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Healing At Hogwarts

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Summary: After a vampire attack in L.A. Buffy is taken to Hogwarts to be healed. What she doesn't know is that more than her body will be healed.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredWillowFireheartFR1335,8140136,52126 Aug 0429 Jun 05No

Chapter 1 With The Kicking and The Fighting

Healing At Hogwarts

Spoilers- HP: Up to OOTP

BTVS: Up to Becoming pt2 and borrows some stuff from Anne.

Disclaimer- Okay since I started writing these I've started thinking, people write media tie in's, right? Isn't that just glorified fanfic? And they get paid for it! So if Joss was going to sue someone he should sue them, especially since some of them obviously aren't fans of the show and it shows in their writing, not us penniless writers who spend our time writing for pleasure rather than profit.

Note- Okay, so I know that there are a lot of these 'Buffy goes to Hogwarts after Becoming,' but I've only read one and it was a Buffy/George. Hopefully this will be different from the others.

Note2- Thank to those two who brought it to my attention that the chapter wasn't actually here, I don't know how that happened and hope that I fixed it.

Buffy blew the hair out of her eyes as she trudged down the dirty L.A. street. She moved her shoulders awkwardly inside her sweaty, food stained waitress uniform, after the twelve-hour shift she just completed she really needed a shower. She felt like her pores were oozing oil; the oil that the dinner used would hang in the air, coating her skin and hair with a greasy film. Buffy shuddered; a shower would definitely be of the good.

Buffy ran a hand through her greasy hair; wondering if she should try to see her dad again on her next day off. She had been trying to meet up with her father since she had arrived in L.A. Every time she had gone to her father's house he wasn't home, the neighbour had threatened to call the police if she stayed any longer last time. Buffy had left, not knowing if the warrant for her arrest over Kendra's death had reached L.A.

A loud horrified scream pierced the air. Buffy sighed and pulled a stake out of her bag. "I, so don't need this right now."

She dashed into a nearby alley, stopping as she caught sight of a man backed into a corner by three vampires. Buffy gripped the stake firmly. "You know; if I hadn't just pulled a twelve-hour shift I'd probably be punning about now."

The vampires turned to face her. A large woman with dark hair snarled at her. "Run away, little girl."

Buffy tapped her stake against her hand. "Yeah, I don't think so. You see, the minute I turn around you're going to drain that guy and after you're done with him, well you'll probably try to kill me. And I just can't let that happen."

They morphed into their demon faces. "What are you going to do? Scream at us until we go away?" They laughed.

Buffy arched her eyebrow at them. "No, but there is something I've been meaning to try." She began to chant. "Our father, who ar't in heaven…"

Smoke started to billow from the vampires ears, they bellowed in pain and started to claw at their ears. Blood seeped from the self-inflected wounds.

One of the vampires stepped forward, reaching out to grab her arm. Buffy grabbed its wrist, twisting it to the side until she heard a snap. It screamed in agony. "You broke my wrist!"

She lashed out with a jab, crushing the vampire's nose. "And now I broke your nose." She put the vampire out of her misery, staking it with a quick motion. She looked at the man, who was still frozen at the end of the alley. "Run."

The man stared at her incomprehensibly. Buffy rolled her eyes. "Go, now!"

He nodded his head rapidly and stumbled over his feet in his rush to leave the alley. He fell into Buffy's back, pushing her headlong into the wall. Buffy's head swum as she was pulled back from the wall. She groaned as she felt a volley of punches and kicks connect with her back, stomach and head. Her head snapped back as the female vampire gleefully struck out at her nose.

Buffy wiped away the blood trickling out of her nose with the back of her hand. "Okay, I'm going to have to kill you now." She lunged forward, catching the vampire on her right in surprise as she plunged her stake through his chest.

Buffy stood, stake poised, staring down the female vampire. She was breathing heavily, her head pounding; she shook her head trying to get rid of her dizziness. Buffy swayed faintly, her eyes starting to blur. 'Wow,' she thought, 'I must have hit that wall harder than I thought.'

The fem vamp smirked as she watched the slayer falter. She had the upper hand and she knew it.

Buffy shook her head, her vision clearing slightly. "We gonna stand here and stare at each other all night or are we going fight?"

The fem vamp jumped forward attacking, throwing punches and kicks that Buffy was just able to block. Buffy growled silently to herself as her elbow bumped lightly against the wall of the alley; it was a narrow alley, barely giving them room to fight. She had to time her movements carefully and be economical with her moves. The vampire stepped forward, viciously head butting the smaller slayer. Buffy staggered back, falling to her knees as her head exploded in pain. A kick caught her under the chin, throwing her to the ground.


Severus Snape scowled as he stalked through the streets of L.A. He didn't want to be here; he had no desire to interact with muggles, he didn't even like their clothing. Although he had to admit their clothing was less cumbersome than robes and they did have a wide range of materials with which they were able to do some amazing things. He just didn't understand why he had to be the one to gather these rare potion ingredients; any dunderhead could read a list. He ran a hand through his hair, at least it was just a quick visit, and he had to return to Hogwarts before the weekend was out. Minerva had been covering his classes for him while he had been searching this damned continent for the ingredients of a potion that Dumbledore had insisted needed to be completed before the students returned home. He had finally found the last ingredient in a small shop in L.A., and he was looking forward to returning to England.

Severus came to a stop as a loud groan drifted out of a nearby alley, he titled his head. There was a low, amused chuckling. He reached into his pocket, easing out his wand; making sure to keep it out of sight of muggles. He crept towards the entrance, grateful that his years of spying had taught him to tread lightly. Peering around the corner he saw a large woman standing over a small blonde, who was lying on the ground her arms and legs moving weakly.

Severus moved quietly into the alley, his shopping bags clenched tightly in one hand as his other flexed against the smooth surface of his wand. His features became grim as the woman's face slid into the demonic features of a vampire. His foot scuffed against the ground, alerting the vampire to his presence. It twirled around to face him, snarling like a large cat.

The vampire smiled around its fangs. "Must be my lucky night, two course meal."

Severus aimed his wand at her. "According to the Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part Humans I can't kill vampires unless it's in self defense."

She just stared at him.

Severus rolled his eyes at her. "I was inviting you to attack me."

The vamp growled and launched herself at him. With a lazy flick of his wand he sent a fireball to consume her. With a soul-shaking roar she disintegrated into a pile of ashes that scattered in the wind.


Buffy could feel the cold from the ground seeping into her bones. She groaned as her head pounded heavily, it was so loud she couldn't hear anything else. Buffy forced her eyes open. She looked up, barely able to make out a dark figure leaning over her.

When she was little, after Celia had died, her mother had told her that every time someone died there was an angel waiting there to take them to heaven. Buffy tried to raise her hand towards the figure as it became slightly clearer but her arm was too heavy to lift.

'Funny' she thought as her eyes closed involuntarily. 'Mom never said angels wore black.'

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