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Revelations In White Light

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Summary: Xander is kicked out of the group after S3 and finds out about his real father - things go SNAFU from there. Charmed/BTVS x-o with hints of Hercules COMPLETE

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Revelations In White Light

Revelations In White Light

Author: Anime Ronin

Rating: PG – 13 (for now due to mentions of abuse - may go up later due to swearing, blood and demonic horror)

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Joss and ME own Buffy and whoever owns Charmed and Hercules owns Charmed and Hercules.

Summary: Challenge/Story Idea from SwordofChiyun that involves Xander getting kicked out of Scoobies after Graduation and revelations of his real father and shades of his mother’s family’s past.

Crossover: Yes, with Charmed and some hints of Hercules.

AN: This will not start off as a nice fic – Buffy will be portrayed as a heartless, manipulative bitch (ala S7), Willow and Giles as spineless and after this first few sections, you probably won’t hear much from them until Part 3 of this story or after (much later down the road), and show a darker side of Xander for a little while. Also, some timelines are screwed with – Charmed is at where Leo is now an Elder and married to Piper, father of Wyatt and Chris (who is from the future), but Paige isn’t there because Prue never died (always liked her). Finally, there is no Dawn yet.

AN2: Again, be warned, this first part has Xander unleashing his dark side, especially now that he has nothing to lose – this is only temporary and he will return to some semblance to who he used to be. If this can’t be posted on XanderZone, tell me I’ll post on Dark XZ and FF.Net.

Part One – Discovery

His stomach turned into a frozen orb of acid and hurt as the words of his now-former friend Buffy Summers sank in, “You what?”

“I want you gone, Xander.” Her voice was like ice as she purposefully stayed away from him, her arms crossed and eyes narrowed, “You lied to me about the soul curse and, quite frankly, you’re a liability to us in the field. The only thing you’re good for is getting us donuts.”

“But I help out! I research, I stake vampires, I even saved your life several times!” He looked over at Willow and Giles but neither of them had the guts to even look him in the eyes, “Come on, guys, help me out.”

“I am afraid that Buffy is right, Xander. You do not have the training to help us anymore – I am sorry.”

That icy ball began to thaw with some anger that began to build up, “Oh, like either of you tried to train me? What, was I not worth the effort or something?”

“No, you weren’t.” Buffy said ruthlessly, sneering a little more, “Actually, I should have let Angel kill you when he was Angelus. Oh, I know all about how you tried to protect me in the hospital, Xander, and I appreciate it, but you’re still useless.”

“I save you all, the whole fucking world! I thought up and made the explosives that killed the Mayor, and you call me useless? Why’d you keep me around, then?”

“Because you could make the bombs and not kill us all – now that the Mayor is out of the way, we don’t need you anymore.” She stepped forwards and smiled a little, “But we can still be friends, Xander – when I am at college, you can keep reminding me why I do this.”

It was instinct, pure, unfettered instinct that snapped his fist out and slammed it into her nose, flattening it and throwing her away – she wanted to take the gloves off, fine by him, “Fuck you, bitch. You don’t want me, then I’m gone – but next time you’re laying in a pool of water, face down and dead, don’t expect me to get your undead fucktoy down there to help me save your sorry ass.”

“Angel brought you, Xander,” Willow said in a tone that was used speak to slow children. “We all know that.”

It was his turn to sneer as he walked up to her, and he reveled in the fact that she gulped and shook slightly as he got closer, “Whatever helps you and the slut sleep at night, Willow. I also know what happened that night, and if I knew then what I knew now, I would have left you and the others there to die … and I don’t mean in the Master’s Cave. O’Toole and his cronies had a bomb under the library the night the Sisterhood showed up, and I disarmed it without anyone every knowing about it – you want proof, ask Willie.” He pushed her out of the way and shoulder-checked Giles as he tried to bar his path, Buffy’s pained moans, slightly nasal from her broken nose, filling the Library as he walked out and his rage grew. They couldn’t just kick him out like that without repercussions, so he hardened his heart and made his way first to Willy’s Alibi Room.

{20 minutes later}

There was nobody there when he arrived by Willy, and the rat-faced bartender looked like he was about to shit himself, “What can I do you for, kid?”

“Get it out that the deal’s off, Willy – every Scooby family member but the Slayer’s mother is fair game from now on and I’m not going to stop them.” He reached over and grabbed Willy by his shirt, hauling him over the bar and face-to-face, “Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly.” Willy wasn’t a smart man, but he knew when agree and save his own ass.

“Good.” Xander dropped Willy and turned on his heel, only to find Giles standing there with a horrified look on his face, “What do you want?”

“What in God’s name have you done, Xander?”

He sneered, “I’m calling off a deal that I made a few years back – all of your family members were safe and I didn’t level the bar or the town. The way I see it now, seeing as I am such a liability, you and your families don’t need the protection that I’ve provided them for the past three years.” He sneered as Giles’ face took a deathly shade of pallor, “Except for Joyce, that is – she’s still safe.” That said, he walked out of the bar and went home, where he found his father throwing his things out of the house, “What the hell is going on here?”

“Ain’t it obvious, you stupid fuck? I’m kicking your worthless ass out.” Tony Harris wasn’t a sight to be seen – his beer belly and sunless pallor had often made Xander wonder if he were a vampire, but him being out in the sun disproved that. “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, kid.”

Even as he walked to the house, he could see his mother watching with a bottle of JD in her hands, “Not as long as I’ve been waiting to do this, Anthony.” That said, he ripped off a left hook that slammed into the jaw of Tony Harris, his father, and sent him careening into the wall with enough force that said wall shuddered – it wasn’t surprising that he was that strong, as he was used to fighting things nearly four times stronger than himself.

Tony shook himself off, snarling, and charged him, a charge that was side-stepped and tripped him into the yard; even while Tony was in mid-flight, Xander walked into the house and began to remove things from their respective hiding places, things that he had stashed away for just such an occasion – so involved was this that only his mother’s screamed warning told him anything was wrong.


Even as he turned and saw the chair, he wished that he was anywhere but there and suddenly there was a light feeling to his body, as if he had become oddly … intangible … and then he heard the sound of the heavy bronze planter’s box slamming into the hallway wall directly behind him. It had been an odd feeling, one that felt oddly good, but Xander had other things to worry about at that point – Tony was charging him again.

{Jessica’s POV}

It was something that she had been fearing for many years – Tony had finally figured out that he wasn’t Xander’s father and had decided to kick her son out, but what she had not been expecting was that her son wasn’t going without a fight. Sure, she knew about Sunnydale after dark and had guess what her son had been doing a while back, but never had she guess how strong he had gotten until the first punch was landed – Tony wasn’t a small man and the force that he hit the wall with was phenomenal.

She watched her baby side-step her charging husband and watched him then calmly walk into the house, pulling items and wads of cash out of cubbyholes that she had not noticed before, but then watched Tony come up back to the bronze planter her mother had given her as a wedding present.

“TONY! NO!” Her scream came too late as he flung the planter at her son, but then something happened that made her drop the bottle she had drop the bottle of alcohol that had been her security blanket / escape from reality for the past ten years.

Her son was bathed in a golden white light as he turned and saw the planter and for a barest fraction of a second he became transparent in a shower of white and gold orbs of light as the planter sailed through where his head had been. She was able to get out, “Leo,” but her son then solidified and was on the move, as Tony stood dumbfounded.

The first shot that her son landed was enough to make her cringe – he hit Tony with a right in the nose that pulped the cartilage with a wet cracking sound, spun around and planted his elbow into Tony’s gut with a brutal efficiency that reminded her of her brother, who had been a Marine many years ago but had also been lost in Vietnam. Tony bent over in agony and Xander threw him into the wall, where he then gave him several short shots into the kidney area. All in all, he was fighting without a care in the world to Tony’s health and with a brutal nature that surprised her.

“So, you want to play rough, Tony?” His voice was cold, emotionless, but his face held a death’s head grin that scared her more than she cared to admit, “Well, I like to play too.” He opened the hall closet and put Tony against the door before going inside and grabbing something, “I always wondered how you would die – alcohol poisoning, cirrhosis of the liver, cardiac arrest, hell, maybe even a vamp would get lucky and I’d be there to watch, but never did I think that I’d get the chance to do this.” He tossed what looked to be the vacuum machine’s cord over the door and wrapped it around Tony’s neck, “Tell me, Tony, what do you think about this? I could make you hurt.” He looked into Tony’s face, his grin becoming malicious, “I could make you die.” He then pushed the door forwards and something happened.

Tony’s eyes bulged out at first and his feet slowly left the floor; his face turned red and he began to struggle as her son wedged the door open, the grin never leaving his face until he came back up, and it was the dead look on his face that scared her more than anything. “You and everyone else may think I’m worthless, a joke, hell, you may not even think of me as your son, but let you tell you something, Tony – I survive because I do what nobody else is willing to do. I don’t just cross lines that should never be crossed – I fucking POLE VAULT over them … and that has lead to you being in your current position.” Tony’s struggles began to become weaker as she watched Xander back up, his face still set into a cold mask as he looked over at her.

She looked into the twin pools of dead brown that were his eyes and felt a tear trace down her cheek, “Who did this to you, mijo?”

“Life, mother, but you and that son of a bitch had a lot to do with it.” He walked right by her even as Tony’s face became a dark purple color and his struggled began to cease. She watched her boy pick up a bag of things that he had collected and vanish upstairs to his room for several minutes and then come back down with several large bags … duffle bags … that were filled with things, as if he had been planning on leaving anyway, “Call the police if you want, but the Sunnydale PD is inept at best.”

Even as she watched him turn to walk away, she found her voice, “He wasn’t your father, Alex.” This made him stop and she went on, “I was in college and a friend of mine … she and I had another friend and he and I, well.” She left it in the air and, much to her surprise, he only chuckled, but there was a hard edge to it.

“So Tony was right all of these years – I am a bastard. So, do you even know his name?”

{Elder’s Council}

There was a flurry of activity in the Council of Elders, and that was not something that happened very often – it was normally calm and sedate, like a good high, but now was not one of those times; a new being of Whitelighter potential had shown up on their scopes, as it were, only it was one that they had never seen before … and for good reason. The person had been masked by the energies of the Hellmouth and was leaving the accused place with all of the speed a ’57 Bellaire was capable of.

The Elder Whitelighter looked into a viewing pool and the view of the car zoomed in until the face of the individual was in focus – it was a young man, maybe 18 or so, with dark hair, a thin, but fit, body and dark eyes, but he also wore an expression that, if anything, was the face of someone who hadn’t a thing left to lose and he was going to live life to his fullest, if recklessly.

“Who is this?” A female Whitelighter looked into the pool and she smiled, “He’s cute.”

The Elder looked at her, “He’s also of Whitelighter blood.” He reached to the side of the pool and fiddled with a rock that was there, which made the picture freeze and shift to where it showed the aura of the young man, “One half Whitelighter, yes, but the other half is one that worries me.”

The woman tucked a strand of auburn hair behind her ear, “Isn’t that the mark of Ares?”

“Yes, it is, Sonja – while he is not directly linked to Ares himself, his bloodline is.” He fiddled with another rock and the picture disappeared, only to reappear with several faces on it, the young man’s included, “There, his mother is the daughter of the last High Priest of Ares, though why that meddler would want anything to do with someone on the Hellmouth is a mystery to me.”

The female Whitelighter, Sonja, touched another stone and the picture faded until it was that of a baby, and then it moved forwards in time, watching that baby grow up. For the first few years, she saw, it was a fairly normal childhood, but then the physical abuse of his mother from his father and the verbal of both of his parents to him became apparent – her face became set in stone as the years passed by in seconds, pictures of beatings and screaming matches being shown were distressing not only her, but also the Elder who had first begun to look into his past. “This is … disturbing.”

“I believe the word you are searching for is ‘Appalling’, Sonja.” The Elder watched as the young man befriended the Slayer, dusted his best friend, was possessed by a Hyena spirit and so forth, but also as he saved the Slayer from death, splitting the line, “Ah, so THAT is how the split happened.”

Sonja squealed and clapped her hands, “YES! I won!” She started hopping around in little circles, catching the eyes of many as she did, until she remembered where she was and blushed deeply, “Um, sorry, Elder.”

“What did you win?”

Sonja blushed, “Um, well, the Guardian Corps and the Archangels all had a pool going on who was responsible for splitting the Slayer line and as he’s one half Whitelighter and I called that one of her friends were connected to us and saved her, I guess I win.” She crouched lightly and looked back into the pool, seeing the Halloween Possession taking place, “Janus.”

“Yes, but also someone else – look at the power being used and tell me who you see.”

Sonja looked at the power and her eyes widened, “Ares?”

“Yes, but on him specifically.” The Elder stroked his trimmed beard lightly, “Interesting.” The movie then played out, showing deed after deed until the events just after Graduation, when the change was apparently made. “Oh, my.”

“Jesus Christ,” Sonja muttered as the Slayer and his supposed ‘friends’ kicked them out of their club, even after all of his help. “That’s not fair!” She watched the Slayer getting her nose flattened and whooped in delight, “Good, knock her lights out!” This got her looked at by the assembled Elders and other Whitelighters and she blushed a red color that normally could not be achieved by anyone alive, “Um, sorry, sir.”

The calling off of the deal made between him and Willy disturbed the Elder greatly, as did his confrontation with the ‘father’, but none more so than how the father had been left and with what words had been said when the picture faded out, “I find this development … disturbing.”

“But it was oddly just, considering how that tub of lard used to abuse him,” Sonja defended. “Add to that they aren’t even related and it raises the question of who his father is.”

The Elder nodded and fiddled with another rock, which rewound time and showed a young Jessica Harris alongside a Witch and her Whitelighter, who was none other than Leo Wyatt. They watched as Leo led and guided his charge, a witch named Diana, as he was supposed to, but also watched as he and Jessica had several one-night stands that lead to her eventual pregnancy with the young man in question.

There was dead silence in the Council chambers even as a figure began to form from teleportation – the figure solidified into the form of none other than Elder Leo Wyatt, who wore a confused expression, “What?”

{Mount Olympus}

Ares, God of War to the Greeks, looked into his own viewing pool and smiled as his last gift to the world began to take shape – he had followed the life of his last High Priest’s grandson and knew that the boy would not leave well enough alone, especially after he dusted his best friend, who had been turned into a vampire. Knowing that, he influenced several things in and around the Hellmouth, most notably the director of the Sunnydale Zoo in his acceptance of the Hyena Exhibit and it’s director, the shaman, and also getting Ethan Rayne to the Hellmouth and invoking Janus, one of Rome’s few true gods, because the boy, while one half Whitelighter, also held several dubious blessings / curses.

Due to his own relation to the High Priest of Ares, Alexander held the Blessing Ares, which would make him a better warrior with teaching and training, something that the Slayer and her Watcher never bothered to do, much to his and his charge’s annoyance, but also held the Curse of Aphrodite, which would explain his choice in women. Through his blessing, the Hyena spirit had been partially infused within the boy, giving him better sense, reflexes, resiliency and altered his bone and muscle structures only slightly (but still within human norms), but it was the Soldier Spirit, who had once sent up offerings to Ares himself, that had been the key – the memories had been ingrained in the boy to help him in his fight, but due to the influence of the Hellmouth, those memories began to fade as soon as the Spell of Janus was over. After the boy’s actions against his former friends and his ‘father’, Ares had seen fit to give those memories a boost, but something kept him from completely ingraining them into the boy’s mind, which troubled him until he saw the source of that interference.

“Speaking of interference,” the Greek god muttered as a shower of heavenly lights came down next to him and took form in the shape of Elder Leo Wyatt. “Hey, Leo – how they hanging?”

“Do not mess with my son, Ares.” He had nothing against the Whitelighter himself, as they had been poker buddies for a while when things were slow and before he had been saddled with the Charmed Ones, and then his wife and son.

“Too late, Leo, and besides the fact, I have just as much claim to him as you do … a claim that I would make known to my brothers and sisters before they get their claws into your son.” He looked back at the viewing pool and then at Leo, “Face it, Wyatt, that you have a son and that he’s ten times the man that most of the humans down there think they are – no, he’s not perfect, but any god or goddess up here would claim him as their own in a fraction of a second and not think twice about it.” He shuddered, “I mean, have you HEARD what my sister Discord wants to do with him? She wants him to start World War Three by assassinating half a dozen presidents and dignitaries for the sheer hell of it. Or how about Athena or Artemis? They want him to lead and father a new breed of Amazon warrior women in modern warfare, weapons and tactics. And please, DON’T get me started on Aphrodite.”


“The last time she took an interest in somebody, his name was John Holmes.” He saw Leo shudder at that and he went on, “Look, all of that aside, he’s a good kid – he’s a little rough around the edges and is in a fight that isn’t his to be in, in the first place, but he won’t leave it alone because of the fact that he knows it is there and will do so until his dying breath because it is the right thing to do.”

Leo only sighed, “It’s not that simple, Ares – yes, he’s my son, but I am married and have another son as well. Not only that, but my wife is one of the Charmed Ones – how in all that is holy am I going to tell them about this?”

Ares could only shrug as the scene below him began to play out, “Don’t know, but your wife and her sisters are within a hundred yards of hum right now with two flat tires. If you’re going to tell them, now is the time.”

{Oxnard – 2 days after leaving Sunnydale}

“Stupid car.” Xander tugged at the costume that he had been talked into wearing out on stage when one of the strippers had not shown up for work that evening. Still, he wasn’t the worst looking guy on the planet and if he took in even a quarter of what the other guys took, he’d be out of Oxnard a hell of a lot quicker than he hoped.

“And now, ladies, tonight we have a special treat for you – in his first performance ever, Alexander Zorro!”

AN: Cruelty to Xander – an unfortunate necessity.

{Ten minutes earlier – gas station}

Phoebe growled and kicked the two remaining tires on Prue’s car while the service attendant started to repair the other two blown ones, “This blows chunks! I mean, what’re the odds that we get TWO flat tires this … town?”

“Could be worse,” her eldest sister said while writing the check to pay for it all. “We could have been ten more miles down the road when it happened.”

It was Piper’s turn to growl as she snapped her cell phone shut, “Leo’s in some big-wig Elder meeting for a while and Chris has Wyatt.”

“So we’re stuck?” Piper nodded and Phoebe smiled, “Well, I don’t know about you, but as this place has not cold drinks, I’m pretty sure that place would.”

Prue looked at the destination that the youngest of her sisters had in mind and winced, “The Fabulous Lady’s Club’? A strip joint? Phoebes, please tell me you’re joking.” Phoebe smiled at her and started walking, which made Prue sigh, “She’s not joking.”

Piper, perhaps the most up-tight of them all, only smirked, “Could be worse – could be a Gentlemen’s Club that we are about to enter.”

“Yah – the land of socks, rather than silicone.” They entered the door to the somewhat seedy place and nearly ran into Phoebe, who had stopped dead in her tracks and was staring, “Phoebe?” Prue shook her shoulder and got nothing in response, “Phoebe?”

“Whoa,” she finally got, as a hand came up to point the way. “Oh, dear Lord, please tell me that is not a pair of socks.”

Prue looked up and felt herself blush as the scene played out – on stage was a young man, at least eighteen but not yet twenty, in a pair of at-capacity black Speedos who was making most of the female population of the club, the waitresses and bartenders included, drool as he stepped, gyrated and teased his way over the stage, “For the love of all that is good and holy…”

“Amen,” Phoebe stated while Piper merely looked reflective.

“Is it me, or does he look like someone we know?” She shrugged and went to the bar, “JD, double, on the rocks, three of them – I think my sisters might be needing it.”

The bottle blonde bartender shook her head, “Huh? Oh, sure.” The drinks were served up and money taken, then she went back to watching the show, “Damn, maybe I can get him to help me out?”

Prue and Phoebe were at a table as Piper returned with the drinks, “I think that he’s a hit here.”

Prue drained her drink while Phoebe dug through her purse for some money. When she found it, she waltzed up to the stage and tucked them neatly into to the band before getting a wink from the stripper and watching him walk off as the DJ went on, “And that was Alex Zorro, and to think that this was his first performance…” The ladies around the stage went wild and the DJ went on to announce the next performer, but by that time, Phoebe was back.

“Feel better?” Prue scowled at her youngest sister, who looked like she was the ship’s cat on a fishing vessel.

“Yeah, and that was not a pair of socks.” She enjoyed the scandalized looks her sisters gave her even as a figure approached their table.

“Piper?” They looked over to see Leo, Piper’s husband, and could see that he looked decidedly uncomfortable, “Honey, we need to talk about something.”

“What about, Leo?”

“Um, well, you see … it involves that guy Phoebe just gave twenty dollars in ones and fives.”

{AN: (while crouching down, hiding from muse and whispering) Okay, here’s the first part of this story – it’s kind of short, but part two will be much longer.
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