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Glory Be

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Summary: This started as a single scene, and grew

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Glory/XanderLucifaelFR1557,2072915,63921 Aug 0421 Aug 04Yes

Time Out

TITLE: Time Out 1/1

AUTHOR: Siege (


DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know 'K

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E.

SUMMARY: A scene between Glory and Xander

FEEDBACK: Oh yes please!

CATEGORY: Not sure, Romance?



AUTHORS NOTES : AU in season Five.

Word Count : 1124

Glory, the great Glorificus looked down at the dark haired man who had dared attack her in her own home. The man who had dared to take on a hell goddess. She was shocked at this mortals complete audacity and gall to try. Did he not know that she was a goddess and that he should bow down before her and beg her forgiveness.

She held him by a single twisted arm and even thought the joint was twisted to the point of breaking still he struggled. There was simply no way in which he could ever hope to beat her, yet here he was trying anyway.

'You had to admire the man' Glory thought and was then immediately shocked at her own treacherous mind. Of course she had been having that a lot since earlier that night. It was as though Bens soul was leaking through. The very thought of that sent a shiver down her spine. She looked once more at the still struggling form of the human.

What was his name, Xander? The completely normal human in the blonde slayer's little gang. A gang that had so far thwarted every single plan she had put in place. The witch had actually caused her pain for a moment. That was after she had taken her partners mind. It was hardly worth the effort. She had been about to deal with the witch when the blonde slayer turned up and distracted her long enough for them both to escape. If it wasn't for the need for mind essence and the annoying effects of lacking it. Of course that should soon be a mute point. She had one of her many willing servants cast a spell on her that very night. A spell that allowed her to merge with Ben and totally take over. Ben wasn't afflicted as she was and she reasoned that merging them together would cure her. It seemed to have worked. Of course it may have also caused her to gain a soul in the process. That would be a truly horrifying experience. She wouldn't look back on that memory with a good taste.

Now, well, she looked at things a little differently. She had even decided to not kill the slayer and had given up on the whole idea of the blasted key. Now this guy shows up and tries to deal with 'The problem' thus saving his friends from any further pain and suffering.

Once she had regained her mind along with Ben's it had become painfully obvious to her just what form the key now held. She had been all set to charge in and get it. She knew full well that there was no way that anyone could stop her. She was after all a goddess. But before she had gone into action she found she couldn't do it. She couldn't even hurt a child. There was no way she was going back to her home dimension in this state. Her fellow gods would laugh at her and most likely cast her back again. Just like a fish. Now as she looked down at the courageous man at her feet she couldn't help but admire him. He had stopped struggling now and was slowly pushing back against her grip. If he wasn't careful he would ... CRACK! ... dislocate his shoulder.

He didn't even grunt in pain he just kept putting pressure on his now popped shoulder. He was now standing. It was really a remarkable effort for a human. She found herself not wanting to hurt him further, so she just let go.

Xander reared back as if to punch the goddess but found himself caught by her eyes. They were not the cold hard things he had seen in previous battles they were deep and full of feeling. He quickly found himself unable to hit her.

It was then he noticed her, properly for the first time. He cursed himself for it but he suddenly realised just how good looking she was. She had a perfect body and a truly great pair of legs that were currently been shown to full effect by her deep red dress.

Glory slowly reached out to him and gently took his shoulder in her hands. He leant against her grip and she sharply pushed his shoulder back into place with an audible POP!

'Perhaps it's the pain' Xander mused because of all the weird things to happen he quickly found himself becoming attracted to her. Powerfully attracted to her.

Glory was currently having similar feelings. She wanted nothing more than to rip this mortals clothes off and rut like an animal. She wasn't an animal she was a goddess. A remnant of memory floated across her mind. A phrase she had heard whilst watching TV. She licked her lips looking into his dark eyes. She felt desire welling up in her and knew she had to do something.

Xander watched her tongue dart out and lick those full red lips. He was starting to believe that he was under some sort of spell. He felt powerfully attracted to the hell god. So much so that he was actually becoming aroused, visibly so. He noticed Glory's eyes trace down his body and come to rest on the evidence. She once again licked her lips, more slowly this time her pupils dilated before his very eyes. Her breathing sped up and he noticed with great interest as her chest rose and fell in rhythm.

Glory who couldn't drag her eyes away from the humans crotch was having to use considerable will power not to drop to her knees and taste him. It was at that point that she became visible aroused her nipples raising and becoming hard. It was Xander's turn to stare and his breathing also became rapid. His eyes appeared to grow darker as his pupils became larger. Glory forced her eyes once more up his body and locked onto his eyes, she could feel her own excitement now. It was a new experience for her, unique. Her body was feminine but normally a god would not be thinking what she was thinking. It required lots of time and energy and she was damn well going to enjoy it.

"Time Out" she husked.

At first Xander didn't understand her, hadn't heard her so intent he was on her magnificent body. He badly wished to reach out and cup her breast in his palm to feel the soft flesh. Then what she had said sunk in finally. He looked into her eyes and saw his desire mirrored in the deep blue eyes of a goddess, literally.

He didn't reply in words he just moved forward and got his wish.

:::: THE END ::::
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