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Summary: Sequel to Right Thing, Right Reasons, Wrong Place, Wrong Time

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Xander-CenteredLucifaelFR181739,04831828,81021 Aug 0425 Jun 06Yes

Chapter 17

TITLE: Someday
AUTHOR: Siege (
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E.
SUMMARY: Sequel to Right Thing, Right Reasons, Wrong Place, Wrong Time
FEEDBACK: Feedback gets you on the wall, how about that then :-)
CATEGORY: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
BETA: This story is so old I honestly can't remember who did what to it :) Sorry
I'm fairly worried about this one and I'm fighting writers block for the first time. Sorry if this comes a little slow. Things may not make a lot of sense, just bear with me 'K.


Chapter 17:
Journal of Xander Harris

Okay, it's D day today, and thankfully we finally caught a break last night. Faith was sat off in a corner, brooding a bit when suddenly she jumped to her feet and dashed out of the room like the hounds of hell were after her fine hide. I, of course, followed her to the university and once we joined forces she told me about the man she had been told to kill. We then went and talked to the guy and after calming him down a lot, after all Faith had knocked him out. He finally started to talk to us. I managed to steer the conversation a bit and finally we figured out why the mayor wanted to kill the college professor.

There was another ascension ritual sometime ago, like a long LONG time ago. Unfortunately for the ascended one they did it near a volcano. The Prof. and his team unearthed the resulting demon sometime later.

This tells us that it CAN be killed, and that his immunity will end once he's ascended.

This is actually good news even though it really doesn't sound like it.

We bundled the guy off into hiding with a friend of his, all very secret. In other words he rode in Giles's trunk... Poor bastard. Just in case the Mayor got any ideas about finishing the job Faith wasn't able to do.

I think I hate that guy more and more every minute.

Faith was pretty shaken up by the whole thing, but like the trooper she is. She kept it together until we were alone. Then I had a crying beauty on my shoulder. Not the first time it's happened. It is the first time I thought my heart would crack in two though.

On a somewhat weirder note. My sword is ... getting weirder all the time. I swear the damn thing is trying to talk to me now!

Anyhoo... I've got to go and get ready for the BIG graduation ceremony. There's a lot to get ready, and we ain't talking diploma arrangement here!
Sunnydale Highschool.

Snyder walked up to the podium with his usual arrogant stance and began to speak, "Congratulations to the class of 1999. You all proved more or less adequate. This is a time of celebration, so: sit still and be quiet. (Surveys the students) Spit out that gum. - Please welcome our distinguished guest speaker: Richard Wilkins the 3rd." Snyder paused to glare at a student, "I saw that gesture. You see me after graduation." He then turned and clapped at the arrival of the mayor.

The Mayor cleared his throat and surveyed the students: "Well. What a day this is! - Special day. Today is our centennial the one hundreds anniversary of the founding of Sunnydale, and I know what that means to all you kids: not - a darn thing. Because today something much more important happens: today you all graduate from high school. Today all the pain, all the work, all the excitement is finally over. And what's a hundred years of history compared to that? You know what kids? ..."

Buffy turned to her red haired companion, "Oh my God. He's going to do the entire speech."

Willow frowned and pouted slightly, "Man, just ascend already."

"Evil!" Buffy hissed

The mayor hadn't finished by a long shot and was still speaking, "... for all of you it may be that there is a place in Sunnydale's history, whether you like it or not. It's been a long road getting here. For you… for Sunnydale. There has been achievement, joy, good times,… and there has been grief. There's been loss. Some people who should be here today... aren't. But we are at the Journey's end. And what is a journey? Is it just... distance travelled? Time spent? No. It's what happens on the way, it the things that happen to you. At the end of the journey you're not the same. Today is about change. Graduation doesn't just mean your circumstances change, it means you do. You ascend... to a higher level. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing." The Mayor looked up as a shadow passed over the quad. The sun was being slowly but totally blocked. The Mayor flinched in pain then swallowed hard and continued "And so as we look back on... on the events that brought us to this day..." Another wave of pain crossed the mayors face.

The Mayor soldiered on even as Buffy took Willows hand and they moved into position, "We... we must all" he let out a sudden yell of pain..."It has begun. My destiny. " he said with a smug smile. "It's a little sooner then I expected I had this whole section on civic pride... But I guess we'll just skip to the big finish!"

Just then the Mayor's body began to warp and jut out at some very odd angles. His face was a rictus of pure agony even while he continued to smile.

“It's time!” Buffy yelled at the top of her lungs.

Suddenly the students of Sunnydale High went into action. Even through his pain induced haze the mayor was able to admire the courage being shown. It was almost a shame that he'd have to eat them all because of it. Or just because really.

The student's threw off their graduation robes and were obviously armed for a fight. As the eclipse started to get going Vampires appeared all around the courtyard and menaced the students. Though the sun was still in the sky and not covered so they couldn't YET do anything overt.

The Mayor's body convulsed and contorted once more. This time he seemed to suddenly shoot up in height.

The student's watched in horrified facination until suddenly where the Mayor had been a thirty foot snake was beginning to thrash around. The sky was now completely dark and at the fringe of the site there were vampires beginning to approach the area.

Buffy glanced around and then shouted, “NOW!” upon those words the student's set to work at pushing back the vampires even as Buffy turned towards the mayor.

The evil man turned demon seemed to smile at her and moving in almost a blur he whipped down and snatched up Snyder gulping him down.

The sound of leather flapping in the breeze drew Buffy's attention and her gaze was dragged away to the north. Just coming out of the gloom of the enforced night she made out one of the most terrifying and beautiful sights of her life. There flying towards them with reptilian grace was a full sized dragon. Even stranger than that, her best male friend, despite their problems he was still that, was sat between Tia's wings his dark bladed Katana flashing in the twilight sky.

Buffy's mouth dropped open for a split second. Then she quickly shrugged it off. She was a fighter, born to beat back the darkness. She couldn't become all girly over something like that. She briefly wondered where Faith was until a voice drew her attention again.

“Hey asshole” the dark haired slayer said, standing not too far in front of him her hands on her hips and face a scowl of anger. “I want a word with you!”

The mayor focused on the small being before him and curled up the power in his neck for an attack run. He was about to lash out when suddenly a sharp pain hit the back of his neck even as a lance of fire burned just in front of his nose.

“Hey over here!” Xander said, his sword now dripping with the mayor's blood. Tia flapped her wings a few time to gain some height and backed away from a mad lunge from the mayor. “Ugly bastard ain't ya!” Xander commented at the top of his lungs. “Oh, and leave my girl alone” he added brandishing his sword.

The mayor's snake body flicked outwards towards the hovering dragon and rider but Tia merely dodged to one side slightly. The thirty foot length of the demons body smashed into one of the outer walls of the school and flattened it like a bug. As the mayor pulled himself from the wrecked wall Tia's nose flared and her mouth dropped open. Suddenly white hot flame shot out of her mouth and turned the rubble to slag.

The mayor demon screamed out in pain as the super heated rock touched him and Buffy suddenly realised why Xander had told them he needed to talk to Tia alone during their last planning session. Once the change was complete, the mayor was no longer immune to harm and apparently Faith, Xander and now Tia knew how to hurt it. She just wished they had been somewhat more forthcoming with this information to her. But then, she had enough of her own trouble planning and organising the students into a fighting force.

To that end, and realising that there was little she could do in the battle against the mayor, she pulled out her stake and set to work on the nearest vampire. Her stake flashed and the world was down one demonic slime.


Faith dodged as another white hot flame erupted from Tia's mouth. She had to give the dragon babe one thing. She truly was full of hot air and it was actually useful. It was just a shame the bitch was putting the moves on her guy. Otherwise Faith felt the two of them may just have gotten along. Though no doubt Xander was going o be making cracks about riding Tia for sometime to come. Not that she was going to let that carry on for too long. If they got out of this alive, she may just have to let him take her for a ride. Or something along those lines.

She just plain couldn't believe how utterly, mind numbingly scared she was right at that moment. Especially when the mayor managed to dodge Tia's last fire strike and with a flick of his tail send dragon and rider slamming into a wall.

She heard screaming, and it took her a moment to realise that it had come from her. Her leg's were already pumping driving her to see if Xander was alright. Then, of course, a coterie of vampires decided to get into her way.

Faith snarled as a stake seemed to magically appear in her hand and she set to work on them.


Xander rolled over and coughed up dust and worryingly enough some flecks of blood. He used the unbreakable blade of his sword to push himself to a wobbly standing and look around quickly. Tia appeared to be out for the moment, but her huge chest was rising and falling in an even rhythm. One wing though seemed to be bent back and a strange angle while the other was lying flat out on some rubble.

He quickly made his way around the broken wing and glared at the evil mage become wizard. He knew he was in deep shit now, but all wasn't lost. Even as he stood, just barely able to carry on being upright he began to pull in massive amounts of power. He pulled it in from every source he could, even from the very air and especially from his sword. The strange and potent energy flowed into his body making it hum with power and he even started to glow slightly.

The Mayor was now approaching at great speed across the intervening distance he had thrown Xander and Tia. He was moving faster than he ought to be able to, at almost a blur to anyone but Xander. To Xander though, it appeared like the huge demon was moving through molasses. His hand rose, pointing his sword at the approaching titan and his mouth worked in a complex shape then suddenly the world turned white.


Faith had finally finished with the vampires and was once more moving towards her X when suddenly she saw him, moving but obviously harmed. She tried to pour on the speed but the mayor was now moving towards her man and she knew, she just knew she wasn't going to get there before the demon. She was about to cry out in alarm when suddenly Xander began to glow dimly at first, then so bright she could hardly see him. Then she just made out him pointing his sword and heard a strange word reverberate around the courtyard than suddenly...

The world went white.


The mayor was ecstatic. He was about to win, all he had to do was wipe out the silly child pointing the sword at him and he could finish the only real threat to him. The dragon. Then the boy, a mage he knew, but the mayor really wasn't worried, began to glow. The mayor poured on the speed and bore down on Xander as fast as he was able to when suddenly white light lashed out of Xander's sword and flowed towards him.

The mayor tried to change course using all of his demonic power but the stream of pure magical power hit him head on. At first nothing happened and the Mayor rejoiced then suddenly a burning sensation hit his nose. Then his face and head, the wave of white flowed down from his head all the way down to his tail and picked him off of the floor. His full length of 30 feet was extended and rendered down to nothing as the magic burned through him. Taking off his skin, boiling away his blood and char grilling his bones until nothing but a hovering cloud of dust remained floating above the ground.

Then suddenly, and finally the mayor was no more. The eldrich energy released him and he floated own to the ground as nothing more than a pile of strange looking dust.

Once the white wave dissipated Xander sank bonelessly to the ground.
A Week Later, Sunnydale General Hospital.

Faith looked down at the pale countenance that was her boyfriends face a tear dropping from a cheek to the bed clothes. A week he had been in a coma and so far no changes. The doctors all said that they didn't know what had happened. Which she supposed made sense. Linda and Giles said they didn't know but it could be magical exhaustion. Yet, even they didn't know why he was in a coma even now. According to them he should have come out any day now, which had been three days ago.

No one knew where Tia had gone. She had somewhere along the line vanished during the end of the battle. The citizens of Sunnydale had totally blanked the entire episode, saying that it had been a combination of marsh gas and a gas leak at the school. Which Faith had laughed at the first time she'd heard it. Now, however, things didn't seem so funny anymore.

Without her X around, life had dimmed for Faith. The council's team was still in the dale, doing some clean up work and taking out nests with Buffy. Faith though couldn't face them yet. Not when she'd taken out one of their men, no matter how accidental his death may have been. She might have been able to have done. If she'd had X at her side.

She just damn well needed him that was all, she just wished that she hadn't wasted so much time without him. That the mayor hadn't been able to control her and thus hurt Xander in the process.

“Come back to me X” she told him and glanced at the clock. It was almost time for her to be going. They were understanding here, but even she couldn't get away with staying by him 24/7. She leaned over and kissed Xander's cool forehead. Sometimes she was afraid she would do that and feel the cold flesh of death. So far it hadn't happened of course, but nightmares are nightmares for a reason.

She paused when she reached the door and looked back to him. “I love you Xander” she near whispered. Then she turned away from the door and was about to walk out when.


The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Someday". This story is complete.

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