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A journey into a fairy tale -worlds meet

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Summary: Answer to the 'Magic on the Roundworld' challenge. The wizards from the Unseen University are investigating. They meet the Scoobies and ask them to come with them for study purpose:more inside the story

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Literature > Sir Terry PratchettDawnladyFR1321,608081,52126 Aug 0431 Oct 04No

A journey into a fairy tale -worlds meet

This is an answer to Undeads discworld challenge (challenge 459)

It is early season 6 for BtVS and somewhere in between for Discworld just ignore timelines, Terry Pratchett does ignore them rather often too.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Discworld. I am just playing with the characters. Discworld belongs to Terry Pratchett and BtVS to Joss Whedon, et al.

Summary: The scoobies get transported to Discworld. They got split up and landed in different parts of Discworld universe.

Pairings: Haven’t decided yet. But still Tara/Willow and Xander/Anya at the beginning, as it is early season 6.

A journey into a fairy tale – or how to rule a Roundworld


It was a rather normal evening at the Magic Box. The Scoobies were researching the latest Big Bad and Xander was on a donut-run. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary weirdness of the hellmouth routines.

It was a bad day for Ponder Stibbons, who had the duty of watching over the damned Roundworld since one of his latest experiments had blown up the last of the Wow-wow sauce Archchancellor Ridcully had stored for special occasions. In the opinion of most of the staff of the Unseen University the right special occasions for Wow-Wow sauce were occasions were you wanted to create explosions big enough to move a mountain or two or pulverise them, depending on the age and ripeness of the wow-wow sauce.

But Ridcully really liked his Wow-Wow sauce and he couldn’t laugh about loosing it, or about loosing a couple of rooms in the dungeon, which caved in due to the explosion caused by the Wow-Wow sauce.

They could be thankful that the Wow-Wow sauce hadn’t been ripe.

And Ponder could be thankful that Roundworld didn’t cause problems at all, it was just a big time wasting project. But Ponder hated to get that far into the library. He hated the L-space and wasn’t about to trust it or himself to find a way back.

Giles didn’t like this he just couldn’t find the book. He was sure he had put it directly next to the Updated Demon compendium new edited version of 1167. But the book wasn’t there.

Ponder was shocked, he was looking at a book about magic. Well some people would say that that would be a rather normal occasion in the library of the Unseen University, but the fact was that this book about magic wasn’t a book written on Discworld, it was written on Roundworld. Roundworld wasn’t supposed to have magic or people knowing about magic and its uses.

But here he held the proof: “Curses and Hexes, Advanced,” a big red leather-bound book.

He had to inform the staff. Informing the staff would not be a nice experience as Ridcully was still angry with him and would even get angrier the moment he would not understand Ponder’s arguments and that moment would arrive soon in any discussion between Ridcully and him.

It wasn’t that Ridcully was dumb, in fact he was rather intelligent, a trait which allowed him to hold the position of the Archchancellor as long as no one before him [longer than anyone before him]. It was the fact that Ridcully’s brain wasn’t keen about working on new facts, new theories or even — gasp — abstract theories he could not touch, see or (if you wanted him to enjoy something) hunt.

The meeting was long and trying. Ridcully naturally hadn’t been able to see the importance of it at all. He was just accusing Ponder of trying to get out of the sticky library.

The librarian had seen the importance and was rather outspoken about it. Outspoken for someone who only said ‘ook’ even if he was trying to write a dictionary translating his various uses of the words ‘ook’ and ‘eek’ into a language anyone would understood, well at least anyone except the Archchancellor.

It was decided that the Librarian and Ponder would go through the L-space and into a library on Roundworld to research this new phenomenon of magic on Roundworld.

There was a crash at the back of the magic box, somewhere between the stacks of the most precious books, seconds later a rather angry ‘ook’ startled the Scooby gang again.

Nobody knew that this would be the start of a real surreal adventure.
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