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Weary Traveller

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Summary: Two lone travellers meet up in the unlikeliest of places. (Xander/Chloe)

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Title: Weary Traveller

Author: Lylip (

Rating: R (or as close to R as I've gotten in years)

Disclaimer: I don’t own either Buffy or Smallville, only the plot is mine.

Summary: Two lone travellers meet up in the unlikeliest of places. (Xover Smallvile)

Feedback: Always appreciated. Please don’t flame.

Spoilers: Buffy (Post-Season 7) Smallvile (Post-Season 3)

Note: I tried to get everything right, but if something’s wrong in the canon, just pretend it’s actually a slightly skewed AU...


He’d been travelling around for a year when it happened - something that made him feel like he was living, and not just existing. A shared look across a dingy bar was all it took, and they were out in the back alley going at it like horny teenagers.

Which is what the blonde looked like to Xander’s discerning gaze. One look into her eyes told him that this girl may look young, but she was older in every way that mattered to Xander. She’d faced hard times and come out mostly intact, but there was still loss.

Just like him, she was running from something, only his pursuers were memories.

Maybe that was why she was the first girl to provoke any sort of interest in him since Anya. They’d both had the same look in their eyes that said ‘old’ - but he didn’t want to think of his dead ex-fiancé, especially not when he was in the middle of the first *real* human contact he’d had since he left the others. He’d roamed aimlessly for over a year, odd jobs keeping him flush enough to keep moving. The bar had been a last pit stop before leaving whatever pin-hole town he was in, and he couldn’t regret the turn of events even if he was in a mind to.

Leaving the crater-that-was-Sunnydale behind had been easy. Leaving the friends who had become his family had been easier. It was as if the destruction of his hometown had freed him - or maybe he was deluding himself, and one day it would crash down around him.

He pulled him mind back to the present - deep thoughts were not meant for moments like this.

She tasted like sugar and caffeine, he noticed, and Xander was addicted. The smallest hint of fruitiness buried underneath everything sent his mind soaring even as his body crushed hers into the brick of the alley wall.

Each raspy breath and movement of her hands sent him spiralling further out of control until all his senses could focus on was her.

Blonde hair silky between his fingers, lips swollen from his, beautiful green eyes hidden behind closed lids, and a lithe body that was pressing back into his even as hands explored all that was available to them.

He felt one of her legs lift to curve over his hip, pulling his body further into hers, and realized something important.

“What’s your name?” he asked, moving down her neck.

“Chloe.” she gasped, pulling his head closer to her skin, unwilling to part from the sensations for even a second.

“I’m Xander.” was whispered harshly into her ear before he took possession of her mouth once more.

Her hands were moving under his shirt again, exploring his muscled chest before aiming for a lower target. His hands had just discovered Chloe’s lacy bra, when a wailing car alarm had them both tensing and snapping around to look for the source of the trouble.

The disturbance was classified as ‘non-danger’ and filed away accordingly, but it was enough to break the heated urgency of the moment.

“We shouldn’t be doing this here.” she said quietly, pulling herself back from him as much as possible.

Xander closed his eye, trying to calm his raging system and hide his utter disappointment. The clawing void in his chest had nothing to do with his aching erection, and everything to do with her rejection. As corny as it sounded, he wanted to get to know her.

“I-I have a room across the street.” she continued. Xander’s eye snapped open.

‘Was she really . . .’

But her face answered his unspoken, unfinished question. She was dead serious and Xander couldn’t have been more surprised. . .

. . . or pleased.

“Let’s go!” he said.

Moving as one, they made it to Chloe’s room before anything indecent was exposed, though it was a near thing.

As the door closed behind him, Xander figured he should find out the name of the town.

He had a feeling he would be staying for awhile.

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