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The Intern - A Hellsing / BTVS Tale

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Summary: Xander joins the Hellsing Organization just as a new threat emerges -- one especially deadly to himself and his new partner Seras Victoria (Nominated for a Crossing Over Award)

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Anime > Hellsing(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR13716,1736936,45021 Aug 0421 Aug 04Yes

Late Night KP .. Xander style


Xander had thought KP was a breeze. Of course, the announcement of the punishment had sent a shiver thought him. Eventually he realized, that was soldier-boys memories. Somewhere in there along with the SAS training and the discipline was the sure and certain knowledge that there was nothing an enlisted man hated more then doing KP.


It was a week later and He was still doing dishes. The hour was late when a head poked into the kitchens. Young and blonde, he recognized her as Seres Victoria the vampire trooper that fought alongside the guy in red.


"You need help?" she asked shyly


Xander looked at the mountain of dishes and smiled. "If you can do some kind of nose twitch thing and make them go poof, that would be nice. "


She came toward him rolling her sleeves up as she did. "Sorry, if I can do that I haven't learned how yet."


Soon they were doing a good imitation of a team. Xander being who he was, chatted her up


"So they really called you kitten."


"I want to think they were being cute but…"


"There is always the possibility they were not being cute."


"Boys will be boys."


"I wouldn’t know, my two best friends are female and they bust my chops regularly."


"About what?"


"My dating tendencies are a favorite topic of discussion."


"What, you only go for Californian movie star types." Seres asked excitedly


"More like the women I seem to like are usually demonic in temperament, nature or both."


"Well that can't be all true."


"The only girls I dated that were "Normal" was a girl who eventually became a higher being, and a girl who was once a centuries old vengeance demon."


"I don’t date, My duties at Hellsing keep me far to busy."


"What about Alucard?"


"Oh master and I are just …you know teacher and student…I'm kind of in awe of him…. Can't tell if that's the whole master/childer thing or if he really is that charismatic."


"What about him and the boss lady?"


"Oh their relationship is nothing like that, Master serves Sir Hellsing."


"What's up with that anyway? I thought knighted females were called Dame or something."


"They are but Sir Hellsing is part of an organization that has protected England since the dark ages. The rules for whom could be on the council never changed. No woman allowed. Truth be told, I think she prefers being called Sir Hellsing anyway. "


"No offense meant, she is cool, kind of strict. But him…He creeps me out. Sorta Reminds me of a shark. He's always smiling. I suspect that smile would still be there when he pulled my guts out and crocheted with them."


"He wouldn't do that." Seres said in a shocked voice


"I know, I know." Xander said quickly


"Maybe a nice coat made from your flesh…" she said thoughtfully


"…He could get a nice hair braid out of my butt cheeks…" Xander supplied catching the joke


Their giggles lasted much longer then the dishes. They went their separate ways; her into the dungeons where she said Alucard was waiting for her nightly shooting lessons. Xander headed to the barracks in the hopes that his dishpan hands might feel better in the morning.


Alucard slid out of the dark shadows; "A coat made from skin…. Funny, but impractical. You can't make clothing fit for a gentleman of taste from human flesh." He slipped back into the shadows. Time to go meet Police Girl and pretend ignorance, the boy was good choice Alucard would have to thank Integra for bringing him into the fold.


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