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Glory Be

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Summary: This started as a single scene, and grew

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Resume Play

TITLE: Resume Play 1/1

AUTHOR: Siege (


DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere just let me know 'K

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Time Out

FEEDBACK: Oh yes please!

CATEGORY: Romance/Comedy



AUTHORS NOTES: AU in season Five of Buffy.


Buffy stood at the door, which was still wide open, shocked and still. They had just found out that Dawn was the key. Buffy knew it wouldn't be long before Glory found out as well. Those mystic monks were seriously on her shit list but she loved her all the same. She had no idea how they were going to deal this. She hadn't yet talked to her mom nor had they, she and Giles, told anyone else. No one knew she was here. She was on her own. Giles had gone to research ways to damage the hell goddess and Buffy had decided that it was up to her. She was after all the slayer. She had survived vampire masters, demons and various other ghouls and nasties. Why shouldn't she be able to deal with a goddess?

She had grabbed as many weapons as she could carry and had come for the final battle. She had sidestepped the hell god's minions and slipped into the master bedroom. She had been secretly hoping to catch the god asleep and decapitate her. Her slayer senses told her where the goddess was, Glory pinged big time on her radar. Now all of her homicidal impulses were quietened and she was staring dumbly at the scene before her.

She had read about the goddess and what she could expect from a hell god. She had researched endlessly anything that could help her deal with Glory. Nothing in any of the books she had read had prepared her for this.

Glory stark naked was writhing on top of a man, equally naked. The hell god had her head tossed back and was screaming out in ecstasy. Who ever was beneath her was obviously pleasing her a great deal. The man suddenly moved like lightning and swapped positions with her and was worshiping the goddess.

It was at that moment that Buffy realised just who the Goddess's partner was.

"OHHH XANDER...." The hell god groaned out as the dark haired man did something particularly enjoyable.

Buffy who had been standing stock still and shocked now went into a supreme state of complete surprise.

'Xander?' she thought confused. How could the heart of the group be fraternising with the enemy in such a way? Granted that Anya had left him in a state of panic. She had run like a big bunny when she had found Glory was at the hellmouth. Apparently they had, had a run in before. Xander had been sad, but not overly so. But now here he was sleeping with the enemy. The thing of it was though she couldn't drag her eyes away from the coupling on the bed.

She was transfixed by the sight of her best male friend worshipping the goddess in the most personal way possible. Anya, whose brain wasn't hooked up like a normal humans, had always said Xander was a Viking in the sack. But Buffy had always thought it was just Anya didn't know any better. But here, with the evidence in front of her. She could see where Anya had been coming from. The blonde goddess with in raptures as Xander skilfully brought her to yet another climax. Buffy once again tried to drag her eyes away from the sight of the two lovers but still she was caught in the spell of the moment. The air was plump with the aroma of their love making and the sounds filled it.

As Shakespeare had said, The Beast with two backs. Highly applicable to the couple on the bed, so close and in tune with each other as they were. Buffy had thought that she and Riley had been made for each other but Glory and Xander appeared moulded together.

Buffy didn't know what to do. Locked into position the slayer was helpless. She had fought demons and beaten witches. But the sight of Xander and glory had floored her. She knew that the slayer spirit was a dark thing. The urges to fight and kill were deeply ingrained within her. But there were other urges too and right now as she felt herself becoming aroused it was taking all of her self control not to reach under her waistband. She was biting her lower lip in an effort to restrain herself. A small part of her brain told her this was a perfect opportunity to take her sword and take the goddess's head with it. The Zeppo and the Goddess were in another world. She wouldn't even have to creep up on them. She could walk over there and chop the goddess's fine head off. She could end their suffering and pain with one swipe. But still she was glued to the floor. She hadn't considered herself a voyeur before now but she was certainly getting a jolly from watching. The dark part of her told her to jump on the bed and join the unholy amalgamation. She was sure Xander wouldn't mind.

That is if they noticed her presence because she had been standing here a good half an hour now and still they hadn't seen her. She hadn't moved since arriving. Her slender body was framed in the light spilling in from the room behind her. The light cast from the doorway stopping just short of the large double bed on which the union was taking place. She was sure she would have noticed by now that someone was in the room. Glory was a goddess after all, powerful almost to the point of unbelief. The goddess's insanity normally so prevalent was now nowhere to be seen. Focused, that was what the couple were on each other. A bomb could go off and they wouldn't notice.

Xander let out a moan of ecstasy as he was pushed over the edge and at the same time Glory reached her climax once again. It was at that point that the spell was broken and Buffy was able to move. She backed out of the room closing the door gently behind her. Then she turned and fled the luxurious apartment as if there was a hell god on her tail.

Xander looked down at his lover his brain finally clearing from the fog of lust. 'What am I doing?' he asked himself. But there she was looking every bit the goddess she is.

"Thank you" the blonde god said reverently. "I've never done that before"

Xander looked at her in shock. Firstly because she had said thank you. That was not something the Glory they all knew would have said. She was all, 'Ape do it now' and 'Slave, peel me a grape'. He had seen how she had acted towards other members of the gang and how she acted towards her own minions. Thank you was not a part of that. The second thing was he just simply couldn't believe that anyone who looked like she did had not had sex.

'OK Xandman, say something cool for all of the men in the world' he thought to himself

"Huh" he said thickly.

Glory giggled, she actually giggled. Not in an insane way either more in a girly amused way. It took Xander's breath away. It was strangely alluring. Her smile into her eyes and was caught by them once again. There was no hint of her trademark madness. It confused him and worried him. An insane goddess was manageable. But one who was clear and calm was dangerous.

Glory seemed to read his mind and her eyes turned a little more serious, "Resume Play, already? OK, then listen I'm not going to hurt you or your friends. I have decided that I don't want to go home anymore. I like it here. Being on earth has certain benefits," she said with a glimmer of humour in her eye.

"What's changed" Xander said softly. It was surreal. He was still naked on top of an equally naked goddess talking about the end of the world, or lack there of.

"Ben. I had the toadies do a spell to merge us. Now, I have a soul. I feel things, like that before. I wanted you so badly I could taste it. Now I feel all soft and glowie." Her eyes were wide in amazement and wonder at her new condition. Xander was tremendously relieved. He had known that any battle with the goddess would have ended badly. They would have almost certainly have suffered some casualties. Now they wouldn't. He didn't doubt the goddess's words for a moment. The atmosphere was too intense and intimate for him to miss any nuance. He just knew she wasn't lying.

He looked down at her smiling face. But this smile was different it was edged and sexy.

"Round two?" Glory said


Xander had just finished work and the Scooby gang was due to meet in the Magic box. Giles's new store. Now that Anya had left Giles was virtually running it by himself and was there at all hours. Xander had talked to Glory and they had decided not to break the news of their sudden relationship to the others.

Xander smiled widely as he remembered how awkward they had been when they had woken that morning. They had awoken in each others arms and glory had gotten one of her toadies to cook them both breakfasts. They had eaten in virtual silence darting glances at each other. Then glory had placed her fork down beside her plate and looked Xander straight in the eye.

"I," she paused as if she was struggling with her words, "I. Never mind" she had looked back down at her plate but Xander reached out and caught her chin. He then gently tipped her head back up to look him in the eye.

"You what?" he asked his heart thumbing against his ribcage.

"I would like to see you again," Glory said quietly.

"I want to see you again too," Xander had told her.

That was it; they were a couple, almost. There was still a lot of ground to cover and Glory had the whole getting used to giving a shit thing and not trying to end the world thing. He knew that the gang would be worried about her for a while. But when she made no move to attack them again they would realise they were safe from her.

The door clanged open and the sound of the bell brought Xander back to the present. He stepped into the shop with a larger than normal smile. The girls were already present and Buffy waived him over. He sat next to her and beamed at her.

"You look happy" Willow commented.

"Yeah I am" Xander replied.

"Amazing what sleeping with a goddess will do for ya" Buffy said.
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