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The Key To His Heart

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Summary: Every since the first was destroyed, Dawn has wanted nothing but a normal life... but her dream comes to an end when she meets a certain red demon. Dawn/Hellboy

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Meeting the Team

Chapter 1

Abe stood over the bed the young brunette vacated as Hellboy came to stand at his side; also staring down at the girl he had saved. She looked peaceful as she slept except for the bruise on the left side of her face that had formed over the few hours she was there.

“You must have really given her a shock. She’s been unconscious for hours.” Abe stated without looking at Hellboy.

“Wha- she was already in shock when I found her.” Hellboy tried explaining, but he knew Abe wasn’t buying it; seeing as he could read his mind if he wanted.

“How is she?” Agent John Myers asked as he walked into the room with his jacked draped over his right arm and a briefcase in the other.

“She’ll be just fine.” The doctor stated as he set the clipboard down on the counter near him as he walked up to the bed. “As Abe pointed out earlier; she’s just in a small state of shock. Most likely from being attacked by those thugs and then saved by uh, well, Hellboy.”

“I sense something about her, but I can’t quite tell what it is. She’s very valuable and very precious.” Abe started as he moved a hand slightly above her body. He suddenly gasped in fear as he pulled his hand back quickly before turning to look at Hellboy and Meyers.

“What?” Hellboy asked as he looked at his friend with impatience.

“She is wanted…” Abe started but paused before he carried on.

“By the police?” Myers asked as he looked back and forth at Abe and Hellboy.

“By evil.” Abe answered with his hands in the air near his chest while moving around his fingers.

“Is she evil?” Myers asked; finding it hard to believe that such a small and innocent looking girl could be so evil.

“I’m not sensing that. But I’m sensing that she is not human.” Abe answered as he placed a hand above her again.

“Well, what is she?” Hellboy asked almost too impatiently.

Abe slowly turned his head to face his friend and tilted his head slightly to the right as if trying to listen to what her past, present, and future told him. “She’s light.” He answered after a long moment and he had a look of awe on his face.

“That’s it?” Hellboy asked and Abe nodded in return, “what the hell would evil want with light?”

“I think there is more to her than that, Red.” Abe answered as he could slightly see her past. Her battles with vampires and demons and fighting along side a blonde woman a few years older then her. “Demons. She knows of demons and other paranormal things. She fights them along side another girl. A girl with blonde hair.” Abe carried on as he was able to extract more information from the girl.

“Then why did she faint when she saw me?” Hellboy asked confused as he tugged on his brown leather jacket that was open to expose his bare and muscular chest.

“You just have that effect on women.” Myers replied.

“Shut up, Myers.” Hellboy retorted as he sent a quick glare in his direction.

“I cannot say. But I can sense she has been through too much for such a young girl. Almost more than we have.” Abe said as he turned back to face his friends. A look of sadness played on his face when he witnessed all that she had. There was only one part of her life he couldn’t get to; it felt as if it were being blocked somehow.

After a moment of silence and no one really knowing what to say, Hellboy spoke up to break the silence, “well…” He started but stopped short when they heard a small groan escape the lips of the girl before them. They all stood around the bed as she opened up her eyes.

Dawn’s vision was blurred when she opened her eyes and the bright florescent light above her head hurt and she quickly shut them again. When she knew her eyes had adjusted she opened them back up slowly to make sure. She looked to her left and she saw a doctor and a man in a plain suit with the jacket off.

“Hey, how ya feelin’?” Myers asked quietly as he leaned in a bit. Dawn smiled at his kindness and realized she had no idea where she was.

“Where… where am I?” She asked groggily.

“You’re in the BPRD.” A deep voice said to her right and she turned her head to be welcomed by Hellboy and a fish man standing next to him.

Dawn suddenly remembered everything that happened previously and she scrambled up the head of the bed as far as she could. Hellboy rolled his eyes at her reaction and Abe held his hands up in some what of a defensive manner.

“Why am I here? Who are you people? What do you want from me?” Dawn asked quickly in fear as tears rolled down her face.

“Hey. Hey. It’s okay. We’re not going to hurt you. My name is John T. Myers. That’s Hellboy and that’s Abe.” Myers explained as he pointed out the two across from him, “they’re good. They won’t hurt you.” Dawn examined the two as he spoke and Abe seemed to her like a very gentle creature but she was skeptical about Hellboy. She noticed his large physique and the large stone hand. She swallowed a large lump once she was finished inspecting him and she felt very, very intimidated by him. She looked up into his eyes and noticed he was staring right back at her and she quickly averted her eyes elsewhere; frightened of how he might react to her staring.

“Hey kid. You don’t have to be afraid of me. I don’t bite.” Hellboy responded when he noticed how quickly she looked away from him.

She quickly looked up at him at his last words and this time stared him straight in the eyes, “yeah, well. I know things that do.” She replied and Hellboy smiled with a slight laugh to follow.

“She has attitude. I like her already.” Hellboy exclaimed as he slightly nudged Abe; surprising the water creature.

Dawn ignored Hellboy’s statement and turned her attention back to Myers. “Can I go, now?” She asked as she looked at him and then at the doctor.

“Actually. Well, you see… we kind of want…” Myers started; trying to find the best way to tell her they wanted to keep her there.

“We want you to stay.” Hellboy finished for him and got a glare in return from Myers.

“What? No!” Dawn exclaimed out of surprise and anger.

“You could be of some use to us here… miss…” Myers started.

“Dawn. Dawn Summers.” Dawn mumbled out as she looked at the floor. She had sat up in bed and now had her feet dangling off the side Myers was standing; her back to Hellboy and Abe.

“Dawn. Such a pretty name.” Abe spoke up and Dawn turned her head and upper body to see the merman and she smiled at him as he smiled back, or she thought he did. It was a bit difficult to tell.

“Okay, Dawn. Listen to me. We know how valuable you are to the darkness that lurks in this world. And we want to make sure they don’t get to you.” Dawn seemed a bit surprised when Myers told her what they knew.

“It’s a little late for that.” Dawn responded and everyone got a look of surprise on their face.

“What do you mean?” Myers asked her with the confusion still on his face.

“Never mind. I don’t really want to talk about it.” She answered while shaking her head.

“Hey, come on now. You started it, now you gotta finish it.” Hellboy cut in and Dawn sent him a menacing glare which she could tell by the look on his face he didn’t appreciate it.

“Well, it’s none of your damn people’s business anyway. Now, why don’t you just let me go.” Dawn answered as she looked back at Myers.

“Okay, well, if it’s happened once, what makes you think it won’t happen again?” Myers asked; trying to calm the girl down.

Dawn rolled her eyes and knew the only way they were going to leave her alone was if she were to explain it. “Because I was only good for one thing at a certain and exact time. Well, that time had come and gone; I’m still here, so it’s all over. I don’t work anymore.” Dawn explained with a shrug of her shoulders.

“How can you be certain?” Abe asked and Dawn looked at him before looking down at the floor in thought.

“Well, I guess. I guess I can’t be. But nothing’s been after me since then.” Dawn answered.

“But that doesn’t mean there’s still something out there that wants you.” Myers explained and Dawn took a deep breath and released it again in defeat.

They were right. She knew they were right, but she never wanted to think about how there may be something else out there that needed her blood. And it frightened her. At that moment she missed Buffy all too much and wished she were by her side. She would get her out of this place without anyone arguing with her to stay. They’d be too intimidated by her and she had a feeling even Hellboy would be. No one messed with Buffy and no one messed with Buffy’s little sister without a price to pay. Sure they had their fights and disagreements, but deep down she loved her sister and she knew Buffy loved her too.

“So, will you join us here at the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense?” Myers asked with hope in his voice.

Dawn slowly raised her eyes to stare into his before she answered him, “Can I think about it?”

Myers hung his head for a moment before looking back up at her with a smile on his face and with a nod of his head he said, “sure. Three days long enough?” Dawn nodded her head in agreement.

“Great. Uh, I can give you a ride back to your place, if you want.” Myers offered and Dawn smiled at his gesture.

“Sure. That’d be nice.” Dawn nodded her and got off the bed to go change back into her normal clothes. She left the place after saying goodbye to Abe but ignored Hellboy completely as he tried to say goodbye to her as well. He pissed her off one too many times while she was being, what felt like, interrogated. Myers dropped her off at her apartment; leaving Dawn with a difficult decision to make in three days.
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