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A journey into a fairy tale -worlds meet

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Summary: Answer to the 'Magic on the Roundworld' challenge. The wizards from the Unseen University are investigating. They meet the Scoobies and ask them to come with them for study purpose:more inside the story

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Literature > Sir Terry PratchettDawnladyFR1321,608081,52126 Aug 0431 Oct 04No


Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Discworld. I am just playing with the characters. Discworld belongs to Terry Pratchett and BtVS to Joss Whedon, et al.

Chapter 1:

There was a crash at the back of the Magic Box, somewhere between the stacks of the most precious books, seconds later a rather angry ‘ook’ startled the Scooby gang again.

“‘Ook’? Giles what kind of a demon says ‘ook’?” Buffy asked, alert.

“I do believe there isn’t any kind of demon which says ‘ook’. It’s probably an animal. A monkey I think.” Giles polished his glasses.

The librarian had heard the word monkey and wasn’t amused. Ponder groaned and followed the Librarian, who was on his way to rip someone’s arm off.

As the librarian arrived at the open space in the front, he found a whole group of silent people staring at him, two of them in a ready-to-fight stance and the rest just shocked.
As none of them was saying a thing, he was looked at all of them, trying to find out who had called him a monkey.

“You were right, Watcher, it is a monkey,” Spike drawled, eying the Librarian warily. ”But how did he arrive in the back of the Magic Box?”
He had barely finished his sentence before the Librarian was on him, trying to rip his arm off.

Ponder arrived at the scene, seeing the Librarian on a blond male trying to rip the arm of said male off. A blond girl and an older guy were getting weapons, trying to help the man, while some other people stood there, still shell-shocked.
“Librarian, please refrain from hurting the people here, they do not know anything about us and you have to see that you shocked them by walking out of their bookshelves. People please do not hurt him, just do not call him the m-word and he will be a civilized Librarian.”

The blond male had managed to pry the Librarian off his arm and shoved him away.
“Mate, you shouldn’t try to rip someone’s arm off, before being sure it is safe. That someone could eat you alive for trying.”
Spike vamped out, pissed about the attack.

It took a while but Ponder and Giles got their companions calmed down and decided to talk about their situations and the complications the visit might have. They decided to introduce everyone first and discuss things later.

Ponder started: “I am Ponder Stibbons and that is the Librarian, please remember he is the Librarian and NOT anything else! I am a wizard of the Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork and the Librarian is the librarian of the library of the Unseen University the biggest library of the world. Well, to be exactly our world, the Discworld. We are here to investigate the development of magic on the Roundworld.”

Giles introduced his group, deciding that he could wait for the explanations until after the introduction were finished: “These are the Scoobies. The red head is our witch, Willow, the girl next to her is her girlfriend Tara, she is a witch, too. The small brunette next to her is Dawn, the blonde male is Spike, he is a vampire but he is on our side. The brunette male is Xander, the girl next to him is his girlfriend Anya. The blonde here with the menacing look is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I am her Watcher Rupert Giles.”

An hour later they were still talking with Ponder and the Librarian. Well Ponder did most of the talking and translated the Librarians speeches, as far as he was able to.
They decided that the Scooby Gang would visit the Discworld and help with the studies about the Roundworld.
Willow and Giles liked the opportunity to research, Xander was wary and Dawn and Buffy were more than happy to have a holiday from their every day life.

They walked with them to the back of the bookshelves in the Magic Box and into L-Space.

~ ~ ~

Giles was speechless, he had never seen so many books in his life, and he had seen a lot of books.
The library was fascinating and the librarian in him was in love with it in seconds.

The Librarian was looking rather proud watching Giles’s awed face. He knew his library was the most beautiful place in the world.
And it seemed like he had found someone else who shared his beliefs. He decided that he really liked Giles. Someone who liked books nearly as much as himself could not be a bad person.

Giles looked around, after drooling a bit about the gorgeous library, and noticed that he was alone with the Librarian and Ponder.
He started to growl, and rushed at the Librarian.
Ripper was surfacing fast, he got a hold on the neck of the Librarian and growled again.
“Where are my kids? What the hell did you do with them?”

Ponder groaned. “L-space travelling isn’t the safest thing to do. It seems that they have lost contact to us somewhere in L-space. They are somewhere on the Discworld, we will round up the other wizards and then we can try to find them.

Ripper was still growling. “If anything happened to them, you can be happy if people will find enough of you for a proper funeral.”
But he let go of the Librarian.

The Librarian was rather shocked, that was the second human who had handled him like an equal and not like someone who was much stronger and really scary.

He did understood why Carrot handled him the way he did, because Carrot handled TROLLS the same way he handled humans. And for Carrot handling everyone worked equally well. But that was Carrot.
This Giles was scary, too.

~ ~ ~

The End?

You have reached the end of "A journey into a fairy tale -worlds meet" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Oct 04.

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