.

"So, how you been" Xander asked as she approached. She was the one person he hadn't seen since the planet. Her time spent mostly in the lab and not in the more communal areas of the ship.

"I've been good thanks, just found a new form of gaseous life in the samples we took…" she trailed off and looked at him, "Sorry, you weren't really interested, my mouth just runs away with me" she said ducking her head.

Xander titled his head at her and used a finger to tilt her head back up, "Yes…I was, go on"

Jo's smile lit up the room and Seven smiled slightly herself, wondering just how Xander had come to be Xander and how she could in some way emulate him in order to improve her interpersonal skills.

"Well I found it in a sample we took from the nebula, It's seems to be similar to a Davorain amoeba but there are differences" Jo said doing a stretch that made Xander smile again.

"Dav…" Xander said shaking his head, "Erh what?"

"Davorain Amoeba"

"That's single celled orgasm er organism isn't it?" Xander asked his eyes twinkling again.

"That's right" Jo said totally missing Xander's somewhat childish quip.

"Huh, so how can you tell a single cell apart from another single celled creature?"

"Different cell structure and the DNA markings are completely different from other Amoeba we've found so far" Jo said her scientific excitement infectious.

"That is interesting" Seven said from the side of the Tatami, "I hope to read your paper soon"

"Just adding the final touches" Jo replied walking to the center of the mat, "Are you ready?"

"For you Jo, anytime" Xander said with a charming smile.

Jo flushed slightly at his words trying to ignore the still very active crush she had on this man and seeing him as the enemy, just as her father had taught her.

Xander walked to the center of the mat also and bowed deeply.

"Set" Seven said from the side of the mat with an arm raised, "Go"

Xander's eyes changed from cheerful to concentrated in a blink of the eye and he dipped into his stance slightly. He knew from his earlier experiences with the attractive Lieutenant that she was not to be taken lightly.

Jo smiled slightly as she noticed Xander's cautious stance and they started to circle each other one-step at a time.

Neither made any move on the other as they looked into each other's eyes trying to find that telltale expression that gunslingers were so found of. It was the moment of decision and the time to react to that decision. Neither saw any sign of it in the others eyes as the slowly circled around and around the training mat.

Xander moved his hands round in a complicated movement changing his style completely and gaining a widening of eyes from Jo as she realized that Xander didn't just know the one style. She had never seen him going hand to hand only hand to dagger, so she wasn't sure what to expect. Scientific curiosity had led her to study the Military of 2001 and the Marine's in particular. They were not so very different from the Marine's of her time. They were trained and highly dangerous men who would not stop until they had succeeded in their mission. She also knew about the combination style that they had been taught back in the twentieth century and had expected that to be all that Xander knew. She was obviously mistaken as she recognized the style as crane style Kung Fu, a soft style that would match her own circular Aikido.

Xander was turning out to be a very interesting opponent. She moved forward slightly and feinted to the left, hoping to draw him into the right and then toss him around a bit. Xander didn't even react to the feint and instead dropped like a rocket and sent her onto her back with a carefully placed leg sweep. Jo rolled away from any follow up strike and was on her feet with a timed somersault across the floor.

Xander smiled as he watched Jo turn to face him mid roll and 'flip' to her feet with a somersault thing. Then he decided it was his turn and moved across the mat in a blink.

Jo's arm caught his and twisted. He removed his arm and drew back.

Another strike was struck out and Jo deflected it to the side.

Xander's leg came up for a kick and was blocked with a knee.

Xander' moved back and round slightly with Jo following him every step of the way. Then he flipped back as her foot lashed out in a kick.

Jo pressed forward her kicks coming hard and fast. As she used a combination of snap and thrust kicks to try to disable the flipping mad man.

Xander back flipped away from them until the hit the side of the mat. He then cart wheeled away from her next kicked and allowed his body to drop.

One foot lashed out and he nailed Jo in the back of the knee toppling her over backwards as she lost her supporting leg. She slapped the floor as she hit taking away a lot of the force of the drop and rolled away from Xander's lying down axe kick.

She came to a stop when she arrived on her feet her face flushed and a smile on her face.

Xander kipped back to his feet and he also wore a large smile, "That was fun Jo, same time tomorrow?"

"You're going" Jo said making no effort to hide her disappointment.

"I've had my work out" Xander said with a smile, thinking it was best to end this now before he let on that he was MUCH better than he had shown. The moves he would normally use had been from an eclectic selection of species now known as the Borg collective. He knew that Seven would wonder how he had learned Andorian Kick Boxing, for instance. "And Seven's trying to find me a niche"

"Oh, okay, then tomorrow?" Jo said then nodded, "Oh yeah you said"

"And I meant it, see you same time same place, same station"

"Station?" Jo asked with a curious expression as Xander walked off of the mat and put his shoes back on.

He just smiled and shook his head, "No TV, how did you all manage to grow up without TV?" he said in wonder.

Seven walked up and held out a hand to him helping him to his feet, she turned back to Jo and smiled, "That was most impressive Lieutenant" she complimented, "and I hope to read your paper on the Amoeba soon"

Jo smiled back at the ex-Borg, "I'll send you a copy"

Seven nodded then thought and smiled again, "I would appreciate that," she said, duplicating what she believed Xander would do.

Jo beamed at her, so she thought she was on the right track.

Starfleet Headquarters 2400

Admiral Janeway looked out across what had been San Francisco with an angry look in her eye. So many lost in so little time. So much lost to the bastards and yet hardly a blow dealt. Of course, now they had hope in the form of a rallying cry, and a leader against the darkness. Yet, if only she'd managed to get home quicker, perhaps something could have been done to stop it from getting this far.

A voice emerged form her Hand Held Data Padd.


These should be familiar images to everyone who remembers the USS Voyager's triumphant return to earth after 23 years in the Delta Quadrant.

Voyager captivated the hearts and minds of people throughout the Federation, so it seems fitting that on this, the tenth anniversary of their return we take a moment to recall the sacrifices made by the crew.

The Federation chambers on Bajor were attacked today by a marauding pack of hellhounds in a surprise…


"Computer, end display." Janeway said and looked up as a dragon like demon soared though the air. Flames flared out of its mouth and torched a small one-man fighter that had been sent against it. It was just yet another loss that she felt keenly in her heart and soul.

"Admiral" a soft voice came form behind her.

The steel gray haired Janeway turned slightly and smiled, "Reg" she said warmly

"It's time Admiral"

Janeway nodded and smiled even more, "Come on Reg, let's party"

Reginald Barclay, Commander, smiled back, "I would love to Admiral" he said offering his arm to the aging woman that had become his most important person in the world.


"I'm looking forward to it." A smiling man said to the gray and enigmatic looking Harry Kim, now a captain of the first order for the Federation.

"Hello." Harry said looking at a pre teen girl with a smile.

"What's your name?" the girl asked

"Harry, What's yours?"


Harry Kim looked at the attractive young girl in shock, "Naomi's daughter?" He took a surprised breath" You've gotten so big."

Sabrina frowned slightly in thought trying to place the oriental man before her, "I'm sorry I don't remember you."

"I haven't come to one of these reunions in four years."


"I've been on a deep space assignment."

For four years?" Sabrina asked with a frankly disbelieving look.

"Compared to how long I was on Voyager it seemed like a long weekend." Harry paused suddenly wondering where Naomi was

"Can you find your mother for me? I'd like to say hi." A gravely voice from behind him asked

"Oops." Janeway said as the girl walked away from Harry then she smiled widely, "Here you are, Captain."

"Thank you, admiral." Harry said with a chagrined smile, "I haven't seen her since she was a baby."

"It's amazing how fast you've all grown."

"How's Tuvok?" Harry asked with a concerned frown.

Janeway sighed, "He's not well."

"I thought maybe I'd go see him tomorrow."

"Oh, that would be nice."

"I'm sorry I missed the funeral." Harry said witching Topics, "I should have been there."

Admiral Janeway smiled and nodded understandingly, "You were on a mission. Everyone understood." She paused and reached out to clasp the distinguished Harry Kim by the shoulder, "It's so good to see you, Harry."

"It's good to see you too Admiral"

Just then the room shook and an automated voice filled the air, "RED ALERT, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK BY A CLASS III DEMON, PLEASE MOVE QUICKLY TOWARDS THE EMERGENCY BUNKER"
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