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On The Road Again

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Summary: Buffy Trigun crossover. Vash's brother is dead. Vash of course blames himself despite the fact his brother was psycho. During this, he trips and rolls through a portal. For some reason, another chap came to mind, despite this being completed.

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Stages of Travel

Xander stood with the rest at the edge of the crater. He had one arm around Anya’s shoulders, and the other kept the cross from falling over. They both had at times, wondered what would have happened if Vash and Wolfwood hadn’t shown up.

Some things were best if they weren’t thought about. One thing was for sure. The First knew its minions had been in a battle.

He stared around at the rest, then grimaced. He and Spike had never gotten along. However, credit had to be given for what he had done for the world. Even if it had been done primarily for Buffy.

Everyone turned away and started toward the buses.

As they did, Xander thought about a few things. They never did find out whether or not Vash was from the future or an alternate universe.

He grinned. There was one way to find out. Though none of them would ever receive the answer.

The Watcher stared silently out the window of the space station as the first of many ships left. He’d done as was requested by one Xander Harris, Watcher. The request had been made three centuries ago after all. It was nevertheless honored, as confusing as it was to many of the present day council.

The journal, known by many to be full of imagination interspersed with fact, was in the archives of all the ships. It had been placed there with a specific set of words as the file name. Only those who knew the meaning would be able to find it.

He shook his head as the ships left Earth airspace. He’d probably never find out the answer.

The End

You have reached the end of "On The Road Again". This story is complete.

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