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The girl next door

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Summary: Some new people move in to Privet Drive across the street from Harry

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterNatNilkFR1334,2660126,42526 Aug 0429 Aug 04No

The Neigbours

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone else I’m just playing with the characters a bit ;)

Distribution: Do as you wish.

Please review, and if you wish to beta read this fic write that in your review. I’m in desperate need of a beta because my English isn’t the best (I’m from Sweden).

AN: This is my first ever fic so don’t expect too much. I like reading fic and had too many ideas not to write one of my own. This story is kind of light and funny in the first few chapters, but my plan is to make it more teen angst later on.

Timeframe: This story begins in the summer after Ootp and Buffy s7

The Neigbours

The sun was unusually hot this summer, making everyone stay inside not wanting to leave their houses until after sunset. The residents of number 4 Privet drive were no exception, in fact it was so hot that Dudley didn’t even have the urge to make trouble for Harry, this was usually Dudley’s favourite hobby. Harry however didn’t mind the heat at all, he had sent an owl to his friend Hermione who had provided him with a potion called “frost fluid” that if taken in a correct dosage would keep him comfortably cool. He could stroll around Little Whinging without worrying about Dudley’s gang and it suited him fine.

An other good thing about this summer was that Dumbledore had persuaded the ministry of magic to let Harry use magic outside of Hogwarts a whole year in advance due to his special circumstances and the return of Voldemort. He was however not allowed to curse, jinx or hex any muggles, and it bothered him a bit that he would have to wait a whole year before he could use that nasty “Bat bogey hex” on Dudley, that Ginny had thought him the previous year. However he had found a way around this clause by jinxing any and all of Dudley’s possessions so that they would not work properly, bite him and cause general mayhem and uproar in the Dursley household.

He has also taken up brewing potions in his room in the evenings, and this annoyed aunt Petunia because of the foul smell it often caused. Sometimes the potions blew up leaving burn marks on the desk in his room and causing a lot of noise in the middle of the night.

On his birthday Harry was a bit late getting down to breakfast, because of opening all of the presents his friends had sent him. He was coming into the kitchen and saw Uncle Vernon reaching for the last bit of toast, without thinking he took out his wand and said “accio”, making the toast zoom from the table and into his hand. None of the Dursleys noticed this however because they were too busy looking out the window at the big lorry parked on the opposite side of the street. Odd Harry thought, normally using magic would cause an immediate uproar but now nobody had even noticed.

“Any sight of the new neighbours yet?” said uncle Vernon to aunt Petunia who was standing by the window looking out with great interest.

“No, only the movers so far” she answered.

So that’s what they’re so interested in thought Harry, new neighbours. Harry didn’t really care about them though, they would probably be as boring as all the other residents of Little Whinging and that was really saying something.

After Harry had finished his breakfast he went back up to his room to write a few letters, practise a few spells and eat some of the many goodies he had been sent as birthday gifts. When he was done he went back downstairs thinking he could at least check the new neighbours out, maybe he was wrong about them being boring. When he came back into the kitchen he heard aunt Petunia’s voice saying “They’re coming, oh what cute girls, and such a nice looking man, though how he can wear that tweed suit in this weather is beyond me”. At the words “cute girls” Dudley jumped from his seat and quickly went to the window to get a good look at them. These words also peaked Harry’s interest, and when he threw a glance out the window he saw that the girls were in fact cuter than any he had seen in his entire life. One of them was a short blonde that looked a fair bit older than Harry but the other one was approximately the same age. She had long brown hair, and was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

“I think I’ll go talk to that girl later” said Dudley. “You do that”, said uncle Vernon, “Yes, no girl in their right mind could resist our little ladies man” added aunt Petunia.

They were quite right thought Harry, no girls said no to a date with Dudley because they were too afraid of him. Dudley and his gang had so much influence over the teenagers of Little Whinging that he could make life hell for anyone that refused to go out with him. However Harry doubted that this new girl knew anything about the Little Whinging social scene and therefore would prove more difficult a task for Dudley’s advances. I’ll go watch under my invisibility cloak thought Harry, it’ll be fun to see that fat pig get turned down.

He went upstairs and fetched the cloak from his trunk, when he got back down he said “I’m going out” and uncle Vernon replied “Stay away from Dudley, he’s going to talk to that girl and he doesn’t need you hanging about”. Harry didn’t reply to this as he had no intention of staying away from Dudley, so he just left. When he got out of the house he went behind some bushes and put on his cloak, and then he waited for Dudley to come out. After about 15 minutes he saw Dudley coming out of the house and followed him silently across the street.

The pretty brunette girl was now sitting on the front lawn by herself and reading an odd book that looked like it was at least 300 years old.

“Hello I’m Dudley Dursley your new neighbour from across the street” Dudley said looking down on her. She smiled politely, put her book behind her and stood up to get a better look at him. “I’m Dawn” she answered, eyeing Dudley cautiously. “So were are you from?” asked Dudley trying to push the conversation onward. “California” she answered, not going into any detail whatsoever. “America, load of whackos says my parents” Dudley snorted. If Dudley had handled the conversation decently up until this point now he had really blown it now thought Harry when he saw the furious look on the girls face. Dudley didn’t seem to have noticed however and went on with saying “Well, if you want me to show you Little Whinging sometime I’d be more than happy to oblige”. He said this staring at the poor girl’s breasts, and Harry thought she might soon explode with fury, her face now in an expression of total distaste and anger. “Get off my lawn” she said finally “I have things to do and no time for you” she added. Dudley who didn’t seem to understand that she didn’t like him said “See you” and went back across the street to number four.

Harry thought that this would probably be a good time to make his entrance, and went behind some bushes, took of his cloak, and then approached the girl with a nice smile on his lips. “I see you’ve met my cousin Dudley, hope he wasn’t too rude to you” Harry said and held out his hand for her to shake. “Harry Potter” he said as she took his hand, “Dawn Summers” she answered smiling at him. “He was quite rude your cousin”, she said “is he always like that?” she asked. “Yeah, pretty much” Harry said. “Don’t make him your enemy though”, Harry continued, “he pretty much controls the Little Whinging social scene and he can make your life miserable if you’re not careful”. “I’m not scared of that oaf”, she said, “trust me, I’m a worse enemy to have than him” she went on.

They went on talking for about half an hour telling each other about their lives and both leaving out the bits that seemed too insane to be true. Dawn told Harry that she and her sister had moved here to get away from the hectic life in California and to start a new life someplace quiet, this wasn’t very far from the truth. Harry told Dawn about his life at the Dursleys and that he went to a private Boarding school and only lived in Little Whinging during the summer.

As they were chatting a man came out on the front porch and asked them if they wanted some tea, “Thanks Giles, we’ll be right in” said Dawn and pulled Harry with her towards the door. Inside the house were loads of boxes everywhere so the only place to sit and have tea was in the kitchen. Dawn introduced Harry to her sister Buffy and to the tweed clad man called Giles. “We just need to wait for Willow, she’ll be here in 5 minutes” Buffy said to them, and not long after they saw a taxi pulling up to the pavement. Buffy left for a while and when she returned a girl with hair so red it could rival the Weasleys was right behind her. The redhead didn’t notice Harry but looked directly at Giles and said “Couldn’t find any, not a single store with magic supplies in all of London and I’m almost out of newt eyes”. “I know were to get that” said Harry without thinking. Now they were all looking at him suspiciously then Willow held out her hand and said “vise magicum”, but Harry was too quick for her and had his wand up in an instant shouting “protego”. An orange ball of light shot at Harry but bounced back on his shield and hit Willow who started glowing orange for a while then the light faded quickly. Now everyone was quietly looking from Harry to Willow until finally Willow said “Well that was interesting”.

It was pretty late in the afternoon when they all had finished talking, it turned out Willows spell was only to show if anyone had magical talent, but Harry’s shield charm had proven the point just as well. Then they had talked about magic and Harry was amazed that Willow could do it without a wand. “Must take an awful lot of focus” he said and she nodded in agreement. “How about those newt eyes?” said Dawn suddenly “Want to show us were to get some?” she explained further. “Oh, that’s in London and I don’t know if I can get away from here” he said. “Sure you can, we’ll just drive up on Tuesday” said Giles “Have you back before sundown” he continued. “I guess it would be ok, I need to get supplies for school anyway” Harry said more to himself than to anyone else, and somehow a trip into London on Tuesday was settled before he really knew what had happened. “And we can get some nice clothes too” said Buffy cheerfully. “Yeah, something smaller than those sacks for you Harry” said Dawn. “I don’t understand that they don’t fall off they are so large” said Willow looking at Harry’s clothes with disgust.

The following days were some of the best Harry had ever had outside of Hogwarts. He would spend his time at Dawn’s house across the street teaching her to make potions or explaining about Quiddich. Dawn would teach Harry about various dark creatures, and best of all, she was teaching him muggle fighting skills that he thought would be very useful when dealing with Dudley or maybe even Dark Wizards. Together they also made up a plan to have a little fun at the Dursleys expense. This plan would be put into action on Tuesday before they left for London.
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