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Glory Be

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Summary: This started as a single scene, and grew

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End Game

TITLE: End Game 1/1

AUTHOR: Siege (


DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere just let me know 'K

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E.

SUMMARY: Final Part in the Glory Be Series. Which included, Time Out, Resume Play, Extra Time and Play Off's

FEEDBACK: Oh yes please!




AUTHORS NOTES: AU in season Five of Buffy.


General Greggor of 'The Knights of Byzantium' looked at the short blonde woman who had the audacity to halt his troops progress across the small town of Sunnydale.

"Hi" Buffy said with her patented half smile. It was known the length and breadth of the town to either turn a vamp to dust, or a man to Jell-O.

"Young woman, kindly remove yourself from my path" Greggor said haughtily.

"Hey sorry Cap', on my way" Buffy said with a jocular salute. She carried on across the crossing pulling her sister behind her.

The knights own personal mage eyed the pair warily, "General" he said to the fuming leader.

"Yes, what is it" Greggor said annoyed but turned in his seat to look at the subordinate.

"That Girl" the mage began.

"Yes, what of her"

"The blonde one, she is a slayer" the mage replied.

"And the other?"

"Oh, a nothing a mere human" the mage said narrowing his eyes at the taller brown haired girl being towed by the older blonde.

"I see, well this is the hellmouth is it not?" Greggor said in a peeved tone.

"It is my lord"

"Then of course the slayer is here. We must go onwards if we are to catch up with the beast. The last reports mentioned she had gone onto San Francisco."

The mage nodded sagely, "Yes My Lord. Indeed the key must have been moved away from the disturbances caused by the locale of the hellmouth"

"Onward" Greggor called to his troops who filled away. They cut an impressive swath across the town. Mounted on horse back as they were they were quite the spectacle. Most observers decided that they must be a roving act, designed for amusement.


Buffy walked into the magic box with a self-satisfied smile

Giles rushed up to her, "Did it work?" he asked.

"Yep, old heckle looked right at us and didn't see a thing" she informed the English watcher with a huge grin.

Giles's shoulders sagged in relief. "Thank god. Willow you and Tara can desist"

Willow nodded and she and her girlfriend stopped their chanting. It was a stopgap measure at best but their spell had worked. It had effectively cloaked the youngest summers girl from any and all who would normally be able to detect her. It had taken a weeks research just to find the right spell. In the end it had been the watchers council who had helped them. It had certainly been a first for them. They had also managed to contact the monks who had guarded the key. The monks relieved at the news that glory had been dealt with had readily agreed to remove the key essence from Dawn. They assured the gang that it could be done without removing Dawn as well.

In all, things were working out for a change for the Scooby Gang. They all looked at each other, the old core members like Giles, Willow and Buffy but even the newer members like Dawn, Tara, Anya (Who had ventured back) and even Spike (Sat in dark corner) they were all happy. Potentially the situation they had just avoided could have cost them their lives. Now they could relax, at least until the next Armageddon came along. But then, didn't they have a goddess on their side now?

"What Now" Spike asked from his corner. He had come to keep an eye on his little Bit. Despite the daylight conditions. There were very few things that he cared about and the nibblet was the chief among them.

Anya was the only one who wasn't entirely happy. She had come back solely to see Xander. She wanted to apologise to him for the way in which she had acted. She didn't necessarily want to get back together with him, but sex had not been out of the question. The others had welcomed her back all the same and spike was shooting her speculative glances that she may be forced to take him up on later.

Buffy smiled at the chipped vampires, "Right now. Nothing, Tonight The Bronze and we party like its 1999"


The setting sun sparkled across the water that slurped softly against the pier. Sat on the pier drinking cocktails in snowball glasses sat a man and a woman. Both were good looking and they made an attractive couple. The man was dark haired and had a large almost lopsided smile. The woman was sat regally on a lounger sipping daintily on her straw and occasionally laughing at her companion's jokes.

She like her companion was dark haired, her hair a chestnut brown that glowed with rust coloured highlights under the sun. When she smiled, which she did often in this mans company, her perfect white teeth showed under her cupid bow lips. Her blue eyes, covered by hazel contacts glowed with love. Love for the young man sat beside her.

A man who had turned her world upside down in less than 5 days. They had left Sunnydale together just a week ago, and would be returning in another one. In that short time she had utterly lost her heart to him and his to her.

Their relationship might not be the most conventional; she was older than he. By about an eternity but he had a certain presence about him that told he was older than his years. At first it had been almost totally sexual, a mutual attraction that had spawned a relationship that would last for a very long time.

Their peace was momentarily shattered as a man on horseback rode up to them.

"Excuse my good people, do you know the way to the dock" he said. The knight, for that he certainly was, cut an impressive figure. He had a large crest emblazoned on his chest and a certain bearing that identified him as an officer. Possibly even a general.

The woman dipped her sunglasses and regarded him with a friendly expression. "No, sorry" she said demurely.

The dark haired man smiled his lopsided smile, "I think its down the road a-ways if that helps"

The general nodded and bowed his thanks. Then he wheeled his horse round on the spot and was about to ride off when the woman's voice stopped him for a moment.

"That's an amazing horse, a destroyer isn't it. Like the knights of old used?"

The general like any good horse backed soldier was rightly proud of his mount, "Yes Indeed it is my lady"

"May I pet him?" the woman asked smiling.

"Of course" the General said, the woman's natural beauty and grace forcing out his natural gallantry.

The chestnut haired beauty got off of her seat and walked to the large horse. She gently patted its muzzle and whispered sweet nothings to it. From somewhere she had found a sugar cube she was feeding it. The chomping sounds filled the silence for a while. The approach of another set of hooves signalled the arrival of another man. This one was unlike the knight. He was dressed in a simple smock, almost monk like.

"My Lord, we have found the warehouse. She has moved onwards yet again towards Africa."

The general nodded and looked down at the woman petting his horse, "My Lady. I am afraid we must bid you farewell" he said formally with just the hint of a smile.

The woman smiled up at him and backed away looking straight at the smock clad man, who in return studied her. After a moment the two horse back seated men turned their horses away and rode off into the distance.

The woman walked over to the man and sat down on his lounger.

"Jesus, Glory you scared the crap out of me"

"It was only Greggor and his shaman" she said with a smirk, "I was just checking the spell worked."

Xander leant forward and captured her lips in a kiss, he worshiped her in a way no other had attempted or even dreamed of before. He worshiped her with his heart and his body. In return she worshiped him in the same way. Breaking the kiss and backing away less than an inch Xander smiled.

"I love you Glory," he told her

Glory's eyes welled up in an atypical show of emotion. She was finally free, free from her infliction and obsession with returning home. Free from her toadies and free from the damn Knights Of Byzantium. She was free to love this mere human as if he were her god.

"I love you too, Xander"

::: The End :::

The End

You have reached the end of "Glory Be". This story is complete.

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